Callaway X-Series Hybrid Golf Club Review, Features and Benefits Video

So easy to hit this Callaway X-Series hybrid.
I really, really like it. It’s a little bit bigger than the average hybrid but there’s
a lot going on there. It’s a very easy club to hit. It’s for game improvers to really
help them get the ball out there long and straight in a hybrid. Now what’s unique
about these X-Series is the ‘X’ on the sole. It’s kind of like the Cobra Baffler
series or Baffler Rail theory. With the weights low and back in the club here it’s going
to help launch the ball that little bit higher. Also the nice thing about the rail is that
it sits on top of the turf very easy. It also helps cut through the rough that little bit
easier. It does exactly what a Rescue club should do and that is be useful from all types
of lies. The other thing I like about it is this Short Straight Hollow Hosel so when you
look down at the club at address you do see the whole face. Even though you are hitting
it off the sweet spot or in and around you do see the whole face – very confidence inspiring.
So a little bit bigger than the average utility but very, very easy to hit. It’s got that
‘X’ technology that makes it very easy to hit from a number of lies. That’s the
Callaway X-Series hybrid.

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