C. L. I. F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队 – Ep 10
C. L. I. F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队 – Ep 10

Chapter 10 Trickery succeeds sometimes,
but it always commits suicide – Kahlil Gibran What now? I don’t hear Yunyun shouting anymore Where are they? Let me go Yunyun I’m DSP Wang Shitong from SIS Help… Help me… This is the Singapore Police Coast Guard Stop your vessel immediately I want Mummy This is the Singapore Police Coast Guard Stop your vessel immediately Go away Slow down Go away… Hands up! Don’t move! Go away… Go away Don’t worry, the police will get Yunyun out Got it Ting-ting PCG (Police Coast Guard) has got him Is Yunyun all right? She’s in one piece Everything’s all right now It happened 18 years ago Do you remember the exact date? It was my birthday March 12 Was it this man who abducted you? Yes On March 12, 2001,
did you see this man? I was cycling when I saw him… forcing a girl to get into his van The girl was struggling… and crying for help A boy who was a total stranger
helped you? I’m glad Jiaming was by my side Had I faced my abductor alone, I’d have gone crazy What did Cai Yili do to you? That fellow was sick He’d either physically abuse us… and starve us, or… make us eat raw chicken It was because Jiaming was quick-witted
that we could escape The consequences
would’ve been dire otherwise Even though we got out, we couldn’t find our way out in the forest Just when we were about to give up, we ran into a few scouts I didn’t know… he’d been hiding in Thailand And the minute he came back, he abducted yet another girl Justice has long arms He’ll be thrown behind bars for sure this time Are you all right? Sister Manting Everything’s all right Look who’s here Look who’s here Yunyun I’m sorry for not getting you out sooner I promise I’ll catch all the bad guys Don’t cry any more I want to be a cop, too, when I grow up, so that I can protect Yunyun and everyone Go for it. You can do it Ma’am, thanks for saving my daughter I can never repay you enough I was only doing my part No need to walk us out, Ma’am.
Thank you No worries Will you be visiting us again,
Sister Manting? Be a good boy and
take good care of your sister, and you’ve my word that I’ll visit you Yes, Ma’am. I’ll be a good child Sister Manting, I’ll be a good child, too You’re such a dear All right, go home and get some rest Say bye-bye to Sister Manting Bye-bye -Bye-bye We’ll make a move It’s over finally Over? Yeah. The perpetrator has been caught He can no longer hurt anyone.
Put your mind at ease But some harm has been done And fear may not go away
just because he’s been nabbed I’m sorry I couldn’t help you back then But let me help you recover from the trauma Out with it Which other girls did you abduct? What do you mean abduct? It’s a fact you abducted Yunyun
and tried to run away from PCG You’d better be cooperative… and tell us everything If I tell you, it’ll make your job too easy Find out yourselves We will, including the case
that took place 18 years ago Those two kids were nothing but trouble Back then, I should’ve… Then we’d also charge you with murder You look so pretty when you’re angry But I still prefer the girl 18 years ago She looked so pretty when she cried I still remember it Do you remember this girl? I couldn’t possibly
forget such an adorable girl Cut it out Were you trying to abduct Koyi, too? I only wanted to take them out They remind me of my mum I miss my mum And I listen to my mum I adore my mum But no matter how good I was to her, she ignored me She hit me every day… and fed me raw chicken Every time she got a call from a man, she’d doll herself up and rush out Please don’t change the subject We’re taking your statement for this case You want to know why I abducted them? Because they’re all cheap women Despite their young age,
they dolled themselves up… to seduce men Since they want to cheapen themselves, I’ll grant them their wish All the evidence is against you You’d better think of how to defend yourself Cai Yili, we’ve got all the evidence You’ll be charged with multiple counts of
child abduction, confinement and abuse, including the abduction case 18 years ago You’ll be punished by the law for sure So be it if I go to jail I get food and lodging
without having to work I win again Sir How did it go? Did he confess? He talked nonsense
and wasn’t cooperative at all Cool it How do you expect me to?
You’ve a daughter, too Get on with your work, Fengze I’d like a word with Shitong Yes, Sir You’re not a novice
but a cop with many years of experience Yet you’re unable to remain levelheaded Are you setting a good example
for your subordinates? Be careful since you’re retiring soon You won’t want to mar your record Sorry, Sir I’ll let it go just this once Thank you, Sir It was so unlike you to lose your cool That jerk caused our daughter so much harm But he was still full of sarcasm.
