Como é jogar Golf nos Estado Unidos | Top Golf | Hocca Bar Orlando
Como é jogar Golf nos Estado Unidos | Top Golf | Hocca Bar Orlando

A few days ago I asked on Instagram
What you would like to see here on Youtube And a few people suggested different
Places to have fun other than Theme parks and that’s why I’m here at Top Golf. Has been a while since I Wanted to come here so I found this to be the perfect opportunity This a not a traditional golf filed The place has 3 floors, each
With a different experience Each floor is separated in to cues with capacity for 6 people. The price is charged by hour so
The more people comes, more cheaper it will be per person. I’m here at the middle floor,
Never played golf in my entire life and I’m Going to embarrass myself a little bit now. System here it’s completely automatically
And each hole has Their own specifically point. You can keep up with the points that you make. Let me click here. You have the players here, Since I’m playing alone, there’s just me here And then you can keep up here in the screen where did you hit and where did your ball went Because every ball has a chip, so If you hit it and couldn’t see where it went Here at this monitor you can check
Where it went, your points and everything else. They have a lot of golf clubs, each with a specifically function, So you just choose the one that’s best for your. There’s for women, men Beginners, kids and lefties. I won’t eat here today because I
Have an event to attend, the opening Of Hocca Bar, but I heard about the food here,
Good reviews.It is the classic American menu hamburger, fries, pizza. Can’t go wrong with that.They also have a Full bar. I took a look at the menu and they have a lot of stuff. This unit it close to
International Drive, actually in the street Behind International Drive, right on the side of the Orlando Eye, you can even see it behind me. They are open every day, from
Sunday to Thursday from 9AM until 12AM And on weekends, Friday and Saturday they stay open until 2AM. It was a very nice experience, very cool A little different from we are used to
In Brazil because Golf is not A very popular sport there.
It’s a different thing to do, I super Recommend it and now I’m on my away to Hocca. Leaving Top Golf, right up front there’s Mario Andretti’s Kart, comment here If you would like a video from here. It’s a place that I’ve been dying to come, so comment below. I think that everybody have heard about
The famous bologna sandwich from the Municipal Market in São Paulo, and Hocca Bar is one of the most traditional restaurants from there And they sell this sandwich and today they’re
Opening their first unit here In Orlando, so I already changed clothes, looking nice, because I was invited for The opening and I’m gonna go check
it out. In this unit they’re gonna have at least 40% of the original menu That they have in São Paulo and the rest was adapted to please the local public, But all the traditional ones they said
They’re gonna keep it here. To start, the brought me here these “empanadas” that are very famous in São Paulo. We have shrimp, codfish, cheese and meet and they also brought The codfish cakes. I just tried the codfish cakes, the shrimp “empanada”, everything tastes amazing and now I’m going For the traditional Codfish “empanada” This is meet, Found it. Found the codfish “empanada” It has a lot of filling This is unbelievable, super tasty. The “empanada” it’s very well served. The codfish is very flavorful, well seasoned. Awesome. And to wrap it up, the most classic, the amazing bologna sandwich Very well made, very tasty. Exactly how I remembered from São Paulo, Hocca did and amazing job! Well, this is all, really hope
You enjoyed, I really like Hocca Bar, And had a great time at the golf. Hocca Bar is located at the Florida Mall Right on the side of the foo court, I’ll
Leave all the information in the card box, For Top Golf and Hocca Bar, both
Amazing places to visit. Hope you liked this video, give thumbs up, subscribe to The channel to help us out! Bye!

14 thoughts on “Como é jogar Golf nos Estado Unidos | Top Golf | Hocca Bar Orlando”

  1. Marcos Toma says:

    O top golf entrou no planejamento da próxima viagem, obrigado pela dica

  2. Fernanda Paes says:

    Obrigada pelas dicas de hoje!!🙌🏻

  3. Ana Carolina says:

    Achei muito interessante a idéia desse golf!! Deu vontade de conhecer!
    E o Hocca, socorro!! Que vontade 😋

  4. Na Colette says:

    Tô pra ver blog mais completo que esse 😍😍 Por isso que eu amo!

  5. Ian Navarro says:

    Nossa top demaos

  6. Ruiz Esposito says:

    Muita qualidade com sempre, Netão. Parabéns!

  7. Fernando Fernandes says:

    Fala Neto…tudo bem?
    Muito legal o vídeo…é sempre bom conhecer coisas novas e fora do circuito tradicional de Orlando.
    Esse Hocca só tem coisa boa hein…tô achando que mais alguns vídeos deste tipo e você vai ter que renovar o armário hein…suas roupas não vão mais caber😂😂😂😂

  8. FernandoCFC says:

    Putz que massa. Pra sair da região da Intl Drive pra Lake Nona, onde fiquei hospedado, acho que passei na frente desse golf umas 10x na última ida pra Orlando. Ótimo vídeo.

  9. Aramis Frederico says:

    Excelente vídeo! Com certeza irei visitar o Hocca Bar na próxima vez que estiver em Orlando.

  10. Miriam Souza Gomes says:

    Legal esse golf!!! Deve ser bem divertido. Valeu pela dica!

  11. Esther Zambotti says:

    Cara, zero coordenação motora. Certeza que ia me dar muito mal no golf, mas esse campo/pista é massa!

  12. Casal por SP says:

    MENTIRA QUE ABRIU UM HOCCA BAR EM ORLANDO! Tá bem igual ao brasileiro?

  13. Isabella Favareto says:

    Muito bomm, quero conhecer os dois!!!

  14. Gabriel Romano says:


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