Chase & Dad play RED BALL 4! BOX FACTORY ENTIRE LEVEL w/ BOSS! (THE END Part 6 Gameplay)
Chase & Dad play RED BALL 4! BOX FACTORY ENTIRE LEVEL w/ BOSS! (THE END Part 6 Gameplay)

– No. Not yet. No Not Yet – “Boss”.
– But I’m scared. Lets do it Alright Guys Here Goes The boss!!! Boss But I’m Scrared Lets do it Alright Guys Here Goes The boss!!! – Let’s do it!
– Alright, guys! Here goes the boss!! [Dad yelling] [dad shouting] Ahh, he’s scary. He’s scary, I’m leaving.
[Boss growling] Do It AHH he`s scary he`s scary I’m Leaving [boss growls] – Do it. – Alright, you guys. I was just kidding.
I’m not really scared. Alright Guys I was Just kidding I`m Not really scared! [dad screams] [Dad screaming]
– It’s FGTeeV! {ITS FG TV} Blebleblebleblopblabla! Beleblablebleble What’s going on FGTVERS Hello – What’s going on, FGTeeVers!
– Hello! It’s Chase and Dad, and we’ve got more
Red Ball. We’re on the Box Factory. – It’s Chase and Dad, and we’ve got more
Red Ball. We’re on the Box Factory. – Mm-hmm. – Mm-hmm. Chase, do you want to set this
gameplay off with some Level 31? – Chase, do you want to set this
gameplay off with some Level 31? Now let’s see what we could do here! Now let’s see what we could do here. We’re gonna get some stah – ohh,
watch out for those bad guys. We’re gonna get some sta – ohh,
watch out for those bad guys. Wait, I gotta see, man. !!!! Wait, I gotta see, man. What do you got? What do you got? Oh, we’re gonna get that flag little checkpoint –
oh snap! We’ve got lasers?! Oh, we’re gonna get that flag little checkpoint –
oh snap! We’ve got lasers?! ON’T LET THAT LASER HIT YOU! DON’T LET THAT LASER HIT YOU. How do you get around that?
Ohh, like that! How do you get around that?
Ohh, like that. You got to get all the stars! You got to
go back! No, no, no! Go back! You got to get all the stars! You got to
go back! No, no, no! Go back! P O O P H E A D ? ! P O O P H E A D ! – Uh oh.
– Get all the stars. Uh oh.
Get all the stars. . Here we go… boom. Nice – oh! And enemies. Nice,
because that’s how we’re gonna get a nice gold coin [Red Ball yells]
Oh no, let Daddy do it. [Red Ball Sqeaks]
Oh no, let Daddy do it. You ready? Let’s take turns, okay? oh no the poor little laser oh wow wow
that was a close one ready and jump nice metal improve dude all right let’s
go cuz he started playing the first couple of levels without me
alrighty dude man and bounce on the head you almost got it! one star 2 star 3 star
bounce and then 4 start bounce sweet cheese sweet a little poopy papa creepy
Quapaw papa I already watch this you really want to
see the pro? star star boom boom boom BAM
you ready boom I am you ready chase boom Sun oh no going against the grain and oh
oh what do we do what do we do here yes you know how to do it
you try ready go taste go go chase! alright yeah ready and go chase go go
chase I don’t know dude you’re ready now go maybe get all crazy
inside is that funny alrighty chase it up – you get that star body you made it
what do whoa what is that guy giggle that get that really gonna go back get
that start and boom Swizzle Cakes cheese huh oh no chase can you do this dude you
want me to try? yeah I don’t even know what do you do here does this like Mick
Dylan okay oh who says that Mickey Mouse what’s
your favorite show all you got time it just right what’s your favorite show
chase? Mikey mouse that’s your favorite show are you sure ready and 1 2 3 jump 1 2 3 jump yeah boy wait wait sweetsoul cakes
platon yes metal improved but – there’s no part 4 oh boy yeah J sweet alright
you’re doing it bro he’s gonna go back and get the next star caste what shirt
what’s your strategy here? hot cheese -uh oh- what cheese? oh you got it yeah you tell me try it boom-boom yeah and I’m gonna give this
star right there now what do I do now what should i do chase yes and it’s hi
hear what he got me chase I couldn’t do anything about it boom alright we’re going this way we’re
going that way you’re going this way and a that way in ready okay so he can’t
touch right over here there we go and then we hide here whoa whoa and now we
run we run yes hold on it’s a bomb it’s a bomb it’s a bomb how do you turn that
good you just have to like bounce and then bounce again oh yeah here you go
chase wait I think alrighty can you do that chase you can well this is
confusing because the more I’m watching you actually do that
whoa that was a speed run we’re gonna get the bomb guy go back you gotta get
that start now you’ve got to get that star the bomb guy Oh
