Chadwick Boseman Plays ‘Does Chadwick Boseman Knows Them?’
Chadwick Boseman Plays ‘Does Chadwick Boseman Knows Them?’

We’re back with
Chadwick Boseman. And you’ve been working with
so many great people and so many great movies, so we’re
going to play a game calling Does Chadwick
Boseman Knows Them. Ooh. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] All right, I am going to read a
fact about one of your co-stars and you’re going to
have to tell me if– I’m so nervous– I know, you should be. (LAUGHS) We’re not going to
pick easy things. Scarlett Johansson
was in The Avengers, was the inspiration for Katy
Perry’s song “I Kissed a Girl”? I could see that. But yes. Yes, that was the inspiration. [DING] Yes, yes. Yes, you’re correct. Yep, I could see that. Chris Hemsworth, Avengers also. His first job ever was
cleaning breast pumps. No. It’s true. Yes. It’s true? Oh, my God. [BUZZER] Yeah. How does that not come up? We’ve got to have
a talk about that. Yeah. Been keeping some things. You should know that. Sterling K. Brown in Marshall. He left his 2017 best
actor Emmy in the bathroom, Tom Hanks found it. That sounds like
something he would do. Mm no. He didn’t do that? [BUZZER] No, no. You’re losing this game. I am losing, I’m losing. Samuel L. Jackson, What If. Before marrying
his wife in 1980, Samuel L Jackson went on
a date with Meryl Streep. What’s your answer? Yes. No. [BUZZER] [LAUGHTER] Go against your intuition. No. Why did I even say that? J.K. Simmons sang telegrams in
a tutu before making it big. No. [LAUGHTER] He did? [BUZZER] Oh my gosh. Brie Larson. Can we start over? [LAUGHTER] Well, this is the last one. OK, good, good. And you have a 50-50 chance. Released a pop album called
Finally Out of P.E. in 2005. No. [LAUGHTER] [BUZZER] She did? Yes. I should have got– I’m mad about the
Samuel Jackson thing. I should have got that. Really? Yeah, that was just– Listen, these are random
things, don’t feel bad. Just don’t drive home today
thinking you did poorly. Faith is the one who
should drive home thinking she did poorly. [LAUGHTER] I’m kidding. 21 Bridges opens Friday
and we’ll be right back. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
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Ellen and other celebrities if you’re into
that sort of thing. Ah! Oh [BLEEP]. God! [BLEEP]

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  1. Henrÿ TM says:

    King Tchalla has an interview with Dory in an effort to instil the peace treaty between Wakanda & Atlantis- colorized; 2019

  2. Matthew Curlee says:

    I kissed a girl came out in 2008.

    Scarlett Johansson hadn't appeared as Black Widow in any Marvel films yet.

    Ellen just made that up lol

  3. Crimson Hunter says:

    At first i thought "is this for black panther 2?" But then i thought "oh wait it's probably for 21 bridges"

    BTW who's hyped for black panther 2?

  4. mauve says:

    Is it my fasting brain or did the questions make no sense?

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    "we dont do that here"

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    This is me when I write down all the answers on a test confidently, and gets it back.

  8. Agnibes Sen says:

    Know* them

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    He's so dumb 2 yes 2 no then 2 yes

  10. Ariel says:

    Chadwick’s laughter.

  11. Nahuel Caló says:

    Bojack horseman

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    Looking kinda skinny dude…

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    Hollywoo stars and celebrities: Do they know things? what do they know? lets find out

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    Okay black panther wasn’t even in a scene with captain marvel.

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    The title is painful.

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    'Does Chadwick Bosemam Know' Ellen 🙄

  20. Margaret H. says:

    He FINE.

  21. Cosun Zhou says:

    whats that jacket hes wearing

  22. Joshua May says:

    Is it just me or does anyone find Chad and kwahi looking alike

  23. Jake Bennett says:

    Does anyone remember message from the king on Netflix, that’s the first movie I saw him in and now he’s in so many

  24. anthony loves you 3000 says:

    Ellen sounds so bored and uninterested.

  25. Just Looking says:

    He dresses well

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    Marvel fans : That's not how he should sound, is it?

  30. No one says:

    Getting right answers?
    We don’t do that here

  31. Rahul Panicker says:

    Does Chadwick Boseman "Know" them!

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    Lol he only have one correction

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    When you ask questions and you use the auxiliary verb "Do" or in this case "Does" the main verb in the question remains in its simple form. Please fix this.

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  55. Suvomita Biswas says:


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    Easily one of the most beautiful woman
    Love her ❤️

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    Does it bother anyone that she spelt the name of the game grammatically wrong 🙁
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