Canada Post Letter Carrier vs Attack Cat Part 3 (Hide and Seek)
Canada Post Letter Carrier vs Attack Cat Part 3 (Hide and Seek)

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40 thoughts on “Canada Post Letter Carrier vs Attack Cat Part 3 (Hide and Seek)”

  1. Deanandlisa1803 says:

    Safety Cat says he is only playing and loves your attention 😺 💕 🙋 You offer a stimulation during his day.Thanks Deb for sharing.G'day from Australia 👋🏻

  2. deascott17 says:

    I can only imagine, what this looks like from across the street 😜😂

  3. Kim B says:

    Thanks I love it…lol

  4. Countess Olaf says:

    Aww, he's so sweet and funny. 😍just like the other poster said, I think he plays with you too. Either that someone told him his ancestors were lions. 😂 x

  5. Rayan Mehadjeri says:

    That's super y

  6. Jesus says:

    best mail carrier ever😂😂

  7. David Paquet says:


  8. Leila says:

    Debora Katzenschreck

  9. Raed Khalil says:

    Im contacting you from the Mail Online. We love your videos and think your relationship with the cat is absolutely adorable.
    Would it be possible to play this video and potentially the previous two on our Facebook page? We would credit and hyperlink back to you or any of your preferred channels of course.

  10. Linda Jackson says:

    YES she is playing…how cool is that…she waits for YOU!~!~

  11. Ama says:

    Hahaha I love this xD What a brilliant idea, I can imagine quite a lot happens as a Post Letter carrier 😀 Also, your laugh is amazing!
    Greetings from your fellow cold country, Finland (:

  12. Maya Giroux says:

    Wow… 600,000 views, crazy!

  13. Kerry Stanek says:

    And another hello (g'day!) from Downunder (Melbourne). LOVE that you have a sense of humour and that you posted these videos. Our Postie is so kind and understanding to our 'feisty' little dog who barks her head off at him each time he drops off our mail. Thank you for sharing!

  14. pschroeter1 says:

    I've got to wonder what would happen if the door was open. When she actually attack you or just come up to you and demand attention.

  15. Kent says:

    I wonder how this would look if it wasn't in vertical video. 😉

  16. Clara Becka says:

    You've found my kitty's Canadian "evil" twin! I was absolutely spooked the first time I saw this because he looks so much like the one I've got at home. Mine is just a tad more friendly, however. 😉

  17. AChilds Haunting says:

    Well this sure gave me a smile and a LOL.  You would be so much fun in our neck of the woods in Utah.  Thanks for sharing your fun.  I hope to find out what the cats name is one day.  Keep the cat coming.

  18. Curt Rein says:

    Hi Debra from a letter carrier in Spokane, Washington!  What fun jobs we have, eh?  I tell my customers it would be lonely on the routes if not for the animals keeping me company.  Some nice ones and some not so nice, lol.

  19. Kai says:

    pffft , i bet the owner is also secretly making a video about this. "my cat vs local mail lady part 9"

  20. Максим Зуев says:

    Привет из России :3

  21. Miller says:

    So pretty cat >:3
    Hello from Russia.

  22. SnakeLink says:

    Весело )) Funny )) Good catty ) Debra, Hi from Russia 😉 This cat is popular today )

  23. GamingBeasts says:

    Very good kitty lol

  24. Андрей Сафронов says:

    Зжечь её на ХУЙ. Она ведьма.

  25. Valex Bujak says:

    я сделал пост в моем блоге с вашими видео спасибо!

  26. Liudmila Kh says:

    This cat is a good guard of this house! 🙂

  27. Mel Shining says:

    угарный котейка

  28. Christina ChayF says:

    Хах, забавная котейка.

  29. Deven Anwhatin says:

    Sooo this is the reason why my mail is late 🙁 just kidding that's funny tho

  30. wes penford says:

    Hi Debra. Love the attacking cat videos :).. I actually start training for letter carrier at Canada Post On this coming tuesday.. I was wondering if you had any tips? tricks? Im alittle nervous about being "oncall temp" Is it the same for everyone starting or? -Ottawa Ontario

  31. Soul Tsukino says:

    When I was younger I had a big ol Tux cat that looks just like your little friend. He loved windows but wasn't as energetic. Love these videos and think of him with a smile for it.

  32. TigzGamingLife says:

    Just saw the clips from the dodo and tracked down your channel.

    love your personality and humour, awesome to see someone being so carefree and lighthearted about it 😁

    hope to see many more adventures!

    subber from down under 🙂

  33. Andrea Lucero says:

    Post more videos of this types of encounters. Love them.

  34. rockybudgeboa says:

    I would love to see some more "Attack" Kitty videos with you 🙂

  35. -- says:

    You should knock on the door to see what happens when the owner of the house opens the door.. Maybe the cat will go nuts. Hilarious! Lots of love from the Netherlands! XO

  36. Greg Marsh says:

    Poor kitties… they are predators, but can also be picked off by big birds. They live such an existential crisis. ^_^

  37. greenbeagle13 says:

    Good grief, these videos of these two crack me up….. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  38. razvi01 says:

    Greetings from Transylvania. Just see you on national tv here. 🙂

  39. glowworm2 says:

    This cat is awesome!

  40. Heidi Wilks says:

    You little "syke!" at 0:30 is basically the most adorable thing ever 😀

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