Chris Hemsworth’s Toddler Son Scaled a Fridge to Reach Candy
Chris Hemsworth’s Toddler Son Scaled a Fridge to Reach Candy

100 thoughts on “Chris Hemsworth’s Toddler Son Scaled a Fridge to Reach Candy”

  1. Kaleb St. John says:

    She's smart

  2. Kacamata Reyn says:

    his kids are hilarious like their dad hahahahahahah. that took serious skills and strength to climb the fridge!

  3. Dean novak says:

    This was uploaded on my birthday 😯😯😯

  4. Agust D says:

    His daughter is going to be the actress

  5. ugo excel says:

    It's simple:I see Chris Hemsworth,I click 😄

  6. Ruhweza Sylvia says:

    OK I'm not making this up but I dreamt kissing Chris Hemsworth😂😂😂😂

  7. MissSarahZeee says:

    Holy Mother of Thunder, obviously the "insane physical prowess" genetics made it to his offspring.

  8. Kavita Bora says:

    Why jimmy doesn’t allow him to talk??! 😖

  9. averre mackay says:

    Us Aussies we breed them tough here lol every aussie kid has done battle with a fridge to get whatever goodies are in the cupboard above lol

  10. Madelyn Rodriguez says:

    I feel him and Liam have the same habbits when it comes to talk shows. They both have mounth movements, slouch, and have their hands on their laps.. They are Amazing brothers!!😍.

    It is just something I noticed. Like if you agree!

  11. Grant Stoutenburg says:

    Wow he really wanted those sweets!

  12. Grant Stoutenburg says:

    Children have to be careful about playing sick. Do it too much and there’s a chance their parents won’t believe them when they truly are sick.

  13. Patrick Schudel says:

    jimmy should be thor's side kick in a cameo

  14. nessagirl1911 says:

    Jeremy Renner wasn't in Infinity War….

  15. Cheriish says:

    I like how he says "the lollies" , so sweet

  16. Holly Johns says:


  17. moon light says:

    can we talk about how hot he is

  18. Luciene Maria Mineiro Rocha says:

    Que homem é esse meu Deus maravilhoso

  19. Kaitlyn Paris says:

    Just his voice makes me attracted to him

  20. Nyla Poonsingh says:

    School more like church scholl

  21. Verneta says:

    I love Chris Hemsworth. He's perfection. 😍😍😍

  22. Safaa Ansari says:

    Woah Spider-Man in the video didn’t see that comin

  23. DEEP SAB says:

    🥚 for Chris 😂

  24. saumya shukla says:

    Wait they finished Avengers 4 last year?

  25. Lala Laiq says:

    He is beautiful

  26. Yhel faye says:

    Hemsworth's daughter will always be a mood lmao "nah i was just tricking, i dont wanna be at at school"

  27. Miya Susan says:

    I love him 😍

  28. Ihatesnakeu Hobi says:

    That voice and accent!

  29. OlympianDawn says:

    More like Chris Handsomeworth, letting panties drop since 1983.

  30. Mars Stars says:

    "Women are smarter. Much smarter."
    ~Chris Hemsworth, 2018

  31. go figure says:

    Is this man perfection or not ?!!! Can you get more perfection than this ?!

  32. Girl with flaws says:

    You can tell this little boy got great athletic genes.

  33. Raven Wolf says:

    okay, this is bothering me a little bit,
    he goes, "we just wrapped up avengers 4" and my mind is like ENDGAME ALREADY!?!? IT'S ONLY JaNUrArY
    And then jimmy said infintiy war and I just deadpanned and I'm like…infinity, infity war is avengers 3 not _4_….

  34. Amara Gómez says:

    "Thats kind of it now"oh please your kids are gonna be like, yeah and we just wrapped avengers 14 soooo ya know

  35. Amara Gómez says:

    "Thats determination man" nah thats the son of an avenger "man"

  36. Jennifer Song says:

    Im waiting avengers end game i wish this time he can aim thanos head

  37. Jonathan Mendoza says:

    Thor The God Of Father?

  38. Robin S says:

    My MIL has a picture of my husband when he was maybe 4, he had shimmied his way all the way up the doorframe by bracing his hands and feet against the sides like Spiderman. Raising boys is definitely an experience. It's like they look at something and go, "How could I make this as dangerous as humanly possible?"

  39. Madison says:

    That is definitely Thor's son.

  40. Phillip Pallone says:

    Jimmy Fallon is the worst late night tv host

  41. Viw from the Sky says:

    Look at those thighs under his pants

  42. Lisa says:

    You are one fine man, mr. Hemsworth.

  43. Hunter Hoffman says:

    Imagine dating his daughter and meeting him for the first time. Like oh what’s your dad do? He’s freaking Thor

  44. Boss Prime says:

    He's got same refrigerator as me !!

  45. saniya saeed says:

    Wata personality omg,,complt packge 😘😘he is d most handsome persn in univers

  46. Sherine Sum says:

    Well I guess he did get a time machine and meet his younger self…

  47. Nia says:

    Meanwhile, India’s teacher watching this😂

  48. Megan Yates says:

    His accent is REAL! 😍

  49. Anvi Goyal says:

    His voice! Ah

  50. Julianne Wright says:

    Oh my gosh I did the same thing when I was little for chocolate

  51. Cassie Stoddard says:

    Thor's son is spiderman! Wow!

