Cocoa student accused of hitting custodian with golf cart battery charger

a parent nearly carjacked in the car line at Koko high school today police say that’s how a student tried to get away after assaulting a custodian new six destroyed Campbell is outside the school with how this all started Troy Co Co police say the victim was in her car here at Koko high school that’s when they say the student ran outside and attempted to pull her out of the vehicle in order to flee from the area KOCO police in the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office showing up to Koko High School this afternoon after police say a student was attempting to run out of the school that’s when they say he threw a golf cart battery charger at the school’s janitor moments later KOCO police say the student ran outside and into the parking lot the victim sitting inside of her car outside of the school investigators say the student attempted to pull her out an officer at the school was able to grab hold of the student before he could get away police say he could face charges including felony battery and assault on a school official we’ve also noticed several surveillance cameras around the school but at this point police still have not said if anything was captured on camera we’re also told that the janitor was treated at the hospital for their injuries in Koko Troy campbell getting results new six

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