Bragden Full   Documentary WTTC Dortmund 1989 Waldner, Appelgren, Persson
Bragden Full Documentary WTTC Dortmund 1989 Waldner, Appelgren, Persson

45 thoughts on “Bragden Full Documentary WTTC Dortmund 1989 Waldner, Appelgren, Persson”

  1. NewPolskaGranica says:


  2. Izraphel says:

    english subtitles anywhere?

  3. Sam Five says:

    Jag är fullständigt totalt ointresserad av sport, men den här dokunebtären var intressant och spännande. Rekommenderas varmt.

  4. Alexander Turpin says:

    "Försöker bara ignorera han och tar upp en banan och börjar käka lite grann…" 50:11

  5. jaime2658780 says:

    Some translation into english under the title of description of this video would be highly appreciated =)

  6. Edgar Aguero says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. bOOm says:

    Come on make this a really special video with TRANSLATION..

  8. stalvio007 says:

    i didn't understand anything , but it was really interesting to watch)

  9. Kostadin Dechev says:

    The best European Players of all time 🙂

  10. domican100 says:

    With english susbtitles for my poor ignorant monolinguistic ass, this would be perhaps the most epic TT vid on you tube 🙁

  11. TheChristiV says:

    CaptionTube can help you to assign subtitle. Thank you for the movie.

  12. TheChristiV says:

    Hello Milton ! Use CaptionTube to assign subtitle. Search with google and you find easy, step by step how to use it. It is very interesting your movie and the dialogues are very interesting over the matches. Please find some time and assign th english subtitle. Thank you in advance.

  13. TheQuickest says:

    Would love to see this with full subtitles.

  14. CamSt udios says:

    Jag Älskar Den Här Dokumentären.
    Den Är Helt Klart Bäst.
    Svenska bordtennis Förbundet:Kalle Andreasson

  15. lockwyn says:

    Great documentary <3

  16. poorknight123 says:

    Wow pretty engrossing. Would have been great to have had subtitles for the final 10min but great job anyway

  17. TheOlzee says:

    Ain't that the truth!! Although i really hope we can repeat this standard in the future and once again challenge the chinese.

  18. andres bula says:

    There is no subtitles in the whole video

  19. Izraphel says:

    can somebody make english captions for the last 20 minutes? please?

  20. Izraphel says:

    thanks so much for the first 40 minutes, but could you please make captions for the last 20 too? 🙁

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  22. Jarek Jankowski says:


  23. Marsipulamis says:

    Thank you for the translation.

  24. Marcus Tavares says:

    Waldner playing Chinese penhold at 9:05 lol.

  25. Gwynbleidd says:

    36:10 is hilarious.

  26. ExpatMoe says:

    "Sweden had 10 full-time ping pong players. China had 2 million". Lol

  27. christian white says:

    Watching Sweden finally break China domination in World Table Tennis is the reason I started playing TT. I remember in the late 80's watching training video of Waldner and Persson. I think it will be a benefit to China & Table Tennis to have another true competitor  otherwise it will be as interesting as when Michael Shumacher kept winning in Ferrari- boring!

  28. SuperHammaren says:

    I am sorry that the great match in 2000 by Waldner and Persson won again versus China is not even mentioned.

  29. Anders Lundberg says:

    Fantastic documentry!

  30. daydreamer says:

    No subtitles? I really want to know what exactly happened about the controversial serving foul by Jiang Jialiang and what the Swedish players though about that? 

  31. Dan says:

    "Den idrottsprestation ni har utfört den slår nog alla de andra inklusive Carola"
    -Mona Sahlin 55:55

  32. George D. says:

    name of song @ 52:37 anyone? its a  fantastic melody

  33. Epic Bros - Tanki Online says:

    Fuk det sheiit!


    That was such an inspiring story of overcoming a giant obstacle. Hats of to the Swedish team and team China. I admire the rivalry, except that foul serve by the then Chinese champ:-/

    This should be made into a real movie

  35. EdenOreo says:

    i still remember watching games between Swe and Chn around 1990 as a small kid. I really missed the SWE team at that time. Table tennis team matches will be of more fun if China has a real competitor.

  36. Putte MacGuff says:

    Ryser 🙂

  37. Ionesboule says:

    Beautiful, that's a really inspiring story

  38. WwwKalaDendraGr says:

    Cool! A real TT historie.

  39. orion says:


  40. formulapak says:

    I am a Chinese and I don't think it is good for the sport to be dominated by single country.
    Thanks for this great video & hope that Sweden TT team will be strong again!

  41. Oliver 06 says:

    This is waldner

  42. Daniel Svensson says:

    Thid is the national sport of a billion people(!!!!!)…

  43. Carpet Climber says:

    The tournament leaders were so weak in 1989, game 4. So what that Jialiang was ranked #1? He should've been warned, then lost a set as penalty and the ejected and disqualified if he continued to refuse to play. Switching refs because Jialiang turned into a child was so wrong. If Jialiang wanted to bring shame to the sport and his country, that was his own choice.

  44. Lars-Erik Larsson says:

    I still remember this day,when sweden won this final after a brilliant game

  45. Magnus Hurd says:

    Detta kommer jag aldrig sluta se.

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