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Hi, I’m George from Optics Planet and I’m really excited to tell you about our really cool product that we’ve got available. It’s the Bushnell neo+ GPS Golf watch. This is one of the neatest things I’ve seen available for a long, long time. the GPS watch is so cool, it’s preloaded with twenty five thousand golf courses, no subscriptions are necessary, all you
do is periodically update as courses change or as courses are added, but, again, there’s no subscriptions needed. It’s got all the general features of a
regular watch so, of course, it’s got alarms and a stoplight, different time
zones, and so forth. It’s also got a pedometer, if you’re not golfing and you’re just walking and you want to know how far you’re going but, essentially, as a golf tool, what you have is a great product that, as you get out on the course, you hit the button, it finds a GPS, where you’re located, what course you’re on, you simply then hit the start button and you’re good to go. Once you get out of the first hole, it knows the distance to the front of the green, to the back of the green, and, of course, to the pin. So, after you’ve hit your first shot, once again, it will tell you how far you are from the hole. One of the other features I love about this product is
the fact that it’s rechargeable. Of course, it runs out of battery. It’s a lithium ion battery. I’ve gotten about three rounds of golf out of it between charges. So, what’s neat about it is it’s rechargeable but there’s no jacks per se, there’s no plugins, there’s a very simple connector
with little pins, and it meets up with contacts on the back of the watch, just clips on with this alligator clip,
plugs into the USB, and you’re charging up the watch. That’s the same thing you do when you’re updating as well. So, again, it’s
just a good looking watch, very sleek, very comfortable rubber strap, it’s available in black or white and it’s just us super product. I found it to be extremely accurate. I
got them for me and my kids. So, again, I really like the product. It’s just a good, all around product from Bushnell and, again, it’s the Bushnell neo+ GPS Golf watch available here, at Optics Planet. Thanks for watching.

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