Can I Go Bogey Free? | Back 9 Practice Round At Greystone Golf Club
Can I Go Bogey Free? | Back 9 Practice Round At Greystone Golf Club

five under total let’s go we are out here 10th hole behind me at
Greystone this is the second part to the practice round of Greystone for the
Tennessee State Open we’re going to be playing the back nine’ gonna be
formatted just the same as the front nine which was the upload right before
this I hope you enjoyed that I’m gonna take you on for the back nine and unis
stay tuned 3-under on the front nine in the video before hopefully we continue
the birdie trend take you to the tee right now number ten here par four very
elevated tee shot down to the fairway plays about 430 yards from here but
obviously much shorter with the downhill tee shot you could choose to take this
way left and actually hit driver and it is possible to reach this green off the
tee I do like hybrid or even for iron hybrid
even put me through the fairway here left me about 65 yards to a front-left
hole location came up just a bit short misjudged that number just a bit
however 20 feet straight up the hill still gives us an outside look at making
our three for the birdie see if we can’t put a good roll on it actually hit a really good putt there
just grazed the edge tapping in for our four and lon 211 number eleven part
three fairly flat tee shot straight downwind my number was just over 150 I
believe 153 that was pitching wedge that I chose to hit there he hit it really
well was right at the pen playing a just short thought I gave it a look
big hop on the green left us about 25 feet just past the hole had a good putt
there on 10 see if we can’t make another good stroke here oh I thought that was
in the hole yeah definitely early called myself there good stroke par on 11 on 212 par 5 here
at number 12 about five hundred and twenty yards from this tee box fairly
straight hole kind of a peculiar hole not a driver typically if the conditions
are firm hit for iron off the tee to leave somewhere around 250 into the hole
from here you can see all these rocks up there on the right side even down to the
left if you hit driver you can get into those
rocks who knows where it’s going to bounce from there
so here 5-iron into the green the play is really to play to the very front edge
of the green if it rolls kind of into the green great if not you’re just short
of the front edge which I am here had about 240 yards maybe even 245 to that
pin hit that 5-iron well got to the front edge of the green
pretty straightforward a little chip here chip that one well and the thing is on
that approach shot as well it’s a blind shot completely so no reason to be super
aggressive about five maybe six feet here for birdie good stroke let’s go the
tweeter on 12 number 13 par 4 plays just over 350 yards not really a greenie when
I get after off the tee box kind of tied up there a lot of trouble just gonna
take for iron here the goal is to miss the bunker on the left yeah didn’t do
that no no we did not we’ll definitely be giving us a little
more room right in the tournament so we don’t hit it into the bunker here you’ve
got plenty of room right don’t hit it in the bunker at about 75 yards maybe 82 a front-left
hole location yeah that one really well one of the better shots of the day I’d
have to say gives us a good look at birdie here
I believe about 15 feet a little breaker to the right back Birds number 14 par 4
fairly straight away you can see the bunker on the right off the tee this
hole plays about 415 yards from this tee box hit that one really well probably
the best drivers swing of the day right there left us about 105 – a fairly metal
pan kind of wanted to flight this wedge down just a bit back in the breeze if that one well really landed on a
great number had a little too much sauce on it might have gotten lost in the
sauce there 25 maybe 30 feet back up the hill good pace up the hill not too bad
kind of an outside look from that distance tap-in for the par on 215 par 4
I believe this plays around 430 yards from here down the hill kind of bends to
the left but if you can hit it well off the tee you can actually take a direct
line might have pulled that just a little bit hit it well really there’s no
trouble down there to the left especially if the rough is not grown up
so really not too bad from here looking at about 95 yards to a middle back pin at that one well starting to actually
make some good swings with the wedges hopefully we can take that momentum into
next week about eight or nine feet here maybe ten feet should break a little to
my right and it didn’t know I was dead straight complete mystery part there on
15 on 216 par 3 this holes playing about 175 actual
yardage wind is into and off the right should be playing a little longer she’s
trying to play it on a number about 190 and I hit that about 190 and that wind
hardly touched it Helen well sent it right over the pen
left about 40 feet from there down the hill gonna be pretty quick all-in-all pace not too bad Oh two and a
half three feet left for the par on 16 really happy with my short putting
throughout this round love to see all these you know two three four or five
footers going in the heart builds up some confidence going into the event
next week two pars two birdies three pars two holes left on this 9 2 under on
this side 5 under total let’s go 17 par 5 a really long par 5 kind of a little
risk/reward off the tee you can see that rock there on the corner of the little
fairway if you want to be aggressive you play just to the left however there’s
water to the left about rock that you don’t see from the tee box and we went
for the aggressive route yep did not pan out very well was not where we wanted to
hit it we’re gonna go ahead and take our drop here from the hazard on the line we
entered lying to now hitting three par-5 with it being only about five hundred
and twenty yards still reachable even though we hit it in the hazard laying
that one up just short of the bunker good little angle for a chip to this
left pin move that was a good one there he’s
really happy with that about four maybe five feet left for the par and sometimes you hit bad shots and need
to scramble we did that there on 17 number 18 par 4 about 440 yards from
here definitely the most difficult hole on the course pick a target off in the
distance word in the middle of that bunker and let her fly yep that is not
where we wanted to go we did find our ball in the hazard very
dicey lie you can kind of see the green tucked back to the right around the
corner do not want this ball coming out too low hitting that bridge okay got it
up actually was pretty happy with the contact there hit it up there about
pin-high was just a little right would take that every day all day from there mmm not the greatest chip however this
pin location is crazy it is very sloped on that back section
made that chip very difficult about six maybe seven feet left here for par oh and just pulling on my heartstrings
thought we went bogey free did not a little disappointing you could see how
severely sloped thought was with that ball rolling back bogey on 18 that is it
all 18 here at Greystone where I’m gonna be competing at the Tennessee State Open
here in about a week very excited about the opportunity games starting to shape
up I think we ended at 4 under on the day 3-under on the front 1-under on the
back bogey on the last there that pin there on 18 was a good one that ball
came back to me on that last putt there so bogey on the last not quite how he
wanted to end it that’s all right we did a lot of things well today very excited
about seeing where the game is heading in the direction hitting a lot of good
shots hitting a lot of good tee shots putter is starting to feel better let me
know in the comments below if you like these kind of you know looks into maybe
the course that I’ll be playing events at I’ll try my best to do some of these
gonna be difficult on some of the events to be able to do these just because of
the time it takes was thankful to be able to get out here to Greystone to do
this hopefully y’all enjoyed now you know the course that I’m going to be
playing and competing in next week I will in a community post put the link
where you can follow along the scores and everything for the event and I’ll
get that up there maybe a day or so when they release the the link where the
scores will be updated hope you all enjoyed this if you did please throw a
little like up there they’ll be greatly appreciated subscribe below and guys
until next time we’ll see you when we see ya you

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    Very nice round of golf Zach. Again good luck on your tournament.

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    That pin placement on 18 was just wicked. Putt didn't get there and STILL came back to you?… damn.

    Nice round.
    Great video format!

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  10. Sam Hildebrandt says:

    Good luck in your tournament. I know you will kill it!

  11. Caleb Bukacek says:

    Great round! Any tips for backspin? Most of the time mine just hops and stops. Can't get it to back up very often

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    Nice round Zac! Last hole looks tough. I do like these types of videos. Great way to see new courses. Will try to follow tourney scores…good luck and keep hitting it as well as you did in the practice round!

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    Another great vid, i wish i was a 1/4 good as you are.

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