Callaway Big Bertha Fairway Review
Callaway Big Bertha Fairway Review

Just like old times with the Callaway Great
Big Bertha 3-wood. I think when I had my first Big Bertha Baywatch
was on and I can’t get the image of Pamela Anderson running down the beach out of my
head. Absolutely fantastic times and it’s great
to think that now in 2011 Callaway still produce class fairway woods and they still produce
their big bertha fairway wood. The Warbird sole might have changed a little
bit. The Warbird name has gone but the sole is
pretty much the same. Also it’s got that lovely small compact head. And when you put the club down behind the
ball you feel that your hands are a little bit ahead of the ball. You can really get the wrists into the shot. It’s a really nice touch. It’s got all the things that the old Big Bertha
used to have like the short, straight, hollow hosel and the bore through shaft that give
good straight long shots. This club is designed to get the ball up there
into the air as well. This sole design has been copied by several
other manufacturers because it great from all types of lies. You can hit it easily out of the rough as
well. So that’s the Big Bertha 3-wood from Callaway. My best tip of advice for you, when you’re
over the shot, you’re feeling a bit nervous and you think of Pamela Anderson running down
the beach you’re guaranteed to hit it 240 over the water, six foot from the pin every
time. Check out the Big Bertha on Golfbidder.

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