Bring It On Home To Me | Playing For Change | Song Around The World
Bring It On Home To Me | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

100 thoughts on “Bring It On Home To Me | Playing For Change | Song Around The World”

  1. Dimas Vicente says:

    Ayrton Senna

    Domingo de manhã
    Quanta alegria
    Ayrton Senna
    O povo
    As corridas
    Ayrton Senna
    Nosso campeão
    Aqui passou!
    Ayrton Senna
    Com Deus
    Se encontrou!

  2. Michael Pedersen says:

    thank god for YT.!:

  3. ginette lariviere says:

    J'adore……. Je vous remercie.

  4. Lais Ruiz says:

    Acho lindo !canta com a alma…

  5. Politicos Ladrões says:


  6. Toshiaki Iwakiri says:


  7. Wieslaw Botwina says:


  8. CoBR Master says:

    Sr.Roger Ridley saudades…

  9. adrian schofield says:

    Thumbs down? You must be standing on your head!!!!!! that's how you get the thumb in your ass pointing down, and your perspective on the world.

  10. Constance Turner says:


  11. Kate Wright says:

    This is one of the best versions!!! Love this rendition

  12. André Hazes says:

    André Hazes bring it on home to me

  13. hermes. says:

    Swiss 2019 👍❤😁

  14. Mr Spacely says:

    Lord, bless Sam Cooke 💯

  15. Caroline Lewis says:

    Absolutely unbelievable music there’s not much more I can say about that xx

  16. Abraham Sepulveda says:

    Saludos de Pucón chile

  17. Jill Jackson says:

    Grandpa Elliott….kudos to you, sir!!

  18. antonio carlos formaggio says:

    Lindo, fantástico!

  19. Kenneth Steinfield says:

    Staggeringly great! One of my favorite songs.

  20. Harli Muin says:

    I have listened to this song by number of time and love it much


    Que Lindo essa Musica

  22. Francesco Dellaprovitola says:

    The best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. The clan 3,000 says:

    Makes you fall in love with life itself huh 🙂 im literally glowing , thank you so much xxxx

  24. Denis Lessard says:

    i'm in the joy business quote roger ridley. rip brother

  25. e prz says:

    R.I.P Roger Ridley.

  26. Jose Aguilar says:

    Excelente genial son lo máximo cultura de la buena

  27. Avada Kedavra357 says:

    One word wow 🤩

  28. Handy Andy says:

    Pure magic!

  29. Vera P Alves says:


  30. Victor Nelson says:

    Fantastic !

  31. Olivar Alves Pereira says:

    Sempre lindo. Parabéns

  32. 쏘갈통 says:

    한국 가수들 다 뒤져라

  33. Lori Gauthier says:

    This video reminds me of my dad. Thank you for that he use to sing this song too. There's nothing that i want more the past 7 years than to hear my dad sing to me one more time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤

  34. Gil Beltrão says:

    Simplesmente gostoso demais de ouvir-lo

  35. Rude Dude says:

    I love this movement, me and my harmonica jam alongside of these street musicians almost everyday. I am enjoying this movement, I love playing along with all of these people!

  36. Brian Ellis says:

    I hope the q.5k people who gave this a thumbs down never receive the pain they deserve for voting as they did!

  37. Shirley Soares says:

    Aqui brasiiilllllcurtindo

  38. Phil Hanlon says:

    This series proves what I have always said "A smile, and music, are universal"

  39. Teesweet111 says:

    dude this so f n good. Great job on a Great Classic song.

  40. khalid Merouah says:

    La música de las calles del mundo se sube al escenario…Roger Ridley nos dejó un 16 de noviembre de 2005, cuando tenía 55 años

  41. garry marklester says:

    Peter Quill and Gamora 💃

  42. the alchemist hermes says:

    wonderfull is song tuch my soul

  43. Jairzinho Nanulaitta says:

    I just made a cover of this song. A song that I love! Feel free to check it out and give me some feedback if you have time.

  44. 박병주 says:


  45. TONY NYC says:

    Outstanding 😎

  46. Bernard Paquin says:

    This song is a piece of art by itself and what a performance by all the participants. Raw talent that always brings a lump in my throat evrytime I hear this song. Keep on singing wherever your souls live today, my friends.

  47. dennis bell says:

    pure rodger riddly classsss, busker and half. bless sir.

  48. Denis Lessard says:

    cool roger got to sing this song with his sister who's across the country in new york.

