Chinese Style Table Tennis
Chinese Style Table Tennis

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity Today, we’re playing a penhold tournament Let’s see who wins! So the penhold grip is the traditional Chinese table tennis grip So you basically hold the racket like a pen First match, me versus Emil Let’s go! To be honest I think I’m gonna lose this one Well, I think so too so… Good luck! I think I should have moved a bit better but I don’t want to This is going pretty well I remember I have said that before too and then I lost all the points after that I’m giving you a head start Still giving a head start Still? Still I have to give him one point Thanks I tried like a side spin I don’t know You don’t know what you tried No… Now you started playing, did you Otto? Yeah I had to Wow, nice forehand Emil Thank you The chop block didn’t quite work there I won’t miss those anymore No, what am I doing? I came too close and I wasn’t like should I take the backhand or forehand That was good Thanks What? That wasn’t supposed to go in! No it wasn’t Zero zero I tried to set you up for a little Counter smash My serves are exactly the same as normal That’s true I hit it with the finger Wait, new! “Thanks” Oh sorry That was too difficult I was just trying to hurt Emil there Clearly I expected you to go around the net A bit stiff Wow! That was good Safe shots This much I was a bit trapped in here Luckily it didn’t come on the table I’m not sure what I was waiting there Thanks You have a backhand I’m really sorry That’s the only way you’re gonna win this match More of those I need only ten more You haven’t seen my good serve yet Bring it Okay, that serve is okay I’m sorry I shouldn’t laugh You’re laughing now but 9-9 when i rip that backhand on then we see who’s laughing Yeah you can always dream! It’s good to have dreams in your life He is going for the backhand You see that is top spin, Otto Oh he’s serious! He’s serious, look at him jumping! Come on 5-3 That was like the screamer guy Good rally though boys Ok I need to calm down a bit I’ve never seen Otto this excited Me neither I have to give it to you that was a good shot I should have just kept pushing like Otto did I said I was gonna calm down That means pushing Oh I’m so sorry Otto Had to go for it Sorry! There is as much in stake in this match as
the 500k subscribers No i think this is more! This is even more I missed it it would have been so perfect I could have just seen you miss the backhand receive I would have gone around the net Backhand serve Wait Well look at that! Match point! Match point Sensei is going to lose this one 9-10 Yes! It happened! The Sensei is beaten As I said I’m gonna lose that one never even had a chance How does it feel to be beaten Otto? Yeah good You know Nice change Being always on top It’s hard mentally yeah yeah mentally so it’s good to lose sometimes to keep your life balanced Yeah Keeps you on the ground I would say So that you’re not too good Yeah, exactly And also this relieves some pressure so you don’t have to keep on winning everything I don’t have to win all the time so I think it’s really good Let us know which tournament you want to see next And don’t forget to hit subscribe And watch our previous episodes there Until next time!

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  1. Chengy Sim says:

    I play penhold and when once when I was new to the game I showed up to this place for coaching and the coach kept on telling me to switch to handshake and whenever I messed up he’s like

    It’s because your penhold

  2. Alpha Lightray says:

    Make a video playing ping pong inside water. Please.

  3. Elver Galarga says:

    9:51 otto have more hair behind his neck than me in my chin

  4. Juan Sebastian says:

    Make an introduction in spanish

  5. 김건 says:

    한국인을 찾습니다

  6. yatharth soni says:

    Do your intro in hindi

  7. cyp says:

    Guys make a tournament with the subscriber's. I think it will be awesome!

  8. JC Combs says:

    Rematch and loser has to shave Ottos back 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Eli_2020 says:

    tennisfinity video. Let's see some tennis from pongfinity.

  10. Gab G says:

    Can you do a tennis tounament

  11. Ravinder Sharma says:

    6:55 my question is that floor ok??

  12. wolfarg says:

    Padle trickshots pls!!!!!

  13. Senseidesuyo says:

    pongfinity i love these tournament videos where you guys face eachother pls pls do more!! DANKASHUN

  14. masontong09 says:

    Looks like mikkas hair has grown back like his old hairstyle

  15. Osbourne Mikhail says:

    Request: play ping pong with invisible ball

  16. Piali Das says:

    You should play in pen hold with your weak hand pls.

  17. GameHead Ultron says:


  18. Bald Ballz says:

    Try folding one side of the table, play doubles off the wall and see how long you can keep the rally going.

  19. Sankey 01 says:

    Loved them to trash talking each other… Was laughing all the time..

  20. Dai Quoc says:

    In your next video, please do your intro in Vietnamese

  21. Ayush Gaming says:

    Plzz play from back side..

  22. Saint says:

    Play with Kimi Raikkonen toy

  23. mikr0 says:

    Do video where speak only finnish

  24. Eloi Mumford says:

    You demonstrate great capacity of adaptation , penhold in french = porte-plume.

  25. Martin Zhang says:

    Otto's technique of power generation is the most unique I've ever seen

  26. Kel Po says:

    why they rub their hands on the tennis table near the net. is there any meaning?

  27. Nomon Munir says:

    awesome vid!

  28. João Pedro says:


  29. Adil Merchant says:

    Buy the worst table tennis racket and play with it. That would be funny

  30. the super girl123 says:

    You guys are gods

  31. Mr.AJWorks says:


  32. pinicheck says:

    You can have the table like 20cm above ground

  33. Dx3p0 Dx3p0z says:

    How come I never see Emil play real tournaments

  34. Denise Lim says:

    Xu xin will be proud

  35. Jukes_105 says:

    You should play along the beat of the song The Box by Roddy Ricch
    Great vid btw!

