Children’s Charity Pulls Out Of Stripper Event At Trump’s Golf Resort
Children’s Charity Pulls Out Of Stripper Event At Trump’s Golf Resort

Yesterday news broke that a strip club was
going to be hosting an event down at Donald Trump’s Doral golf resort in southern Florida
and as part of this strip club golf tournament thing, they were going to be auctioning off
their strippers to serve as a caddies. They said, and caddies was in quotes for some
reason, I don’t want to think about the reason, but sure, you’re going to have these scantily
clad women walking around as caddies and you know what, there’s actually nothing wrong
with any of that, right? Except for just a few things. First and foremost, some of the charities
that were involved in this were for children to benefit children and now the children’s
charities are actually pulling out of the event because they didn’t even realize what
was taking place. They didn’t know that the strip clubs logo
and name was going to be on all the merchandise there and they do not want to be associated
with that and that is 100% completely understandable. They understood they could have raised money,
but at the same time, you don’t sell your soul in order to do that. Unless of course you’re Donald J. Trump because
Trump and his businesses and whoever else is involved have no problem with this strip
club golf tournament. They think it’s perfectly fine because they’re
going to make money off of it. Right? And again, if this was just your average,
you know, down the street golf course, whatever, sure. That’s perfectly fine. This one is owned by the president of the
United States though, and you kind of have to be held to a higher standard, don’t you? I mean, think about it this way. Fox News has got pissed off when Michelle
Obama showed her shoulders and address. Fox News got pissed off when Barack Obama
ordered fancy mustard instead of yellow French’s mustard. They got mad when he ate a Rugola in his salad. Could you imagine what would happen if Barack
Obama’s name in any way, shape or form was associated with any kind of event that involves
strippers? But yet with Donald Trump, we just kind of
look at it and honestly, even when I saw it, I was like, there is nothing surprising about
this headline. Nothing. There’s nothing surprising about the fact
that his golf resort, a resort is hosting an event where you can buy a stripper that
is, that seems par for the course, and that’s actually a good pun to use right there. But he is the president of the United States
and he has to understand that these things aren’t exactly what we need to be showing
the rest of the world. We do have to hold him to a higher standard. And that is what this story is about. When you are president of the United States,
there are certain things that you can no longer do. And I know Trump was not involved in the planning
of this. He wasn’t even going to be there for this,
to my knowledge. But at the same time he owns this, this golf
course. Everybody knows he owns this golf course,
his name is on it, Trump Doral. He should have put the brakes on this, or
at least someone in his business should have had enough brains to think, you know what
may be may be given the fact that you know, we’re owned by a guy that really has a horrid
history with women. Maybe we’re not the best venue for a strip
club golf tournament. Maybe considering all the horrible news about
the president recently, maybe we need to back off and not give him even more negative publicity,
but nobody in the Trump organization is that smart and that’s a sad statement in and of
itself. You would think these people running a multibillion
dollar corporation, somebody somewhere should have said it. Maybe not. No, no. You don’t have anybody with that much common
sense working for your organization. Also, not shocking, but again, folks, Donald
Trump has lowered the standards of the U s presidency. He has lowered the level of class that we
expect from a United States president and this little stunt here, this strip club golf
tournament is just the latest in what has become a long string of Donald Trump’s showing
that he has no class and that as long as you pay him money, he’d done given damn. If he gets negative publicity from it.

100 thoughts on “Children’s Charity Pulls Out Of Stripper Event At Trump’s Golf Resort”

  1. phil erup says:

    Trump has as much class of a gas station washroom.

  2. Margaret Edwards says:

    I wonder how many clean and decent politicians there are in office today? Or in the past? How many law makers and defenders are decent and honest ¿

  3. J - Hump says:

    Republicans are so fucking sick man, hypocrites through and through. Nothing wrong with strippers though

  4. luis flores says:

    stripper cadies, thats a new for me, and i think i liked

  5. KH Wilson says:

    Tell me how this guy was chosen to be President by God again.

  6. MrEdium says:


  7. On Taka says:

    The religious right would love having their faithful "Servants of God" escorted by half-naked women during a golf charity. Would Epstein happen to be taking part in organizing this event?
    There might be a "secret party" after the event.
    To hell wit Pizza Gate. "Mar-A-Lago Gate" sounds more befitting.

