Caterham 620R slays Volkswagen Golf GTI – Caterham’s fastest ever road car tested
Caterham 620R slays Volkswagen Golf GTI – Caterham’s fastest ever road car tested

So this is the new Caterham Seven 620R. It
costs £50,000. It’s got 311 horsepower and like most sevens, it weighs not a lot more
than half a ton. That gives it 600-odd horsepower per ton.
And let me tell you, that feels crackers. Oh, it’s just nuts driving this car. You get
flies in your teeth. You get stones in your forehead. You cannot hear a thing because
of this exhaust pipe that sits here. But I don’t care about any of that because it’s
absolutely raving wonderful. There’s a sequential gearbox so flat shifts
on the way up, and they say you don’t even need to use the clutch on the way down, although
you can use the clutch. It stops on a sixpence. And it goes around
corners just like the world’s most fantastic highly powered unhinged go-cart. Oh, look at this. [laughter] You really do have to recalibrate your brain
when you drive a car like this. The acceleration is so intense. I mean. We’ll show you in a
bit what this thing can do to a Golf GTI in a straight line. But yeah, I mean, 911 turbos, Aventadors,
you name it. Anything thing this side of a Veyron would not see which way this thing
had gone up to about 90, 100 miles an hour. Caterham claims that the 0 to 60 time in this
thing is either 2.8 or 2.7 seconds, which is very, very, very fast considering it’s
rear wheel drive. This is what that looks like. And it will do 60 in first gear. For a certain type of person who, let’s face
it, has rather a lot of money to spend on a toy, there’s nothing quite like this. It’s
fantastically unhinged. And if you can afford one, do. No other car
in the world is like this. Okay, so you want to know just how fast the
new supercharged 620R really is. Well, the Golf GTI gets a two second head start here.
But by the time it reaches 70 miles an hour, the Caterham, as you can see, is all over
it and it goes past doing about 110. And the
new GTI, remember, is not slow. The Caterham 620R. What a weapon.

100 thoughts on “Caterham 620R slays Volkswagen Golf GTI – Caterham’s fastest ever road car tested”

  1. olly s says:

    absolute beast of a car

  2. underballbutter says:

    The caterham line up is mouth watering

  3. Chris Chapman says:

    Good job its ECU rev limiter control
    He couldn't afford all the engine rebuilds !

  4. Alexandre Fernandes says:

    Well… first do a drift course and then you can buy this car!

  5. セブンマニア says:


  6. Ertan Can Atik says:

    What is the mind of comparing golf and caterham. Golf is twice heavy and less strong. They are not equal.

  7. Spladam says:

    How do I get an idea of how fast it is by comparing it to a Golf GTI? This makes no sense, there are a world of REALLY fast cars that it can beat up to 100mph, cars that would show me just how fast it is, the Golf is not one of them.

  8. fifmk says:

    Yay, I got the same engine in my car.

    But It's not a Caterham, it's a Mondeo MK3, and it only has 145hp 🙁

  9. Bike Bros says:

    Awesome car

  10. Eesnimi Perenimi says:

    Useless test that compares a cart with a car

  11. Gerard says:

    I like this car!

  12. Stephen White says:

    I think I'd be wearing a full-face helmet…

  13. Edgar Barahona says:

    is hilarious

  14. Azzy B says:

    that sounds amazing!

  15. Bythenameof Jeff says:

    I like Sutcliff's driving style. He's a proper hooligan. I like his maniacal laugh too.
    Is he not a presenter with Autocar anymore? Where has he gone?

  16. Day of the Jackal says:

    that engine sound makes me hard

  17. Pangur Ban says:

    I fell in love

  18. RS 390 says:

    the last sentence made me think that Autocar is making a Caterham ad…

  19. Bryce Czirr says:

    Wouldnt a gutted, supercharged honda S2000 be better than this for a fraction of the cost?

  20. David Hayes says:

    A bit of a silly comparison. The GTI is a fast, comfy, slick hatchback. It is not a track car but a brilliant "A road" cruiser. I use my standard Mark 7 for trips to Scotland from Worcester half a dozen times each year. I wonder how the Caterham, at twice the price, would stack up on that journey. The Caterham is a kind of one trick pony. Not disrespecting the Caterham which is great, just can't see the point of this. My other vehicle is a 3 tonne Boxer van. Do you want to test that against an Atom?