  49. greenhorn454 yo moma says:

    Grandpa elliot had me laughing my ass off lol but man this is fucking amazing whoever put this together thank you this the type of stuff that brings people togather very diverse everyone enjoys good music and great talent good job everybody and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  50. Ouija Knows says:

    i LOVE this

  51. cathal mcwilliams says:

    Music is the pathway to world peace. 👏👏👏

  52. cheong cheong says:

    Thanks, stand by for you all

  53. Fabian Cruz says:

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏✌✌✌✌1000%%%%% verry good

  54. HAROLD CLARK says:

    Every time i hear them 😜 it makes my day! Week! Month😍

  55. HAROLD CLARK says:

    Bless there hearts!

  56. Eneko Larrañaga says:

    Roger eterno, gran corazón! ❤️
    (Tráelo para mi???????? Será: “Quédate a mi lado”

  57. Hoi T7t says:

    Esse negão do violão morreu?
    Sou muito fã dele canta muito

  58. The Villain Outlaw says:

    Cool, cool

  59. chris blick says:

    righteous just pure righteous music played from the heart thank you all

  60. Arthur Fred says:

    That is a Phenomenal compilation thank you

  61. Greg Amerson says:

    Blow that DAMN HORN MAN man this GREATcover of Sam's classic ain't it

  62. Rahmad Raihan says:

    Colaborasi beuty is music in the song

  63. Michael Girodat says:

    That was awesome.


    Mana orang Indonesia woi???

  65. Keith Preston says:

    Grandpa Elliott and no harmonica? Especially on this song?! Still good, but go figure.

  66. Ron Chrisman says:

    I worked for Reggie McBride and saw James Gadson everyday in the studios in L.A.

  67. D4vid says:

    Your translation (title) is poor… I even can’t imagine, what the title wants to say.

  68. Alan LHHL says:

    Sweet voice


    Very beautiful song God bless

  70. ala simoes says:

    A música como a matemática em toda a sua universalidade! Muito obrigado senhor Deus por esse dom aos seu filhos !

  71. Albert Iraia says:

    Woot Woot….Da Bomb as…Tumeke alright! I bought out my Harmonica to jam to this too lol

  72. mrwirrall says:

    Dam that was GOOD!

  73. Natanael Gomes says:

    Faz um vídeo desse conosco:

  74. james auyeong says:

    You are the best, Thanks

  75. Jhonny Tan says:

    Nice my favourite song

  76. renol farel says:

    Indonesia like

  77. Luiz Neto says:

    Nego Véio de respeito

  78. บ้านกลางไพร 1970 says:

    My like you singsong and guitar playing

  79. 개트롤러 says:

    2020 신년에도 보는 외국인 있냐
    야 외국인들은 웰케 노래를 잘부르냐

  80. Dia Dhuit says:

    Masterpiece 🌎❤

  81. Younes You says:

    Ils monque un dans ce groupe des artistes

  82. Younes You says:


  83. Corey Smith says:

    Uhhh… this is fucking brilliant

  84. César Enrique Granados Zorro says:

    whoever is translating these video titles to spanish, please, stop.

  85. joanne g says:


  86. The MezMerO says:

    I always love the trumpet scene. Eargasm

  87. ROB Poesia Livre says:

    Grande Roger Ridley… Infelizmente já não se encontra entre nós. Que o Eterno possa tê-lo em bom lugar… Humilde, lutador., Grande Alma!

  88. Владимир Кузнецов says:

    Про што?


    I did not know about this kind of music….only Bob Marley's but I have heard it now….it is so lovely……Sad …because this man is alredy dead….but his legacy must be still alive.

  90. souhila ziani says:


  91. Martin Howerton says:

    The Playing For Change series has some of the best vocals and music you'll find anywhere. Never ceases to amaze me! Good good stuff!!!!

  92. Garv Bhatt says:

    1like from me because
    It puts a smile on my face

  93. flavia romano says:

    Bravo Bravi Bello … bring it on to me … too

  94. Matt Baker says:


  95. Detroit Skippy says:

    Thank you Roger. Safe travels my Brother.

  96. fernando araujo says:

    Dá mesmo vontade é de expor para todos, em cada cidade deste mundo, ajudando a identificar prodígios músicos e músicas soltos ao vento!

  97. Antun Pintar says:

    Perfektno, sve baš sve. Ideja, muzikanti, melodija, ….. Bravo!

  98. 골방남자 says:


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