  8. morgana marvel says:

    Selling stripped down women – 👍yea, he'd love that.
    Gee, wasn't he friends with the trafficker of young girls?
    Yes, he was. Nice picture.

  9. mxt mxt says:

    Money is money. If strippers can raise money for a worthy cause, so be it. If the names of the charities weren't put on any of the merchandise things probably would have been better. Now the question is if Donald charged that charity event anything. Now, if he would have respected the emoluments clause and put his investments into a blind trust he wouldn't have this problem because someone else would have owned the club.

  10. Jonathan Still says:

    This golf event was obviously not being held to benefit a Children's Charity, obviously, for if it had been for the children it wouldn't have included strippers. With the children's charity pulling out, the whole thing would have been cancelled if it had been. l doubt that Donald Trump truly has taken his hands off his business as P.resident and it was probably just the kind of typical Trump sleaze event ( the idea of mixing topless women with children needing help ) that any good Evangelical will want to be noted for supporting……whether Trump shows or not ! God help us all ! It says so much, having this Jeffery Epstien scandal coming to light, that this P.resident feels it is altogether appropriate to make money n this manner, as l am sure he is well aware of it by now !

  11. Noah Vale says:

    I think that they should auction off Trump's cabinet !

  12. Noah Vale says:

    Too bad Fred did not pull out !

  13. Noah Vale says:

    Making golf courses AND strip clubs great again !

  14. Noah Vale says:

    New nick name for the evil POTUS ! Donald j. Hump !

  15. Mermaid We says:

    Carly perhaps it would help if u were awake instead of yawning. Check the info online. U will find multiple articles on the strip club sponsoring a golf tournament for a children's charity. Authenticating your info is a start to knowing the truth and the truth will free you.

  16. Carl Edwards says:

    i don't think it's about the strippers i think it's because it's trump's golf course.

  17. Humphrey Reader says:

    In Trump's universe, selling your soul is part of all standard packages.

  18. Fortitudine Vincimus says:

    And the "religious right" says Trump was ordained by Jesus. LMAO!

  19. Peter Griffin says:

    Was Ivanka bought by her daddy, again?!

  20. Jorge Ramos says:

    Trump held to a higher standard? That is hilarious!

  21. Jorge Ramos says:

    Charity? He would rob them blind.

  22. Casper Casper says:

    USA is the true meaning of 💩💩💩💩💩hole country a 1000%.

  23. lorrie guiffre says:

    Now I really have no respect for that man if you call him a man .

  24. Trevor Warner says:

    You can take the man out of the gutter, but you can't take the gutter out of the man. To be president all you really need is a few more votes than the next candidate, and it shows.

  25. Geo Analytics says:

    Probably got to fuck them too

  26. Joe Neumeister says:

    "you don't sell your soul" EXACTLY! I was happy to hear that some of the charities pulled out, what a disgusting way to earn money for a children's charity, but only TRUMP would pull a disgusting stunt like this, CLASS ACT MORON TRUMP!

  27. occamrules says:

    My opinion of the US has never been lower

  28. mozac s says:

    Give stripper's some love

  29. Greg 47 says:

    I am a Christian and this is hypocritical.

  30. NaturalNation Brown says:


  31. KPS says:

    It was for uneducated maga morons

  32. Ray Herbst says:

    Jimmy Carter at 94 looks better and better every day. Nixon just played tiddlywinks. Trump brings the cesspool full on in every way every day.

  33. gilbert ortiz says:

