BUSTED! Trump Had Secret Deal With Scotland Airport To Boost Business

Yesterday. Monday, Donald Trump tweeted out the following
in response to the, uh, mounting reports of how the US military and Vice President Mike
Pence, we’re using the a little airport over in Scotland that just happened to be not far
down the road from Donald Trump’s Turnberry golf resort and spending millions of dollars
there. Donald Trump tweeted out the following. He said, I know nothing about an air force
plane landing at an airport, which I do not own and have nothing to do with near Turnberry
resort, which I do own in Scotland, and filling up with fuel with the crew staying overnight
at Turnberry. They have good taste. Nothing to do with me. He says in all caps at the end there. Well, I guess that’s, that’s kind of cut and
dry then, right folks, he doesn’t own that little tiny airport. The a Prestwick I believe it is. He doesn’t own it. He doesn’t have an agreement with them, certainly. He says, actually he does though. Yeah. You see some good investigative reporters
got their hands via a foya over in Scotland on an agreement between this little Prestwick
airport and Donald Trump himself. Donald Trump does in fact have an agreement
with the airport and he’s had it since he opened up Turnberry because again, this little
airport is basically the main artery into Turnberry. If you don’t fly into this airport, it’s a
pretty long, multiple hours, long drive to get to Donald Trump’s golfers or, but the
little airport was failing. They were running out of money, they didn’t
have enough. So Donald Trump comes in and says, Hey, I’m
building this golf course 20 miles down the road. I’ll direct a lot of traffic in through your
little airport. What you’re going to do for me instead is
you are going to ferry people or shuttle people, excuse me, over to my golfers resort. I know it’s very far away, much further than
any of the other hotels you shuttle people to, but you’re going to do it for my golfers
resort because I’m going to give you lots of business. And the airport said, okay. And they had an agreement according to documents
obtained. So he did have an agreement to give them lots
of money. Oh, and you know who else actually has an
agreement with them now too. For some reason, the US military, the US military
does in fact have a deal with this tiny little failing airport to stop there and fill up
with gas and spend millions of dollars in tax payer money. They’ve, uh, made more than 250 stops at this
little airport just so far this year. Hundreds more in the other two years of Donald
Trump’s presidency because they do have a deal. This is 100% an impeachable offense. Not only did Donald Trump lie to the American
public about it, and I know that’s not technically impeachable. The man wouldn’t have lasted a day, but this kind of quid pro quo, this is absolutely
impeachable. Donald Trump is raking in money, taxpayer
money because of a deal he negotiated shortly before he became president with this tiny
little airport. What started off as just a story about Donald
Trump, you know, unjustly enriching himself has turned into a full blown scandal at this
fo- Uh, at this point, folks, the documents are there and the documents are clear and
we now know that this is a thing that happened and, that Donald Trump was lying through his
teeth when he sent out that tweet saying, he has nothing to do with it, and there is
no deal. There is a deal. It’s in writing, and Donald Trump is guilty
as hell. In this particular instance.

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