How did you expect me to keep my cool? Why were you still so reckless at your age? If you made a mistake,
you’d be removed from your position Your retirement pension would be gone.
That’d be a double loss What’s more important –
the pension or our daughter? Didn’t you see what she’d been through
all these years? As my wife, you should know me Our daughter has been having nightmares
every night for 18 years Don’t you feel sorry for her? Is there anything about me that
suggests to you that I don’t? She’s my daughter, too She got abducted because you were careless Don’t argue any more He started it Yeah, I’m hard-hearted.
I don’t care about her You’re the only one
who loves her and does your part Mummy Mummy Mummy will come back
when she’s appeased Sweeten her up I’m sorry, girl It’s all my fault I caused you to suffer I don’t blame you at all Stop feeling bad about it The perpetrator has been caught It’s time we moved on Stop calling me Don’t expect me to forgive you You’ve really upset me this time Who’s upset you, Meizhen? Louis? Hi, Meizhen What happened?
Why are you pouting? Who else? It’s my better half.
He’s so annoying Let me think of a way
to get him out of your mind Don’t bother You’ll have to throw him to Mars
before I can be appeased Let me contact the Martians Hello, Mars? Do me a favour Can you… -That’s enough You’re smiling, that means you’re appeased You’re really considerate I thought it’d take me
quite a while to cheer you up Let me take you somewhere You’ll forget all your worries I’m in low spirits.
I don’t feel like going anywhere Have faith in me You have my word that
you’ll have a great time Come on Little criminal,
you’ve been “in prison” for a long time Still in custody? Hang in there.
I’m going out to play Yes? Can you do me a favour, Granduncle? What do you want? Ice cream? Burger? Or handroll sushi? No problem, I’ll get them all I want to go out for a while Did you get permission from your dad? Don’t bother.
He’ll never hear of it But I really want to visit Grandpa Cover for me for a while I’ll be back in a jiffy Don’t get me into trouble Do me the favour, please I’d love to,
but I’d get it from your Loony Xiao daddy You’d better go back to your “cell” You’re his uncle.
You needn’t be afraid of him Indeed I’m afraid of no one But when it comes to your dad,
I surrender Please, Granduncle I haven’t visited Grandpa for so long He must be so sad Please, let me off I’ve to go and meet my date,
or you won’t have a grandaunt Granduncle I’ll buy an ice cream for you
when I come back, bye How’s the fire? Let us know if you need help I don’t want raw chicken wings Never mind about him. He’s a joker Snacks Hello, everybody What are you doing here? I’ve a keen sense of smell I can smell good food
regardless of distance A pity you’re not a police dog My sentiments exactly No wonder you kept asking me when
Team A would have a bonding session I shouldn’t have told you What does our bonding
have to do with you? Karen isn’t from Team A either If she can come, why can’t I? Manting invited me.
I’m not gatecrashing, OK? Come on, PCG is a big family I’m here to bridge Lim Chu Kang Region
and Brani Region I’m the ambassador. Be nice to me I’ve added hot water for you -Thanks Careful, it’s hot Your turn Lim Chu Kang was in the limelight recently You caught the child abducting suspect I heard you were at the scene I couldn’t possibly
miss out on such a thrilling scene I was on the patrol boat
warning the psychopath, “Hands up! Don’t move!” He immediately surrendered Upon Crew Com’s order,
I jumped onto that fellow’s boat… and said in a stern and manly voice, “You’re under arrest” I then swiftly handcuffed him I deserve most of the credit
for what happened Sorry Were you listening? Since you were so brave, let me test you Bring it on If I don’t know the answer,
I’ll do 50 pushups Do 500 You’re on What should you look out for
before you anchor a patrol boat? Check the sea depth Take note of the duration of the stay Check the current and tide You’ve got all the answers What’s the most important thing you must do? No such thing.
You’re just trying to trick me Most importantly, make sure there are… no other boats or obstacles
near the patrol boat Otherwise, our way might be blocked
or we might bump into other boats Xiao Yishou, you didn’t get it right Left palms down, 500 Now Up Come on, come on Hurry up Can I “pay” in instalments? No Quick Hurry up Let’s go. Team Brani -Come on Keep going Hello Lower your voice What’s the matter? Your dad’s in? In the day? Is he sick or what? Is that why you asked me over? Relax, I’m good at taking care of people Just leave him in my care My dad’s at work.
