Can This Chef Make Jell-O Fancy? • Tasty
Can This Chef Make Jell-O Fancy? • Tasty

100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make Jell-O Fancy? • Tasty”

  1. H mm says:

    Am I the only one that finds make it fancy move cringy ?

  2. Humaira Mulla says:


  3. DeyMi says:

    Ripple Nipple got me

  4. yooboi joseph says:

    Rie:"Make it fancy.

    Me:Why is queen Elizabeth eating this?

  5. MRR D says:


  6. Kirsten Gonzales says:

    The raspberry sauce just looked like blood to me

  7. Aya Yesko says:

    something is off
    no alcohol in this episode

  8. l LIKE TURTLES and darkness says:

    cmon guys lets MAKE IT FANCY

  9. The life of Josie And her sister says:

    Rie where is your lady/Knife

  10. silent trees says:

    Kevin Is Amazing

  11. ompey ilamu says:

    Isn't jello and gelatin almost if not d same?

  12. baby dani Edits says:

    Make \ it //fancy

  13. M-Sin:Derp says:

    "And it almost look like a boob. Ripple Nipple"

    – Rie 2019

  14. TheRuby minecart says:


  15. Ella Renee Edwards says:

    Watching this at 1:00 AM in the morning and I don't regret a bit of it.

  16. MomsWithThoughts says:

    Rie has never had any of the items she’s given lol

  17. Boolin Koolin says:

    GIVE HER A 'MAKE IT FANCY' SERIES… nooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  18. Jj Johnson says:

    Where's your lady? What a waste of a cute Asian girl that can cook.

  19. hababah al bahrania says:

    She’s not using alcohol….

  20. stan chaeyoung says:

    rie can make anything fancy

  21. Stevie Wonderz says:

    I love her

  22. Elene Barnhill says:

    Lovely E. Make it fancy

  23. pyronix says:

    I'm getting type 2 diabetes just from watching this. so much sugar!! LOL

  24. Imani Graham says:

    I love Alvin so much 😭he hit the make it fancy lol

  25. DoveKat says:

    Me: (doesn't see booze) clicks off

  26. Azntianna says:

    Make it fancy YOUUU

  27. Lyre Autumn says:

    ripple nipple

  28. huoyili00 says:

    At 1:12 am I the only one that is looking at the people in the background more than Rie?

  29. Daniel Fly says:

    You should have used Mexican jello

  30. Plantquility says:

    I just wanna put Rie in my pocket 😭 she’s the sweetest thing

  31. Iheartagoodstory says:

    Rooby Booby 😀

  32. Soap says:

    Rie’s little make it fancy dance is everything.

  33. A. Mai says:

    alvin and rie's relationship is Aesthetic™


    4:50 I got a toothpaste and then a cheese add

    wut is my life

  35. ハチだよ! says:

    Alexis also "Can This Chef"

  36. Thatonekid says:

    Do kool aid

  37. Jack Attack says:

    make it fancy

    Oh shiiii I went the wrong way

  38. i-m-agic says:

    I discovered while making gummies that 1 package of jello has as much gelatine as 1 packet of Knox gelatine. Just in case you want to make this without the jello.

  39. M I L K T A E says:

    I’m surprised Rie didn’t use alcohol in this episode

  40. Ned Neb says:

    Whatever it is, Rie can make it fancy

  41. Andrew Tube says:

    Hey google search up Rie’s Make It Fancy

    Google: Sorry I don’t understand

  42. Katie 1172 says:

    yayyyy Alvin and rie are my favorites on tasty

  43. grace helen says:

    why did they show the jello logo but they blurred out/didn't show any of the other logos

  44. Jayden Ryu says:

    I love rie she is so funny

    "ripple nipple"

    -rie 2019

  45. Jesslyn Beatrice says:


  46. HungryMan TV Dinner says:

    Everyone around the globe: This raspberry Jello is excellent as is
    Rie: Buys all these fancy ingredients to make it better

  47. PIKACHU PLAYZ says:

    I use hammer

  48. Paisley G says:

    Get a man that looks at you the way that Kevin looks at Rie at 8:46!

  49. Emely Alicia says:

    Rie is the cutest ever

  50. Ciccio&Bombo says:

    Alright, where's the booze and what have you done with the real Rie

  51. Twisted86 says:

    Know what she should make fancy next? A video on her channel…..WE NEED UPDATES!!!!

  52. Ronda Green says:

    Alvin came out the cut. 😌😌 With his fine ass.