oh he blew up you made him blow up chase you got him mad dude what does that do
oh you got to stay on that chase are you a foofy I don’t know what do there is you go
right here and then it brings that down and then you jump
boying see problem dude Oh problem dude tahts what we say oh I don’t know dude oh dude I
don’t know dude nothing you gotta get on the side you gotta get the back stop one
second we’re gonna do this thing right or not gonna do it at alllllllllll yeah wait wait that caught you want to
do it okay one second and I lose my helath stop the conveyor belt and oh you gotta
make they go fast that way like that shwee souls that’s cool moves
okay stop on that thing wait for that to come down no wait wait wait wait wait
more and more and more jump go back go back
going that thing oh it’s gonna go away it’s going away ah have you fat let me
show you see lady oh you made me die alright so now we’ll give that down oh yeah I think I do this and then it’s
gonna start to come down this way right and then oh like this 1 2 3 boom see
that I made it I got mad gravies bro violence no your turn let me just get to
that to the checkpoint and then it’s your turn
boom oh no what do I do now right awesome save almost I thought I was
gonna have a dope save it was more like a fluke save
all right ace I got this dude oh my what I do what I do what I do
oh boy I need that start wait I knew that star I needed it
I’m never gonna get it forget it ah we needed that star whoa whoa whoa whoa
too fast too fast we were three wolves we wolves
narwhals narwhals wait wait one two three and go boy whoa whoa yeah let me
get the checkpoint then it’s your turn kukuku ki-chul’s nice yeah okay ready
kill the bad guy wait wait boy okay now kill this bad guy
yes okay now you turn and now you turn huh
we’re back to two hands on the wheel while you’re driving and make a u-turn
oh good job chase and oh that was a great job dad I’m proud of you you’ve
got no patience here we go chase I got this and I’m not good either oh my god I
got it I got it oh yeah wait wait wait little sprouts that’s what I say ready
and what’s he gonna do cuz he’s gonna come like super fast yeah
yes yeah you’re not taking my hearts I like
my heart’s alrighty well our battery died
got a new battery and now press play whoa
let’s see if we can do this again cuz I don’t even know what you guys saw here
we go oh I’m making it reverse right there and go cuz you got to do that hey
wait whoa hey come around and go jump jump oh snap oh that was so close
I just made it no no you gotta you get yourself when you do that whoa whoa you
want to blow up do I make you mad go ahead blow up the start I don’t even
care did it alright chase your turn man let’s do this thing
chase in there you go you try that’s hard jump get the star oh nice jeez you
missed the stars oh oh oh oh you mines with that one more time I was gonna say
you should probably just dies we can like get the start you’re smart dude you
need to do that huh dead you knew to do that man good job oh yeah how’s it oh it
still got a heart and it wasn’t even next to you that’s bogus oh I know how to do it does it get that
ball over there alright so get that ball move it down all the way to the ROI
there you go keep it there go back go back quick good start
quick ah you missed it already try it again can’t do it alright you
want me to do it alright you gotta get the ball there you ready and one two
three roll the ball get up here jump there you go oh yeah boy did it whoa
whoa whoa playing whoa whoa whoa whoa the chain falls down I did not know that
that is new to me and jump oh no no I’m gonna fall because I want to get that
star we got to get those medals bro we gotta get those medals improved and jump
ah missed it again whatever whatever even care about the
metal Zuba punch I know you do it you’re
better than me oh yeah sweets or cakes I made it well whoa whoa he blew me up you
want to try it whoa whoa babe okay here you go alright
chase take it over come out stuff oh oh all you need that we’re all you did we
were I didn’t need that what no you gotta move that so oh you
have to get it over there how do you do that all you gotta push it this little
guy just need some motivation like come on little man
you can do this we just got to push it ready in once we watch these watch part
ah there we go get them just crush them crush them question with your kwacha
whoa whoa boom whoa whoa whoa so first go wasn’t in a while
