Caroline Wozniacki Gets Ghosted by Rory McIlroy
Caroline Wozniacki Gets Ghosted by Rory McIlroy

I just thought it would be interesting
to briefly touch upon the Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy relationship
because I think it typifies why you are a celebrity and if you don’t want to be
hounded and don’t want all of the trappings of the media bombarding you
and coming down upon you then yeah I mean you’ll be best advised to stay away
from another famous spouse I understand you can’t really affect love but it
certainly was an epic blow-up between the two of them and they’re both the top
of their sports you know it was like Michael Jackson dating Lisa Marie
Presley it was just the people that are so visible at the top of the sporting
world and for everything to fall apart I understand that they’re you know married
now and things are considerably changed it’s more of a lingering issue for what
was in the a key of course because I guess McIlroy hasn’t been fielding as
many questions and they’re given more discretion I understand at the tennis
briefings but you know here’s how it started and life is good for both of you
guys I guess right now I mean nothing everything’s perfect right now yeah I
mean I don’t think it could be much better
you know I’m enjoying myself on and off the golf course which is the main thing
and I think and it was you know sweet and it was great and I think that what
you saw quickly with Rory you know getting married after that incident
where they broke it off and you know even though the invitations were sent
out it was still reflection of how he just wanted the scrutiny to end over his
relationships and love life and so it was painful to see and but I liked how
the European tour worked to frame it in a way that put out his
personality as self-effacing in light of you know what it’s a very uncomfortable
situation thanks Billy thank ya I think that the European tour has been doing a
really good job on social media and just keeping the public involved over across
the pond and to see you know Rory engaged in that way was itwas I think
good at dispelling a lot of the awkwardness and you know visted a
million views and the comments were mostly why don’t we have someone from
the states on the PGA Tour do that to Tiger and I don’t know quite how that
would be received but it was really interesting to see how the different
camps you know frame the issue I mean here he’s joking about it and then from
Caroline Wozniacki we’re getting a much different story I mean you’re a public
figure how difficult have you found it to avoid dealing publicly with a very
private situation it was very hard because you know he made it very public
from the start you know he put out a press release and all of that so I
didn’t have a choice you know it was kind of it just got put in my face but
you know right now I’m in such a great place I’m so happy I’m in a better place
and I’ve been in a very long time and I have good things going on I understand
from dr. so in she in essence is reframing the narrative whereas you know
through McIlroy’s people you know he was able to reframe it early on and instead
of see that Caroline wasn’t even know yes she’s already married and everything
but the narrative lingers and it’s doing some of this research you see that she
occupies Rory free zone when it comes to questioning because you know local media
they want to make that the focus because that does
generate interest and the keywords are coming in for that reason so if they
push out content that’s specific to soundbites about Rory
then that will get clicked but she definitely has to push harder against
the Rory history looking to you know people close to you like wedding
invitations had been sent out already you were with them you know that morning
and then later in the day it happened unlike a ten-minute call the first five
minutes of which you thought was a joke he’s saying he wants to break it off I’m
surprised were you by how it all ended oh I was shocked I thought at least you
know I would get a face-to-face or something but there was nothing you know
it was just a phone call and they did not hear from them again
you know I think that it doesn’t really matter whether our athletes are you know
good people we’ve fairly well determined that certain athletes that we like are
decidedly not good people and really it comes down to their
performance so they’re able to achieve on the biggest stage and do well under
you know considerable pressure and I think that LPGA has done an interesting
job of making the personalities the focal point and on the PGA Tour
comparatively they keep more the focus I think on the performance and the you
know the equipment and making it less of an engaging a player field that you know
interact with the population that are watching them as sports fans but I do
see with the advent of you know podcast that they’re definitely getting more
engaged and a lot of golfers are pushing their brand out there and going on even
pod tests that have a very low listenership specifically Brooks koepka
is going on a lot of them and building a fanbase you know from the
ground up whereas Tiger has a wholesale fan base that really eclipses this sport
Brooks Koepka and a number of other ones Bubba Watson are going out there just
like an LPGA player well I mean this week I saw on holy-moly the miniature
golf showed they had Michelle Wie so they’re tapping into all avenues to
extend themselves and to see the golfers are people too and that their job as
entertainers is to engage us you have a public that feels like they want to
engage them on a very personal level and sometimes that does bleed over into
being cringe-worthy as the case may be when it comes to the dissolution of
relationships but sad to see Rory kind of having a poor season and you know was
Nia Keys doing well but obviously wish the best for them both and hopefully
Rory can find some form here and the next few months of 2019

2 thoughts on “Caroline Wozniacki Gets Ghosted by Rory McIlroy”

  1. sdreamer82 says:

    That pussy broke off the engagement over the phone, that's says a lot about him as a person! lol And doesn't it happened hundred years ago. Rory got his WAG, and Caroline is married to an amazing man who adores her! So isn't it time to move on for good!

  2. Tour Talk says:

    I'm seeing a flood of down votes so please accept my apologies if anyone was offended. In this video, I was just looking to analyze the response by two players, at the top of their respective sports, to a rather embarrassing, public break-up. My aim was not to impugn the character of Rory or portray Caroline as the victim, rather just display what I understand of the narrative and how both parties responded the fallout when pressed by the media.

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