Can I Make An Eagle In Hawaii? | Golfing At Turtle Bay On The Island Of Oahu

379 I’m driving the green what is up y’all we’re here in Hawaii I
can’t believe it so thankful to be here we’re out here at Turtle Bay on the
island of Oahu today we just got done playing the front nine just kind of
warming up testing the waters out here in Hawaii on the Links and I’m gonna vlog
the back nine here at Turtle Bay bring you all along
hope you’ll enjoy this nine-hole vlog from Turtle Bay I just can’t believe I’m
here in Hawaii this is incredible number 10 par 4 416 yards this hole
bends a little to the right green sets back there there is some water right
down there bunkering down the left we’re gonna sting it just to the right of that
bunker hopefully we’ll take that one that was more right
out the bunker but should be just fine did shape here a little fairway this is
my buddy Ryan right up there he’s right there
dude you hit that well off the tee there you did he’s trying to keep up with you
well you had to pass me yeah but I had a driver you hit an iron 165 to a back
middle pin location I’ve got 8-iron there’s a little puff of breeze into so
we want to make sure we get it back there hold that just a little bit but I
think we’re in decent shape Ryan hit a very nice shot here we’re not sure whose
is whose we were on the same line this one is me right here decent low look for
birdie Ryan right there has a good look as well oh I thought we had the first pin
slammer of the day breaks to the ocean it does standard par thank you
hi golfers and welcome to the number 11 par-4 390 hard dogleg right so for
someone like me that hits a power fade slice like a lot of you amateurs this is
a great hole so Zacks gonna sting it right up the middle like he normally
does and we’re all gonna watch in awe and wish we were him Ryan’s up first
he’s gonna go ahead and show us how it’s done that is exactly how you draw it up
and he’s done just to walk off okay I want you to comment below what the
signature move should be I needed some help I like the twist throw but leave a
comment if you want to see something different right down central hit that shot well so
did Ryan he cut off a bit more angle than I did I have just under 190 left
I’ve got 7-iron here this course here at Turtle Bay is incredible kelan right
here set this all up for us thank you so much
he’s with the first tee of Hawaii also you’ve got the Players Club as well I’ll
link those down below so check them out Kellan’s the man thanks so much for
having us out thanks for coming out so we’re walking up to the grain and Ryan
went ahead and hit his chip before I was even rolling all my great shots no one
gets on camera no bad shots always cameras rolling yeah the great shots no
one’s filming what’s what’s up with that I’m upset I’m sorry but not really I’m
not a talker that’s right I’ll bei I know I’m just like wedging it close no
big deal and this is where I ended up a little right-to-left breaker about 25
feet left for the first pin slammer of the day let’s go I was in the heart that’s a four hero on
11 even par through two holes Ryan you’re even par as well amazing we’re on
to number 12 we’ve got a par 5 these are scary this is where the wheels come off
I’m literally scared you’re gonna be slamming pins hopefully I hope I can do
it with you you all okay thank you straightaway 529 yards bunkers down the
right right there and there is some bushes to the left so we want to keep
this pretty straight here never saw it down but I think it’s
pretty good kind of lost in the clouds it’s in the hole it’s in the hole they
tell me it’s good I don’t know if it’s in the hole
and this is what we’re looking for right there 192 yards left to a right middle
pin hit that drive really well 7-iron in hand and we’ve got an eagle look right
there that was kind of an awkward jump there I know don’t worry about it we’ve
got an eagle look look at that drone fly over y’all we’re drawing edible I hope
you like drone into in just in case you’re wondering no waiting
yeah no waiting there is our Eagle look ahead that will drop down and get my
Eagle on if you make this get in the hole excuse me this is turtle
bay not Eagle Bay we’re changing the name of the course it’s Eagle Bay obey
love it there was a lot of excitement right there on that last hole moves us
to 2-under through three holes here on the back nine
number 13 par-3 190 yards to a fairly metal pen I’ve got 7-iron in hand little short right right there but not
too bad we’ve hit a lot of seven irons so far and it’s feeling good it’s
clearly a 5-iron let’s go come on Ryan Tripp here on the tee the 13th and he is
fading that in there and that is fading nice that is looking really good oh he
is throwing darts with that 5-iron that was a dart sir thank you yeah they they
show up every now and again well every time you’ve hit a shot here on the video
today they’ve shown up I’m a I’m a pretty good golfer I’m hit you gotta
watch out in the way these berries will just fall right out of the tree
I’m down with one arm the rest of the round there is Ryan’s ball there’s the
dark here is my ball Ellen’s right over here we all hit the green
I’ll have pin slamming birdie looks ahead Ryan is gonna go ahead and go
first here that’s a bold strategy did he do it did he do it did he do it he
enslaved it celebrating right through my wine get a lot of birdies so I needed to
tell her oh boy that was slow coming up the hill
Radford is 2-under for the game never a doubt never a doubt
good thing we’re up in the towers here Bob number 14 par 4 379 I’m driving the
green dogleg to the left green sits back there did he do it did he do it oh he
most definitely did not yeah never a doubt he’s on track for the course