    THE OATH OF OFFICE IS TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NOT TO THE PERSONS WITH THE TITLE.. !!! Our immediate and most dangerous situation is that Trump continues as President and Chief of our Armed Services. It has been investigated and verified by all of our Intelligence Agencies that Russia' (Putin) did attack and influenced the Election Process in these United States !! Hundreds of communications with Russians. The United States enemies are watching this carefully and will continue to focus their weaponized media to Elect and legislate in our Country !!! The Pentagon must divert urgent attention and funds to defend and respond to Russia's threat. Stop wasting Billions on Nuclear weapons !!! The World has enough to turn Mother Earth into a WASTELAND !! Not even a dictator wants to turn into a heap of fuming ashes !! Invest those Billions into Infrastructure with mandatory living wage to all contractors employees and Universal Healthcare !! The United States , with its allies and through the United Nations, should demand a halt of this Weaponized electronic media assault on ALL NATIONS ELECTIONS IMMEDIATELY !!! The Majority of the American people do not have the time between holding 2 jobs , child care , to read or afford Cable TV regarding the Conspiracy and Obstruction in the Mueller Report. Using our very own Constitution and Justice System to obstruct investigations.. !!!!! Pray that God gives our Generals and Others around the President the moral strength as Patriots to Guard and Protect our Country !!!! The Oath of Office is Sacred to uphold the law in our Political System and MUST BE RESPECTED !!! By the way where is Trump getting all this extra money to pay for these multi-million dollar Constitutional Attorney Firms ???? God Bless America, Mother Earth, our sick, our children our elderly, ,the homeless families with children thrown to the streets by the greed of our Banks & Wall Street, Millions of young prisoners who couldn't afford Million Dollar Attorneys while Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking of minors, gets a pat on the back; the working poor, our citizen immigrants, our Unions, our Heroes and Patriots. The GOP, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham & AG Barr should be impeached for violating their OATH OF OFFICE and charged as Co-Conspirators. Putin & his Billionaire Russian Oligarchs have been and are currently laundering money in the United States. Just ask Trump & Co. which has been financed throughout the last 30 Years !!! No American Banks will loan the Trump Business after several BANKRUPTCIES. The NRA received $30 Million for the Trump Campaign disbursement. These Communist Countries are out to Destroy our Democratic System from the within. Europe & the world have faith and patience!! AMERICAN DEMOCRACY WILL ENDURE !!! The NRA has 10 Million members, Trump has 30 Million followers, and the rest of the 230 million american citizens must get their out TO VOTE this Traitor and co-conspirators out of Office and into Prison.!!. America has millions of working poor in Prison who can't afford expensive attorney firms like Trump & Associates.!! The 1% Billionaires received 2 TRILLION tax cut while 18 years later the 911, Heroes and Patriots dying while waiting for GOP to fund their healthcare !!!. These parasites in Congress and the House are bought and paid for by lobbyist yelling from atop their Corporate Socialist Platforms against Democratic Socialism for our children, our elderly and our poor. Hopefully, Our Constitution and the Rico Act will take care of the Trump Mob & Associates. God Bless the United States of America, our Heroes and Patriots. May all the Traitors be charged and given a one way ticket to Russia and as proof of our resentment, be given an M16 when they step off the plane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Red Dwarf XII says:

    I'm sure Trump thought this event would be a hole in one.

  35. ArcticCat Dreams says:

    All the Evangelicals still voting for this fucktard still? Probably not hahahaha

  36. 000998poi says:

    Those charities already sold thier souls by associating with Trumps resort to begin with.

  37. Travis Worthington says:

    Lol the maga fags are pedos ……..

  38. Depcom says:

    Only America's Orange Hunchback president would have a children's charity event with prostitutes, strippers and CRACK WHORES as entertainment!

  39. L S says:

    I don't believe for a minute they didn't know it was a stripper event. Big money in stripper events I suppose. They just got caught.

  40. Janet Panks says:

    Stop treating trump like he is NORMAL..

  41. Drake ICN says:

    …but why are a childrens charity involved with Trump anyway? Is that charity even legitimate, or do they keep 95% of the revenue as "administration and overhead" fees, donating the remaining 5% to a real charity – like so many other sham charities do? Even legitimate charities are known for some pretty shady practices, like the obscene salaries payed to executives in the Red Cross, and the gross misuse of donations in the Salvation Army.

  42. john2477 says:

    I wonder if any Evangelical churches would like to fill the gap left by the children's charities?

  43. Covert White Rabbit says:

    I don't know why they would ever cancel this. I mean, everyone LOVES the "Tits for Tots" seasonal event. 😜

  44. Teve Tanders says:


  45. calkinakin says:

    is trump inviting the strippers to the white house for hamberners and pop?

  46. judetunes1 says:

    trump is so tacky!

  47. Teresa Jimenez says:

    Yet he is still there, running our country to the ground!!

  48. Gloria Perry says:

    Melania where are you honey, baby girl strippers at your home. You might as well call all of your husband stripper. Isn't this the second white house. Can't you do something, baby get a grip.

