Canucks Get Golf Tips From PGA Tour Member Adam Hadwin
Canucks Get Golf Tips From PGA Tour Member Adam Hadwin

– Hey guys, it’s Adam Hadwin
here, PGA Tour member. We’re out at the Northview
Golf and Country Club for the Jake Milford Classic, and I’m going to tour around,
meet some of the guys, maybe help their swings, maybe not. We’ll give some critiques. We’ll see if we can help. If not, we’ll just have
some fun with them. Hope you enjoy! (lively music) That’s a good shot. A little chunky, but… – Oh my God. – [Adam] Yeah, just try and
keep a little bit more weight on that right, ball of your right foot. – Alright. – I think he just went like
this and then mic drop. – He gave good tips, but it might go in one
ear and out the other. – I mean what do you say to a
guy that just hit it 10 feet. That swing was so fast, I didn’t even have time to look at it. Don’t try to kill it as much. As long as you make solid contact with the size that you have you’re going to hit it a mile. This is a position shot. You want to snipe this top corner. – See I told you. – [Adam] Focus on the
back of the golf ball. – Oh, there we go! There we go! – Is that better? – There you go, there you go. Can you even get clubs
long enough for you? So when you come down instead
of kind of coming like this if maybe just trying to
focus and kind of swing down through it a little bit longer. How’s your hand-eye coordination? It’s got to be pretty good don’t it, being a hockey player? Ready? Oh, there we go! There we go. He’s like, “I’m done,
I’m done, I’m going.” All right guys, golf has
been pretty good so far today but I hear Goldobin’s not that great. So, we’re going to mess with
him a little bit this hole. And now actually I want
you to come a little bit closer to the ball as well, and then get your hands up really high. Yeah, there you go. – Right there one more try. – [Adam] Give it another try now get those hands up
really high, really high. Yeah, seriously. Okay, all right, that was, I kind of messed with
you a little bit there. We had a little fun. I had a little fun. Yeah, I messed with you a little bit. Sorry, my apologies. So, put a little bit more
weight like shift back. Yeah, there you go, like
just like that, now swing. – Super, did you see that. – Look at that, look at
that, did you see that? I can mess with them and I can
get them to hit it straight. There you go. That a boy. Well done! Good sport. That was so much fun! I loved it! I’m like, yeah, just swing now. Guys got some pretty good swings. I tried to mess with them a
little bit, didn’t really work. Gave them some tips, may
have helped, may have not. Had a ton of fun with Goldie here. I hope you guys enjoyed that. ‘Till next time, Adam Hadwin signing out. (lively music)

43 thoughts on “Canucks Get Golf Tips From PGA Tour Member Adam Hadwin”

  1. The Kidanator324 says:

    Can’t wait for Monday!!

  2. Cathy Thompson says:

    I love you Elias

  3. Todd clips says:

    Goldy has left the chat

  4. Brandon says:

    Goldy is an absolute unit

  5. AKsleepygirl says:

    Omg poor goldy…out of everyone there, Adam had to go pick on Goldy …
    Gotta say though…goldy bulked up his legs this off season, holy shitola they are cut.

  6. Stevo Canuck says:

    0:47 Jake getting THIQ

  7. Shadownet says:

    When he actually hit it, Goldy was like “syka!”

  8. Travis Green says:

    Where's my invite? I could have showed Goldy how it's done. Now it will be from the press box.

  9. Bauss Nguyen says:

    Always messing with Goldy… But Goldy can easily mess with him

  10. Devon Mclean says:

    Petey bulked
    JV bulked
    Goldy absolute UNIT
    Goldy is such a good sport Haha.

  11. Tienlinhho says:

    can someone explain to me why some hockey players shoots with a left hockey stick but when playing golf they're using the right side ex. EP40

  12. Clay Imoo says:

    Great video. Was blessed to volunteer at the event and the guys were quite loose. J.T. Miller is hilarious. Roussel was only hitting from 100 yards in (still recovering from his knee injury). And apparently Goldy was leading the KP for a while haha.

  13. mac19930410 says:

    “Cyka blyat”
    -goldy 2019

  14. Josiah Hansen says:

    Petey golfing right handed?? Even tho he shoots left 🤔

  15. Don Atello says:

    Brock boeser who, Goldy our guy

  16. Nick H says:

    Goldy saying "Cyka! You see that?" when he hit the ball well was the best thing ever.

  17. red ryno says:

    Who is worse Goldy or Charles Barkley?

  18. Adam Schaan says:

    The one dislike is Nikolay Goldobin

  19. Chief says:

    Their Canucks they should be great golfers

  20. Munish K says:

    Quinn's hand eye like WOW!!!

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