Callaway X24 Hot Irons Review

I got Highgate hi everybody donal from golfbidder this is a fun part of the job love this I’ve got the Callaway x24 hot iron to test out then I like these things I like them so what’s different to the old Callaway well first of all they’ve got a matte finish so no more glare on the sunny days totally different for Callaway new idea nice I like it first thing I don’t like the bore true is still there hmm some people say it keeps the club more stable some people were hoping with this new x-series iron that they’d get rid of it but it’s still here most work talk however the biggest selling irons in the world number three it’s got a mega cavity man this thing makes some serious noise in the backswing but if you can get over that the cavity helps this perimeter weighting helps everything moment of inertia straighter hits that impact square or clubface all the some usual malarkey but hey seems to work you know you find these four and five irons in the bags of many many Tour Pros so there’s nothing wrong with cavity backs lots of offset for EM you know if you’re not a brilliant golfer that’s offset and forgiveness there on the irons or what do I not like about them well maybe the one thing I don’t like is they come with this uni flex shaft is it regular is it stiff it’s kind of on the stiff side of regular but you know it’s probably there too you know so that they can just make more sell more but I would have much preferred to see a KBS shaft or a shaft that really popular now is really proven you know KBS most companies use them no but hey it’s just a uni flex callaway shaft so well that’s nothing wrong with it I hit that one pretty good with it ah one other thing I noticed this floor iron I think it plays more like a tree iron I think I might have strengthened the laughs go check it out on the Callaway specs but I think they’ve strengthened the laughs from these irons to make them go longer sometimes use it you know if they these irons go longer than ever before they go longer because it says for what it really is a tree that’s what I think you have to make up your own mind so those are my thoughts on the callaway x24 hot irons would I buy a set yeah if I had a said X 12s or a set of X for teams for years and I wanted something new with proven technology it’s definitely it’s definitely hits them hits the mark it’s got the vft face which means you know a greater hitch even if you don’t hit it quite square off the middle so absolutely I’d wear them um that’s all I can say it’s up to you for now but hopefully let me keep these babies and I’ll have to move back for a couple of years

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