  52. Khaleeqa Idrus says:

    Who else finds Jimmy Fallon annoying?

  53. Cza Lopez says:

    Save time: skip to 2:38

  54. Khyati Jain says:

    Really…. time machine?? Don't worry you'll get there in 2019…

  55. Tamara Mashnouk says:


  56. иворь козловский says:

    Real Thor has 3 kids, a girl and a twin boy. Therefore Chris= Thor

  57. Taiba Ghauri says:

    Man he is simply complete pakge… a great persnlty…

  58. Goose Baby J says:

    My niece and nephew did that once…except one of them lifted the other to help them reach. She was two and he was three…you’ve really got to give kids credit, if they want something they’ll really work to get it

  59. fairytop1 says:

    He is lucky to have such a wonderful wife and family too….not just the other way round

  60. Mannat Vlogs says:

    His Son is learning his movie world uncle lokis ways. Hopefully, Chris Hemsworth's family is close to Tom Hiddleston.

  61. Enaya A says:

    Are u serious?? Have you ever wanted to comment something that has already been commented??? Well it just happened to me and it’s the worst feeling ever 😔 😂

  62. Asma Khursheed says:

    My respect level for Chris went up 340482957% higher when he said women are smarter and how honest his daughter is literallyyy

  63. Aisyah Adil says:

    That jimiy meet thor

  64. oopw qo says:


  65. oopw qo says:

    Love u

  66. Rebecca Wilson says:

    Chris is adorable😍❤️

  67. James Fisherkeller says:

    There is literally no way anyone could ever hate or dislike this man. He’s just too damn perfect.

  68. Vidhi Doshi says:

    Did Jimmy fallon just take Jeremy's name as a cast in the Infinity War?

  69. Azzurra says:

    Wtf his kids are so smart
    Chris Hemsworth congrats you produced three geniuses

  70. Azzurra says:

    Chris H: look at my son he's climbing up the fridge
    Tom Holland, teary eyed: w-what about me?
    Tom Hiddleston: come here my son opens arms

  71. Disha Vandana Amin says:

    little did we know we were about to traumatised and broken into pieces…

  72. Bryce Krampert says:

    his sons are thor and loki dont fight me on this

  73. Agimus78 says:

    Yup, he has definitely won a genetic lottery 😏

  74. Isabelle Sarmiento says:

    Chris Hemswoth's kids are like Thor, Hela and Loki. ..
    His kid looks likes Thor, long hair and….that foolish thing..^○^

  75. Kiara George says:

    Like father, like son

  76. Karla Bannana says:

    Two brothers, one sister.
    One is very determined,
    One is tricky
    And one is honest.

    I think i heard that before…

  77. Nikki Reed says:

    What is his accent from

    British, Scottish etc..

  78. M S says:

    Well chris I mean your daughter's name is India so…..

  79. Zainab Sara says:

    ”ma woife”

  80. Julianne Wright says:

    I scaled the fridge for chocolate once lol

  81. Kimberlee777 says:

    My husbands a twin and he said him and his twin brother would have helped each other and sat and ate it all. Maybe this kid didn't want to share with his brother haha

  82. Melody Jayne says:

    The only people on earth born with built in olympics body strength are Chris Hemsworth and his son 😂

  83. Stephen Roño says:

    Chris Hemsworth is the real Odin.

  84. Archana Archana says:

    Thats what he teaches his kids

  85. Þyngd Tap Dietitian says:

    I'm having fun watching! Thank you guys!?

  86. Devill XX says:

    Get that boy into gymnastics

  87. CeltycSparrow says:

    I love how his daughter just tells her dad the truth….that she faked an illness because she wanted to ditch school. And it sounds like she didn't get in trouble for it. lol

  88. Beckles H says:

    Vin Diesel wasnt in Avengers though lol

  89. Fine Life Ozone Hydrotherapy says:

    sister: Loki
    son: Thor
    other son: Thoki????

  90. Ann-Sofie Heart crystal says:

    i love you Chris Hemsworth <3 You're my favorite actor when it comes to Thor <3 And you har så Handsome and awesome and amazing <3

  91. Lucy wickerson says:

    its like a pirate had a baby with an angel

  92. OrganisedPauper says:

    Haha, some kids are climbers. My then 18 month old daughter (she was walking at 11 months) got to the top of a 5ft + piece of furniture in what must have been seconds as my back was turned. Pre smart phones so now video sadly.

  93. Jennifer Coleman says:

    Ok his son is definitely going to be a stunt double lol

  94. LC Mason says:

    That suit and shirt and the jewelry —beautiful! I never notice men’s clothing, but his is so nice.

  95. T&N videos! says:

    2 bros and 1 elder sis
    Loki thor and hella!
    Omg thor/Chris your livin up to ur reputation

  96. vuvlp 07 says:

    He described his twin as the intelligent one is manipulative in a good way & the other one is the athletic one is much stronger. So it's Thor and Loki all over again.

  97. Lady Godiva says:

    Got the mythology confused, I think…
    Fenrir is supposed to eat Odin, not Thor!!

  98. Mahmuda Kabir Moni says:

    janna..amk emnei youtube dekhte den..

  99. MasterOf4Elements says:

    Fun fact. According to mythology Thor has a daughter and two sons.

  100. Senna says:

    Adding to the thousands of comments saying the same thing… India was trained by Uncle Tom/Loki on how to trick people I swear

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