  21. Wisecrackin' Wiseguy says:


  22. B52's says:

    this is my "AFFORDABLE" dream car

  23. DSk vlogs says:

    bad interior

  24. DSk vlogs says:

    bad interior

  25. Subgenre says:

    I would love to drive one of these. But it isn't unlikely I would kill myself doing it. Jesus.

  26. DasCayman says:

    Still one of my favorite videos on YouTube. Steve, you're a legend.

  27. boothegoo pc says:

    Has to be the shitest title in automotive history. A car with 620 bhp/tonne beats a hot hatch. Amazing.

    Nice driving Sutcliffe

  28. cody scherer says:

    needs more power

  29. Pubg'çı Kaan says:

    Araba iyiymiş

  30. lil greek beast says:

    atom is better

  31. David Richards says:

    If only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Tim Burton says:

    Think I'd rather the new donnington edition, basically all the 620 spangle but a 420R N/A engine

  33. Lydia Gould says:

    I wish…. makes my Caterham Academy seem pedestrian!

  34. brochestedbs says:

    I 'd be dead in a week in one of these.

  35. NO_EYES_ON_ME says:

    LOL….use a faster car than a GOLF GTI….maybe a Honda Civie Type R

  36. Peterowsky says:

    I would bloody hope the car with no amenities, safety features, less than half the seats, no roof and negligible storage space, THAT COSTS TWICE AS MUCH should be faster.
    Nice car sure, but those are Audi TTRS prices, with pretty much none of the comfort. Is it faster than a TTRS? Yes, by almost a full second on the 0-60. Is it worth it to drive a very, very fast go-cart that costs as much as a (entry) luxury coupe?

  37. Frosty Balloon09 says:

    Imagine if someone stripped the interior and somehow got more power

  38. rscosworthfan says:

    you would lose your license in less than a fortnight but what a buzz lol

  39. Horny Pervert says:

    Next time you should take the Koenigsegg regera and compare it with chevrolet sonic.

  40. Rainer Hans-Josef Becker says:


  41. Petyr Kowalski says:

    Would love to see a side by side test with an Ariel Atom v8

  42. boedhaspeaks says:

    I want to see this versus a tesla 🙂

  43. brady moritz says:

    dam that looks equally amazing and scary

  44. Lake Side says:

    This is sport!!

  45. ひげ脱毛 says:


  46. Adán Leguey Ferr. says:

    No lo he conducido.Pero poco peso.Potente.Muy bajo.Como los Formulas.Es un monoplaza.Y no creo qué ningún Deportivo sea más rápido qué el en una vuelta a un circuito.Me parece un juguete extraordinario.Sin duda te lo pasarás genial con el.

  47. Mat Newton says:

    Proper Fun. I'm not sure my licence would last..

  48. Craig Pennington says:

    They had to have shut the road off for that video. If you did that what he just did where I live. You'd be in jail, car impounded, and a court date so fast. There are cops all over where I live. Awesome car though.

  49. john balmert says:

    Der Sound ist richtig mega

  50. あなたが大好きです says:

    I was wondering if you could give me a ride.

  51. David Hayes says:

    And now we are going to compare the Golf GTI with a 100 bhp van full of logs.

  52. Éric Bélair says:

    I hope it slays a Gti, it cost almost 3 times as much! The Catheram looks like a lot of fun, but 75000 euros…

  53. Kenneth Gregson says:

    The golf must have had the optional square wheels on

  54. TheBMH28 says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL a GTI is not even in the same league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. polygamous1 Sozou says:

    can anyone thinks of a more fun car to buy?

  56. richboy900 says:

    They should have raced it against a 911 turbo or aventador rather than an everyday golf

  57. ILike Zappa says:

    You had better know what you are doing or they will be scraping you off a tree ……………..

  58. Tom F says:

    4:25. Well my R1 did 101 in first gear 😉

  59. doyle201206 says:

    Beats a VW Golf?, try living with it as a sole motor between November and March and see if you want a Golf then.

  60. Car Home says:

    That was Damm fast man

  61. I M says:

    Is this legal ?

