Change Grips
Change Grips

I think one of the big misnomers in golf with
changing grips was how many times do I play a year. And what golfers need to take in consideration
when they’re changing their grips is not only how many times a year they’re playing golf
but how many times a year they’re practicing. If you go out to the range and you’re hitting
a bucket of balls you’re going to have 70 to 90 balls in that bucket, well that constitutes
a around of golf. So if a player is playing, let’s say 25, 30, 50 times a year and practicing,
I’m going to recommend that he changes his grips once a year. Maximum, if he’s playing a little bit less
maybe practicing a little bit less, maximum I would suggest to go without changing your
grips is every two years. When you finally notice that the grip is becoming a little
bit slick, the grip is wearing down, it’s becoming shiny or one day you’re going to
go out on the golf course and you’re going to figure out. Wow! My hand pressure is pretty
tight on that golf club. That’s a first indication that your grips are becoming worn because
hand pressure is really a killer when it comes to swinging the golf club.

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