  49. Stephen Piggott says:

    No he has nothing to do with Epstein does he?

  50. Clyde Balcom says:

    Trump doesn't have a brain. Go figure

  51. Jeri Rhea says:

    It's amazing that after all the accusations and all the scandals Trump has had from day one in office – and prior. On top of the current Epstein arrest and association to Trump I can't believe there's such a lack of mere consciousness within his administration, his advisors, staff and his own family! I would think someone would speak up and say that this is a bad move. But no. They're all disgusting and stupid. If they weren't complete idiots they would at the very least care about the optics of such an event.

  52. mark haas says:

    Dick-With-Ears is suddenly a prude now. The same guy who doesn't see anything wrong with Illegal migrants paying for kids to use as pawns to make it past border patrol detention centers more easily.

  53. Mark Angel says:


  54. Spiritual Anarchist says:

    I don't agree this time. A president/ Strippers event as such is not the problem It could even be funny and daring .. .IF.. It wasn't Trump. The same president who causes children getting jailed up at the border. and is accused of banging strippers, and molesting women.

  55. godrulesable says:


  56. David Velez says:

    Trump and Trump administration is like class on Saturday
    “No Class!!”

  57. Ricky Garcia says:

    Every day there are new "LOW'S" concerning the dump…

  58. Patricia Ray says:

    Most of the children's Charities have pulled away from Trump because he has been taking the money and using it for himself and family. They're not charity children and no one wants to support them piece of shit. They are nothing but a bunch of bow down class people trying to act like they are classy.

  59. Patricia Ray says:

    Trump's going to have these strippers for the caddies at the hotel done in California. Probably a bunch of underage girls again. Or the Russian women that Trump has there that are illegally here oh, that he never talks about. To top it all off you talk about immigrants and he has brought over a bunch of pregnant Russian women to have their babies here in the United States where they can become u.s. citizens. When Trump talks about unauthorized citizens having their children here that the children and the parents will have to go back and not be US citizens, but he's giving the Russians a different deal, US citizenship.

  60. Patricia Ray says:

    The children foundations didn't know they was going to be funded by a Trump's whorehouse.

  61. Patricia Ray says:

    You sell your soul to the devil if you're Trump or maybe if you are one of Trump's followers. They all seem to have sold their soul to the devil.

  62. Patricia Ray says:

    Anymore in the United States you are not held at a higher standard if you want to run for the presidential. You can be a rapist to women and children, you can be uneducated and dumb and ignorant, you going to lie and tell people that you're rich when you're not. You can just be a dumb motherfuker and be a president of the United States of America., Trump proved that.

  63. Patricia Ray says:

    Republicans got mad when Michelle Obama wore a off the shoulder dress, but Trump can go to his hotel and show pussies and asses and boobs and there's nothing wrong. with that, Trump has brought down the quality of being a president. He's the most low class president we have ever had, he's a rapist , child rapist. Just like the roads and bridges and stuff have never been fixed under Trump's presidential, and never will be. It's just promises that he makes them to get their vote in that is it. All he ever have time for is to get on Twitter and call everything fake. When the fakest thing there is is Trump. But he has got some convinced that everything else is fake around them except for him. And they say they're not brainwashed, all the evidence shows that they are brainwashed by his lies.

  64. Raquel Alhaqab says:

    He’s totally gross!

  65. Raquel Alhaqab says:

    Trump sold his soul for money. He wants people to like him and he does have some followers but these are people devoid of thought or even a moral compass. The bottom line is they think they’ll obtain this carrot that’s unobtainable. Wake up Republicans you’ve been brainwashed most of you will die poor or lower middle class because let face the rich man needs the poor man. That promise of success is on you, you’re responsible for your own success. The president putting massive tariffs on everything is hurting you if not now eventually, he is mentally devoid and a narcissistic sociopath. That’s a dangerous combination!

  66. rleb blco l says:


  67. Eric Pratt says:

    I wonder how the evangelicals feel about their orange god hosting these perversions and blasphemies at his golf resort 😒

  68. MrPageplayer says:

    Once again, "Ring of Fire" triggers Trump haters..
    A golf tournament organized by a Miami-area strip club that was set to take place at a resort owned by President Donald Trump has been canceled, sources confirm.

    This channels is loves to stir some shit up and you fools fall for it every time.