oh yeah and jump ah too slow go enjoy wait till he goes on the red button go
nice I now go back at the start you gotta go back and get the spiral be lazy
don’t you be lazy you’re gonna get the guy gonna give you go back over again
and again jump jump jump don’t move get him get him yeah see cuz when you
get that guy you get a better metal okay pull fast fast fast
well dude you did it you did exactly what you’re supposed to do oh that’s a
toughy I’m not gonna lie that one’s a toughy can you do it again let me see
doo doo doo doo nice good job chase wha what you doing dad dad I’m not your dad
dad I’m your Papa dude willing almost there you just want to play and beat the
boss you just want to do it we did all that you just want to beat the boss
alright better go with our doofus duty alright
do feet daddy run right no it took away your heart go slow
didn’t time it good yes no no no not yet boss
I’m scared let’s do it alright guys here goes the boss all right you guys I
was just kidding all right I am not scared I’m a little scared all
right Jase you ready yeah what’s up what’s up monks
what’s up monkeys Oh he said you’ve already taken two of you
tools okay you ready yeah it looks like you’re
a little constipated man yeah you did stay here right that’s easy and then get
them tickets mine he’s gonna trick me no go right here that’s gonna be easy
that’s so easy then go right here cuz they’re all gonna cuss me out there you
see I knew it but you never gets me ever ever haha and then go right did all this
is simps this is way what are you gonna do oh no no no I’m just kidding sorry guys again stuck
in a broken record it’s not my fault I don’t you see what’s
it like I think I think get it closer to actually hit him all right
it is the next chapter hey what you going to do now oh my goodness Oh way to
go buddy what oh you think I’m afraid of your
little minion here watch this gotcha I capture now you got two hearts they
got two words yeah what’s old oh this boss is by far the easiest chase
do you want to try you want to try buddy because I’m sure people are like why
aren’t you letting chase play and I’m like did you see the dude scratching his
butt don’t ever ever distract the man while he’s scratching his butt see I was
scratching my butt and now I lost weight I feel like it’s like this I am
destructive here’s I like sweaty all right one heart
left Jason we’re gonna do it we’re gonna do this man box lost new ball unlock
what wait boss lost and the new ball unlock wait wait what I don’t whether
this but what do you mean but do you what exactly do you mean I
thought that I got you why are you taking hard the way I wasn’t even in the
blast radius you’re acting crazy man all right here we go sorry this is Sims this
is so simple one more don’t try to take it from me
don’t try to take it from me don’t try and take it from me well I wish but I
want to see Miranda sings whoo Troy tell you’re from Maine look it was box pops
new bought a lock but I still lost that was super walk yes we did it dude thanks
for making me play the whole time I should call this episode you do it
because Shay says you do it every time he can’t do it we free the red balls we
beat the game we saved them cheese and I find was that
give your dad a real high five there you go that’s not that wasn’t that much of a
good one we did it red ball four
all right what do you want what do you want to read it let’s read it a five
yeah do you think all the points we got or the bots again all right but not for
you so I’ll play with you right after but let’s say goodbye for them because
they don’t want to watch us play again okay what are you say what’s up where
are you what’s up FTT VIRs were leaving by is
that what you were gonna do shy if you got for a bit of you and bears chases
like I’m gonna act weird are you ready let’s let’s tell them peace out beards
that be ready now you get it you got to do that you guys say thanks for watching
maybe there’s a lot of stuff to say and they know it leave your some of the
prior like artists same ol same ol we’re gonna click off its rate watching shows
like this it’s like already guys thanks so much for watching please thumbs up
the video and leave a like cuz those are two different things and we’ll see you
guys next time if you’re not subscribed make sure you
subscribe it’s like free and it’s cool oh and the beat drop came back on and
like oh but it’s a two second delay so okay Larry laughing now forget I froze

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