  53. Clarity Shine says:

    I would like to say…

    She's the one who is fancy!❤️

  54. Haroon Akhterzai says:

    I love the u say
    Make it fancy❤️😍

  55. Megan Lohmeyer says:

    Rie’s ripple nipple cheesecake

  56. Danny Funk says:

    it shouldnt be "can this chef Make it fancy" it should say "rie can make it fancy"

  57. CrazyCatLover 56 says:

    Omg I love her accent

  58. Jhunela Peaflorida says:

    One time i dream about rie being my personal chef,i was so haopy when I woke up🤣🤣

  59. Kenil Sheth says:

    I think I am the only one who couldn't stand her accent
    I basically hate her
    I want to rip her head off her shoulders and make it fancy

  60. Dolphin kid says:

    Looks like a watermelon

  61. Oromis - Fps games & more says:

    Make jello balls, make some vanilla ice cream spaghetti and add a raspberry or strawberry sauce and boom you have spaghetti-jello

  62. Xander Yeo says:

    omg this rie is soo ugly and autistic. what drum rolls

  63. ACID GAMER says:

    Who else finds it soo annoying when she says make it fancy

  64. Blackbarons1986 Zzz says:

    Rie turn MRE into fancy invite army to test it

  65. Sharon Hato says:

    Alvin Rie and Alexis should make something fancy but giant and in an unconventional way

  66. Euphoric Moon says:

    Rie's lil "Thats cute" 💗💓💞💕

  67. Deryll says:

    Ripple Nipple
    i died

  68. Jessica Shrock says:

    *burns leftovers while watching Make It Fancy*

  69. I am real life says:

    Ahe is so PRECIOUS. Goodness.

  70. F Lopez says:

    "Riple Nipple"


  71. Miranda Perkins says:

    Who thinks rie should try this with only one utensil

  72. Ceciielia Nadanba says:

    Rie is the best thing about tasty
    She’s just so fun, honestly her videos are the best 🥰

  73. Ashie Lilystar says:

    first time no alcohol 😉

  74. Alishba Khan says:

    did anyone else notice that rie did the 'make it fancy' dance wrong at the beginning of the video?…….just me?

  75. Cabinboy Mendez says:

    I've watched all these and can't get over how cute the "Make it Fancy" dance is.

  76. Eaqually Chan su says:

    You mean fancy in twice??

  77. HappyGamer 4ever says:

    "best friend"
    You can't spell best friend without Rie

  78. alex Ortiz says:

    I don't think rie realizes how wrong "I wish Alvin made it bigger for me" Can sound lmao

  79. La Reina says:

    Can “Chef Rie” and not “This Chef”.

  80. Idk Fam says:

    It’s so cute when Rie says ‘make it fancy!’ And does that little dance oml

  81. Lazy potato Chip says:

    This is the first time she didn't use alcohol. .

  82. Everything Overboard says:

    Just got a tasty ad on tasty 😑😑😑

  83. Elijah McCallister says:

    Let’s all group up and kidnap Rie

  84. sultan ossi says:

    Rie,Alexis and Alvin best Tasty producers❤️❤️

  85. mhxdKxio says:

    I love the way she says “make it fancy”
    it’s so adorable lol

  86. Aspectwrecker says:

    I’m sorry I hate it when she says make it fancy

  87. Rebecca Fuentes says:

    CUTEST THING rie asking bout alvin and asking for a big marshmallow😂😂😂😂😂😂

  88. Halal_D says:

    Love the way she says make it fancy also I really wish I can try these

  89. jtee says:

    "Ripple Nipple"

  90. Buzz65 says:

    Rie is absolutely adorable…and extremely talented!! I look forward to each new episode of…"Make it Fancy!".

  91. Greg Helton says:

    Only Rie can pull this stunt off. Jello is a disgusting swill of chemicals. Just imagine what she could create with her own wholesome version of jello.

  92. Hafcha Bibi says:

    Imagine the poor person who has to wash up all the dishes in buzfeed

  93. Leo Rael says:

    i would die for Rie.

  94. Sena Ismaiel says:

    0:00 i was really bout to look for a remote…

  95. Kayie Suminguit says:

    My Asian heart is partying😂

  96. oof says:

    I would die for rie from buzzfeed's tasty and claire from bon appetit test kitchen.

  97. War Machine123 says:

    Oh my god she did it ! Rie just make something fancy without acohol 😮

  98. Night Locks says:

    I thought the food given should be completely used? Why i think there is some left in the box. 👎

  99. Candy85 Beauty says:

    She would be good at the game icing on the cake.

  100. le Barredo says:

    Us asians will take over the world now

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