I’m the one who needs your help Why do you have to lower your voice then? That’s because my dad’s “eye” is right there You’ve been put under surveillance? Aunt Xiaoying,
I’d like to sneak out to see my grandpa Can you help me? No. I helped you the last time
and got a scolding from your dad I don’t wish to incur his wrath again What did you find out, Jiaming? Is the USB flash drive with that female cop? I’m not sure yet It’s been a long time If I were you, I’d have won her heart
and made her tell me everything Manting is different from
the women you know Are you telling me she’s not a woman? She experienced a trauma
when she was a kid, so she’s not ready for any relationship I’ve to gain her trust step by step But you’re taking too long Find out soon If she doesn’t have the USB flash drive,
just forget it You mean I don’t have to
spare a thought for her feelings? Jiaming I’m sorry Jiaming is just being cautious He’s doing all he can
to win Wang Manting’s trust They even went after their common enemy Don’t say any more A common enemy? The girl who was abducted
together with Jiaming… was none other than Wang Manting Such a coincidence? Bro, you’re destined to meet This is to our advantage Get it done asap Let’s have a bet, Bro We’ll see if you can gain her trust in a week A week it’ll be And I need you guys to do something Find two people for me You’re looking at them It’s too dangerous.
I don’t want you to do it in person Find someone from outside When it’s done, they’ll just skip town I’ve got two people in mind.
Consider it done Can they be trusted? They’d better not be like
Black Wolf and Mad Dog Relax, they’re very professional,
but their charges are higher Contact them -All right What are you doing? Modifying a toy chicken When did you develop the interest? It’s for Manting I want to help her
overcome her fear for chicken You seem to care a lot about her First, you gave her some fish And now, you’re giving her a toy She might just fall for you That’ll make my job easier What if… she really falls for you? Will you fall in love with her, too? I’ve a task to accomplish Promise me Complete the task quickly, and have nothing more to do with her Little Mozzie, I’m cooking pasta.
Want to give me a hand? She’s gone to visit her grandpa Aunt Xiaoying, I know
you’ve a thing for my dad If you want to become my stepmother,
do me this favour I’m the apple of my dad’s eye Help me this once and I’ll say
nice things about you to Daddy every day You’ll stand a very high chance, then Don’t be angry I had no choice.
She missed her grandpa I’m not an accomplice or the mastermind I’m a victim as well.
Please don’t condemn me I know you’re busy.
I shan’t disturb you. See you Daddy Where did you go? Don’t look at Aunt Xiaoying.
Look at me Where did you go? I was bored at home So I went downstairs for a breather I only went out for a while I told you to stay at home,
yet you sneaked out. You even lied You’re getting from bad to worse Get out of the way Discipline with love, not fear Stop beating her Please go home!
Stay out of my domestic affairs Fine, I’ll leave this minute.
Cool it You’re not to hit her You still don’t realize your mistake? What’s wrong with visiting Grandpa? I’ve spoilt you rotten I hate Daddy Go away! I hate you You told a lie I must discipline you or you’ll get worse Even if I’m bad, I’m not as bad as you Grandpa is so old, but you left him
at a nursing home and don’t even visit him He’s your dad.
This is no way to treat him Would you like it if I treated you
the same way when I grow up? You don’t know anything I know everything You’re selfish. You don’t care about Grandpa,
and you forbid me to care about him, too Even if you want to visit Grandpa,
you mustn’t tell lies You got someone to pose as you
and lie on the sofa And you got someone
to go to school to pose as Mummy You never learnt your lesson, did you? I wish Aunt Xiaoying were my mum She’d protect me
when you scold and beat me But you chased her away.