  62. Ray mo says:

    I had a 200hp Seven in France, what a machine in the twisties

  63. Hans Wurst says:

    Don't buy it….it's just to scary to drive…you will lose every girl which you take for a ride with this thing.

  64. Lucas D says:

    "No other car in the world is like this.."
    Ariel Atom "hold my beer".

  65. spiderman01980 says:

    I wish they stopped saying that the 620R is Caterhams fastest ever built, it's not, the Levante is.
    Producing 500hp with a power to weight ratio of nearly 1000hp limited to 150mph

  66. ginganz13 says:

    Hahahahaha – the top trumps fantasy race against a golf….FFS – Im amazed he took his hand off his dick long enough to change gear. What's the real world situation, both of them are stuck in traffic or 20 places back at the lights behind a queue of brain dead cagers…

  67. James Hugh Leslie says:

    Deer hunting and recovery from helicopters

  68. osvaldo ortiz says:

    That's a lotus 7 not a golf gti

  69. John Flinn says:

    A Lotus Super 7 on steroids.

  70. No one You know says:

    Wouldn't you expect a caterham to eat a golf for breakfast anyway?

  71. SvenTviking says:

    If it’s a sequential gearbox you can change clutchless on the way UP, not on the way down, as long as you take your foot off the throttle momentarily. You gotta blip it to go down, and that means clutch.

  72. Supercar Qatar says:

    Sod the helmet!
    Get me a nappy!!!!😂

  73. Nico Meier says:

    Comparing this to a Golf GTI is……..rubbish.
    You should compare it to something equal like the Ariel Atom.

  74. JonPlopp says:

    Why do such fuckin' wallies do these 'tests'?!

  75. Graham Reeve says:

    What's the nonsense about a GTI. Of course it's quicker

  76. Nik Anak SangBapa says:

    Wear a helmet

  77. Jose María Ariño says:

    Tracciona como el culo.
    Reparto de pesos erroneo!

  78. Team Muscle says:

    Ex-Driver!!! 😂

  79. andycov01 says:

    a motorcycle on 4 wheels

  80. Liam Casey says:

    Keep in mind that GTR with the same power to weight would have around 1030bhp.

  81. C439672-D says:

    Needs more "POWER"!! It looks fun though but it's butt ugly. Come on Caterham, bout time for a facelift and that ass.

  82. Paul white says:

    Yes it destroys a Golf GTI . But ask yourself which one would you rather shag in the back of ?

  83. greg taylor says:

    £50,000 for a glorified – albeit slower – go-kart??? Hmmm, I'm sure some idiot will be duped by this nonsense.

  84. King Brilliant says:

    i want one, i want one, i want one, i want one, i want one, i want one…

  85. Chubby Catfish says:

    Isn't saying the Caterham slays a Volkswagen Golf a bit like saying a Ferrari slays a Ford Focus?

  86. 54Rocketeer says:

    Tyres are too skinny

  87. Hitler's Left Nut says:

    600 odd horsepower per ton? Not with you driving it Sutcliffe.

  88. Ian Townsend says:

    One of my favourite Autocar reviews ever

  89. jeff deathrage says:

    Ok, look- any dick with a wallet can buy a 2000hp lambo these days, but THIS, you gotta drive. I drove one. I've driven some cool cars, a i is the best. One i drove was maybe 200hp, maybe. Funnest car ever.

  90. Garage Boxer says:


  91. Rob Rage says:

    So pretty much you're dead if you screw up..that's what makes it so much fun.

  92. John Moriarty says:

    Golf gti? 620 r will slay most things

  93. Scott Paris says:

    Yeah, in the 80s, I drove a Lotus 7 with (I think) a 1 litre Ford engine. It was a ton of fun, but probably not as fast as this one.

  94. Kevin Mills says:

    At £50k he should be putting it up against a Tesla 3 performance. I bet that drag race would have ended a little different.

  95. Petyr Kowalski says:


  96. Fidel says:

    Caterham super 7 = The Widow Maker

  97. Steve Ross says:

    The VW wins hands down coz ya go a courtìn' in a 620R

  98. retractedwan says:

    I had a seven. It was a death trap in the wet. I went everywhere sideways. Seriously I wore the tyre sidewalls out before the tread was illegal. Sevens are awesome.

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