Cobra KING F8 ONE Length Irons Preview

If you’ve never heard of the One Length concept,
come on in, and let me tell you all about it and the Cobra King F8 One Length irons. The “One Length” theory is quite simple. Have
every iron in the set the exact same length, that of a 7-iron, so that for every shot the
player swings the same. And the game is easier. In reality re-engineering the heads of a One
Length set to suit the concept is extremely tough, but Cobra, inspired by Bryson deChambeau,
took on the idea and continue to perfect it in these new King F8 One Length irons. Like the standard King F8 irons, these King
F8 One Length irons feature three different head types within the set. The long irons have hollow heads, the mid
irons have a cavity back and the short irons have a more traditional chunky head. The idea
being to make every shot as easy to hit, and hit long, as possible. The hollow long irons promote a high trajectory,
with the even thinner than before face insert flexing in the strike for distance. They also
have V-shaped milled grooves which takes a little bit of spin off, exactly what you want
when distance is important. The 8-iron to Pitching Wedge then move to
a cavity back style with more spinny and wider milled U-shaped grooves for hitting into greens. And The third shape in the Gap Sand and Lob
wedges, spanning 49 to 58 degrees are more like blade but with a small hidden cavity. But that’s not all. The King F8 irons also
come with the Cobra Connect Arccos shot tracking sensors in the grips, which pairs to your
phone and provide lots of performance data. So there’s a lot going on Under The Hood in
the King F8 One Length irons! We also have a preview of the standard King
F8 irons so make sure to check out and if you’re looking at something more budget friendly
but very similar to these irons check out our pre-owned Golfbidder stocks of the King
F7 iron family. Indeed we have preview videos of the entire
Cobra F8 family to check out on, the Golfbidder YouTube Channel and keep up
to date with all the very latest with Golfbidder on facebook and twitter. From me for now it’s Donal out!

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