  36. izzul irfan says:

    Play using Iphone 11 pro max and do around the net 11 time..

  37. Gabe Prem says:

    Hey pongfinity Play a match with baseball gloves

  38. Phant0m says:

    How do you hit back a smash shot?

  39. テナジー05厚 says:

    Are you using pen rackets in Europe and the United States?

  40. Alkım Kaplan says:

    Challenge: play with a half white half black table tennis ball /Challenge 2: Play table tennis with a book (I'm sure you can do it…)

  41. shenqiangshou says:

    Wohoo Miikka starts 2020 with a win over Sensei! You guys must have played penhold before. PH backhand takes ages to develop, and Miikka especially rips it likes it's nothing…

  42. Suryansh Rana says:

    Can you show us what's behind the curtain

  43. URUGUAY0 ϟ says:

    Otto + Timo Boll Spirit 😍

  44. Mathias Grau Præstiin 4C Lynge Skole says:

    Try to rund of the Tabble

  45. Babou _ says:

    Can you please make a Sensai edge tape?

  46. Kanika Agarwal says:

    I want you to do a tournament with a bouncing ball instead of a table tennis ball! Let's see who wins

  47. Nasir Ahmed says:

    Bro bring streo type series please)

  48. (6D21) Yuyang Rao says:

    Penhold is actually developed from how Chinese people hold chopsticks.

  49. CC says:

    Ha ha, when you guys play with penhold, you play like me. When you play with your normal grip, you guys are just about unbeatable. Good to see your vulnerable side… I grew up playing the penhold in H.K., but switched when I came to N. America in my teens. Now I do both depending on my opponent.
    Way to go, Mikka. Otto, you're still great.
    Happy (Chinese) New Year!

  50. FormostPanda says:

    Today, you need a reverse penhold to play penhold style.

  51. vladgor2008 says:

    Awesome tournament guys! Next you should try a little tournament the same as this except you play with your hands

  52. Nayan Chheda says:

    How do people even dislike these videos……. they're just too good…..keep up the good work👍🙌

  53. Catalin Cristian says:

    Challenge: play ping pong while facetiming each other.

  54. Leo Rubal Dono says:

    Where do Thievy from?

  55. Berat Pınarcı says:

    Me to PLAYİNG penhold"😋😋

  56. Berat Pınarcı says:

    Do pongfinity shot with penhold grip+1

  57. 2BRO 2BRO says:


  58. Bhavana Hiremath says:

    X ping pong 2

  59. Y Mick says:

    Otto's T-shirt says "SENSEI" aww

  60. Noble says:

    Challenge: play hard bat tournament

  61. Michael Wong says:

    I’m penhold

  62. Hamo Farag says:

    0:32 كفو هههههههه

  63. Asa Games YT says:

    This is the second time Otto is beaten he is that good

  64. Family Adventures says:

    Do a left hand only tournament with three tables each playing on one

  65. Ryan Goodier says:

    Otto is really funny

  66. עידן ביטון says:

    מי יותר טוב מייקל הוא הואט

  67. LagH4ck _ says:

    Xu Xin!!!

  68. Azerty! says:

    Challenge: Make intro in house

  69. F. Hafiidh says:

    big NNAHH 5:37

  70. F. Hafiidh says:

    Do intro in Indonesian 😄

  71. Danish Haidar says:

    I challenge you for playing ping pong with pan

  72. Cael Coventry says:

    You should do a tournament where every point you win after doing a trick shot is double point

  73. Cael Coventry says:

    You could play to 100 points but you get the number of points that the rally is. E.g. 10 shot rally = 10 points

  74. paulo says:

    Please collab with tabletennisdaily

  75. Huỳnh Đức says:

    Pongfinity !
    Can you say hello in Vietnamese? Please please
    Fan Pongfinity in VietNam

  76. 4444 ehahwb says:

    Where your Xuper beckhand???

  77. morbid_is life says:

    Please start your intro in turkish

  78. Derpymator says:

    Tbh I'm pretty good at Table Tennis but I'd still lose with normal hold against them with penhold

  79. 灯油くん says:

    i love this guys from japan

  80. 猫[マコト] says:

    penhold is GOD

  81. Matvey Ledov says:

    Challenge Pongfinity: Is it possible to return an around the net shot with an around the net shot?

  82. Eivanete França says:

    challenge for pongfinity: playing while looking through a mirror

  83. Naina Agarwal says:

    Z-ping pong between emil and mikka

  84. Matee says:

    Challenge: Try to play a 10 minute rally!

  85. fehsZn says:

    otto: I'm giving you a head start.
    emil and miika: "shocked pikachu face"

  86. view mantap says:

    Make your intro for Indonesia


    Badminton trick again plis

  88. Lava Ball says:


  89. Nguonleng Tith says:

    Please read
    Do around the net shot in Chinese style(pen hold style)

  90. Nguonleng Tith says:

    I sub so u ypshould do it

  91. 100 Subs Miracle says:

    I'm chinese but I never use that way and I don't know anyone who uses it.

  92. Nguonleng Tith says:

    Otto senseit mode on

  93. Nguonleng Tith says:

    In 2017 Mika look fat but in 2020 Mika look more thinner

  94. MATTHEW GOH CHIN LIN (Student) says:

    pongfinity match but you can only hit with the handle (so hold the rubber)


    I love MIKKA the most…………….and as you know EMIL and sensei cannot be fogotten.


    do an intro in urdu pleeeeaaaassseee

  97. DN Sharma says:

    Awww… Emil couldn't even win once 😂

  98. Parv Rijhwani says:

    Play using penhold with weak hand

  99. Dylanfury22 says:

    Why do they touch the table near the net after a point?

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