– Welcome, Adam Bazalgette here in sunny Naples, Florida again, Two-Time PGA Teacher Of The
Year award winner down here. I wanna talk to you today about how to stop
chunking your golf chips, how you chunk those shots
and how you can fix it. Stay tuned. (powerful music) So let’s talk about it. How do you stop chunking these golf chips? If you like this video, by the way, subscribe to the channel. I would love to get you
lots more free content. All of it’s available at, my website. Okay, first thing is
there’s a little difference. We’re gonna give you two ideas here that are critical to this subject. First thing is there’s a little difference between chunking that’s kinda
taking a heavy, steep divot and sort of stubbing the ball and just drop-kicking a bit behind it. We’re really dealing with chunking but we’ll touch on the other one, the scuffing, here in just a moment. So, here’s the two
things you’ve gotta know if you’re going to stop
chunking your golf chips. Number one, you have to
create an angle of attack. You see how this club is just
brushing the ground there, this is a pitching wedge,
that scuffs the ground. Now obviously, the more
you caulk your wrist and the more up the club comes, the more it will dig into the ground. Let me encourage you in something here. A lot of this is feel and you can do it. Let me explain this. If you are standing here,
let’s say, on the bank and there’s a, let’s say a frozen pond with very thin sheet of ice, you would be able to figure out how much it takes to crack the ice versus how much it would take
to just brush off the ice. That’s a fine-tune thing and it isn’t so much swing
thoughts as it’s feel. That’s how you gotta play golf. Particularly in chipping, you gotta have a little of that feel. It isn’t difficult, you can do it. So, how do you practice it? You stand there and you just
make little brush marks. Again, my wrists aren’t stiff but I’m not caulking them a lot, and I can feel a little bit of a brush. I could feel a bit more of a chop. That would be a chunk. And you just have to get that
until you’ve got the skill set and you can feel the difference. You’ll see great players do this when they play golf on the TV. If they’re chipping near the green, ’cause lies can be a little bit different, they’ll almost always take
multiple practice strokes getting ready for it. Now, part of the reason obviously is they’re trying to
feel distance control, but a lot of it is they’re
fine-tuning their brush mark. So, that’s number one. Chip a little ball off here. Okay. Number two, this is very, very important, and this relates to
scuffing the chips as well. It’s all good and well
to have a nice brush mark but if that brush mark
isn’t in the right spot relative to the ball, and we’re gonna see at
least up to the ball, slightly in front of the ball,
in front of it being here, you’re gonna miss hit shots
anyway, you’re gonna scuff them. Another thing that happens, mentally, or subconsciously if you like, if you scuff the ground
back here a little bit, you won’t do that for long. Your subconscious will try to solve it, neither jerk the club
forward to get to the ball or it might even add some
steepness to get to the ball, so you’ve gotta make sure your absolute, most effortless brush mark happens in a relationship to the ball. That’s a good one. And here’s the key. You’re not moving a lot in a
little chip shot like this, so you must make sure
that your body center, which is the likely bottom of your swing is at least up to the ball, preferably fractionally in front of it. Don’t make the mistakes
so many people make of just sticking their hands forward. It doesn’t do you much good
if you’re tilted behind it. So, drop something from your shirt button, you practice setting up till you feel like that’s in front of it. That would then be your setup and that would mean that with no effort, my brush mark is just
in front of the ball. These are easy things to work on. They’re fun to work on. And I’m convinced, if you do them, you’ll stop chunking these chips. Well, I hope you find
that a little bit helpful. Please subscribe to the channel. I would love to get you
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me to address in the future, I’d be happy to get to that. I appreciate it and I hope this helps you with those chunk chip shots. (powerful music) (mouse cursor clicking)

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