  69. Bunchoffuckingbullshit says:

    A children's charity event? Was the strip club hoping to find some new recruits among the little girls? And who will be the judges… Trump, Acosta, Barr, and Epstein??

  70. Kaley Hepp says:

    Pretty sure Trump sexually assaulted Ivanka and many others.

  71. Bradkey Williams says:

    PERVERT IN CHIEF ?!?!???
    If KARMA picked anyone on this beautiful planet of OURS it would B the trumpass !! LOL'S…

  72. Hydratank says:

    Only a scumbag would think it’s appropriate to raise donations for a children’s fundraiser with strippers.

    Ladies, your effort is appreciated but keep your clothes on and raise awareness through other means.
    Maybe an event where people donate money to kick Trump and his rich buddies in the sack.
    I have $100 to donate!

  73. The Uberman says:

    "The President of Evangelism"

  74. Hefeydd _ says:

    Trump will go to any length to make money and put money into his own pocket.

  75. Pamela George says:

    Children’s Charities have more class than Christian Pence, evangelicals, Fox, Melania, Republications in general! Thank God! Class?…his wife was showing her naked boobs as a “model”, classy 1st lady…no wonder other countries are laughing behind his back, TOTAL TRASH! Oh, keep your low class kids at home on your next trip to other world leaders cuz we taxpayers don’t want to pay for them, they contribute NOTHING politically or socially, ya just look LOW CLASS and we’re tired of it! Get Out Of Our White House! 💩 🤪 💩 🤪 💩

  76. Joan Z says:

    Brains? Oh, ha, ha…surely you jest!

  77. Mark Robinson says:

    You wonder why the PGA pulled every event out of Doral they did it after donny duffase bought the course.

  78. Bryan Wilson says:

    The 4some of Little Donnie, Jr., Eric and Jared are ticked their tee time was cancelled !

  79. Gilmore Mccoy says:

    How else do you expect tiny🍆 little trump to meet women 🤡?

  80. Hector Lalalala says:

    I would not be surprised if Donny T participated in this scandal

  81. Tia's Tips says:

    We are talking about Trump need I say more🤣😭😂

  82. Forwen Eymnorty says:

    Nothing says children's charity like strippers on a golf course. Classy.

  83. deborah chinn says:

    The ONLY reason this corrupt administration pulled out of this sexist, misogynistic event is because the media exposed it on a national level!

  84. swimingbird88 says:

    It's not like the kids were at the event


    L000L.. With Trump as "president" America will become the new SODOM AND GAMORRA with the evangelicals in it ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  86. Bingo Sun Noon says:

    Charity Pulls Out Of Stripper. I pulled out of stripper a time or two myself.

  87. Jeannette Sikes says:

    These strippers, are they the kind of women that Ivonka is wanting to "empower"?

  88. Chris Thompson says:

    People's morals are in the trashcan. This troll was elected by people with low morals.

  89. LadyDulcevida says:

    trump panders to the lowest common denominator. He has brought the standing of the USA down. Our once proud country is the laughing stocking of the entire world with the potus being the butt of almost every joke. Occasionally other countries will pick on their own leaders but with our moron-in-chief the comedy
    gods are working overtime.

  90. tree man says:

    Epstein's girls needed a new job.

  91. Bridgy J says:

    A children’s charity with no children’s charities replaced by strippers LOL

  92. tom patterson says:

    The children's charity better pull out. Trump will rob the charity and buy his family something. I thought he had bone spurs. Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz don't they carry him around and Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan fight to wipe his ass. Trump is a coward

  93. Bull Durham says:

    The real reason the children's charities pulled out is because they found out that that part of the event was going to be called "Epstein's Children," before Jeffery Epstein was forced by circumcisions…er…circumstances beyond his control. Not exactly Jerry Lewis.

  94. Keevan Crawford says:


  95. Dale Tokie says:

    This is a modern day Christian strip club .. ask Franklin Graham and his buddies !!

  96. Cheryl Bazemore says:

    F#$% Fux news. Maggots.👿

  97. Karen Gummer says:

    I am not only not shocked. I'm not even surprised, and that is just SAD

  98. extraordinary15 says:

    Holy sh*t Farren…

    You're right our world leaders are nothing but total perverts inside and out…

  99. Heart 2019 says:

    Once a pig 🐷….

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