I hate you Lucas, I heard you’re establishing
a joint venture with the prince from the Middle East Is it a golf course you’re going to build? Golf courses are out What we have in mind is a ski city A ski city? Yup. It’ll be ten storeys high The blueprint has been approved The prince will fly in a few days from now A huge press conference will be held Please do me the honour by turning up Certainly. We’ll give you support -Thank you Xiaotian I know what you’re up to Me? You want to take this opportunity
to get to know the prince Look, it’s not that I look down on you Do you have enough capital? The projects the prince invested in
are all worth billions of dollars or more I doubt you’ve what it takes Just come and bask
in the glory of my success May you take your business to the next level Yes Thanks Hi, bro You’re the coach? Yes, Xiaorong’s performance was the best
in the past competitions So we got him to be our coach He was already our coach last year Gather around, everyone Brani has got a new member today Let’s welcome Le Simin I’ll work hard. We’ll bag
the championship title again this year So long as we strive, we will Team Brani, let’s do this One, two, three Paddles up. OK Ready, pull One Up -Two Up -Three Up -Four Up -Five Up -One Up -Two Simin Up -Three Up -Four Up -Five You look really charming doing this There’s an air about you that’s so unique You’re an even greater goddess to me now The weather is warm, but not to worry I’ve got a fan specially for you Up -Four Up -Five Want me to hit you? Leave Stay focused Ignore the joker Carry on. Paddles up Ten more strokes, let’s go Are you so free? Yeah. It’s my day off.
Let’s go to the movies No. You’re not part of Brani Region.
Why do you keep coming over? I’ve a sacred task – to be a spy Know yourself and your enemy,
and you’ll win all battles I’ll trounce Brani Region at the race… and give the medal to you as a token of love Dream on It’s too early to say who will win It’s a blessing to “die” at your hands Stop being so mushy Muscle ache? I’ll massage you -Go away Your arm aches, doesn’t it? I’ll only let Xiaorong massage me Leave me out of the picture Li Xiaorong, you should know I’ve a thing for… Give it up, Simin Xiaorong only has eyes for Ma’am Don’t believe him, Ma’am We’ve been colleagues for many years.
There’s no way he’ll fall for me Fancy ratting on Xiaorong.
You’re indeed a spy I’ve to fix them up
to make you give Xiaorong up You’re the one who should give up I’ve said umpteen times that
I only have a thing for Li Xiao… I need a word with you, Simin Simin, I’ll say this one more time It’s impossible between us I don’t believe it You’ll fall for me one of these days Stop wasting your time We never know unless we try I know exactly what I want So do I. You’re the one I fancy I’m sorry Li Xiaorong! Hold it there Listen, it’s me who dumped you You’re not good enough for me What are you doing? I’m trying to help you overcome
your phobia about chickens You think it’ll work? We never know unless we try See these pictures? Do you feel scared? It’s too far away.
I can’t see clearly You can’t? I’ll come closer then What about now?
Can you see it? Why are you keeping quiet?
Are you scared? Let me know if you are.
Don’t force yourself Where did you get such a cute picture? You’re not afraid of it? OK, you’ve got through the first round Next I’m coming closer Here Touch it. It’s OK Very good This one It’s the same. Look Look, nothing happens Next Don’t be afraid. It’s the same See? Nothing happens It’s all right I’ll do it with you It’s OK You did it Try it It’s OK, the remote control is with you If you’re scared, let it go
as far away from you as possible Ouch…! It hurts Cheers This is just half of it The rest of it will be given to you guys
once the mission is completed So, what’s the plan? The plan is very simple Happy anniversary -Hubby Thank you Our baby will have a happy family That’s for sure I wish Aunt Xiaoying were my mum She’d protect me
when you scold and beat me I hate Daddy Yaqi Tell me What should I do? George, Kara, enjoy your game, but don’t screw it up, OK? Relax, we’ve got it covered Come on, bro, we’re professionals The media is going to
get a good show tomorrow Sir, you’re early -Morning, Sir Morning, Senior -Morning Didn’t go home at all?
You’re still wearing the same clothes It’s Saturday, and you’re leaving
your daughter at home alone again Don’t you feel sorry for her? What is it? Lu Jiahao?
Why did you film him secretly? Who are the two guys who were with him? I only know their names – George and Kara I’m unable to find out what they’re up to But it can’t be anything good A pity we can’t catch what they were saying We might have some leads otherwise Guys -Sir According to the Intelligence Department,
two dangerous men from the States… will be carrying out illegal activities
in Singapore today Is it assassination or kidnapping? Who’s the target? We don’t have the details… except the names of the two men – George Kang and Kara Gomes Sir, Lu Jiahao was with
George and Kara last night Xueying, send this to TCFB
(Technology Crime Forensic Branch) We need to know the conversation
between these two guys Yes, Sir Rock, Rachel, go to ICA
(Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) Find out whether George Kang and Kara Gomes
who came into Singapore… and these two guys are the same people Yes, Sir Subtitles: S Lin, Mediacorp TV

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