record today folks really not too bad right there and the bunker almost
pin-high roughly 35 yards left see if we can get this up and down little off the back of the green he
twirled the cub but club but that by up there is the body language he doesn’t
like it he doesn’t like it I’m a little conflicted though he twirled the club
but yet he put his hands on his hips I’m not quite sure hmm Riggs so yeah there’s
the hole and there is fur ball ended up not not what we’re looking for right
there let’s get this up enough apart not too bad on the speed right there we’ll
tap this in for the park that is a four here on 14 there’s a pin
slammer right there are you an unfenced lammer kind of guy or a pin slammer I love it
the pin slammer are you really going down that road we are having a good time
at Turtle Bay yes we are we are about to go off road just like Jurassic Park like
30 degrees cooler in here I don’t know where we’re going
something about a shave ice stand back here I know but then like with a little
nugget of ice cream in the middle yeah for sure so this was a shortcut no
contact with velociraptors or t-rex we are lucky number 15 par-3 177 yards up
the hill no reason to stop the trend for today we’re Cola 7-iron should be pretty good right there here’s
our birdie look right here looking good about 15 feet back up the
hill you’ve got this sack I know what you’re thinking what if this doesn’t go
in but you can’t think like that buddy that’s negative you know I think
positive thoughts back forward release oh just a little tap tappy for par sorry
bad filming that tripod just kind of fell apart there set it down gently you
didn’t earn the slam okay I didn’t mean here click that well good soft number 16
par four dogleg to the right around the corner a green sits off back there 455
yards full sin driver little left and that was pulled a little
bit no worries turning over there find it hit it again
alright found the bunker right there’s where it landed scoot it up there roll
back down settled there water left 195 yards left not the easiest shot probably
gonna have a target line somewhere right in there well this is not the typical
camera angle for me forgot to hit record thankfully Ryan had my back and got it
on the drone hit that one well right where we were aiming would take that
every time so I forgot to hit record right there but no hurries Ryan thank
you so much we got it on the drone baby he got that shot from the bunker on the
drone I cannot keep billing you out Zach if you’re gonna do this YouTube thing
you’ve got to hit record just like we talked right side of the green lengthy
putt for birdie but outside look at it well let’s roll the rock good lack there this would be a huge
parcei here on 16 oh no I did not did not see that coming you never like to
see three putts that’s what happened right there
that was a bogey there on 16 that’s all right I should have played the break
towards the ocean didn’t do that played it pretty straight maybe even thought it
was going well right and it went left that’s okay
on to 17 supercool par-4 so the ocean actually sits behind the green on this
whole super cool we’re actually going to be playing from 408 yards to the blue
tees here the vantage point from the black tees not great couldn’t really see
anything so we’re going to move up at tee box here on 17 I’m going to try to
take it right over those bunkers honey right over the old bunkers 160
yards left to a middle pen ocean is directly behind the green there this is
a super cool approach shot here this is back into the breeze pretty good I probably should’ve gone with now it’s
been the trend today I tried to hit that 8-iron way too hard
pulled it just a wee bit alright right there it was roughly pin-high hold to
get this up and down for par yeah baby I was a good save right there
1-under heading into 18 I know this might be a little windy right here but
wanted to show you this view behind the green this is incredible that’s the
ocean right behind number 18 the last and final hole out here at Turtle Bay
this has been such an awesome day thanks to this group behind for having me out
that is right number 18 par-5 577 yards pretty much
dead straightaway little water on the left so we’re not even paying attention
to that water let it fly makes it count just a little bit we’re gonna go find it
hit it again what what Zach I can’t play I can’t play bogey golf with that camera
in my face I can’t play we are on dry land yes we are waters right there but
we’re dry green right there 241 left to the center of the green
straight back into the wind didn’t come here layup hybrid pan well we didn’t hit it in the water no
worries we’re good yeah it’s so well left all
right like I said we’re okay no worries
pin-high 35 40 yards left yeah chip it on put in for birdie 2 under for
the day hi golfers Ryan here not Zach’s best
wedge shot he’s walking to the green he’s confident
I think he’s gonna sink the putt I didn’t leave it short did not percent
of the punch of a short leave it short 60% of the time it goes in every time good job sir thank you sir a true
professional that is a part here on the last thanks so much for having me out
this was amazing yeah I gotta check out Turtle Bay if you
ever get to Oahu really incredible thanks so much Ellen for having us out
yeah and me have so much more content to come from here in Hawaii hope y’all
enjoy coming along today drop a like down below if you enjoyed this video
finished it one under 35 I think that was a part 36 we’ll have to check but it
was one under either way so much fun stay tuned and we’ll see you I see ya

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