Boxing with Evander Holyfield & Joel McHale | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Ep 8 | Laugh Out Loud Network
Boxing with Evander Holyfield & Joel McHale | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Ep 8 | Laugh Out Loud Network

100 thoughts on “Boxing with Evander Holyfield & Joel McHale | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Ep 8 | Laugh Out Loud Network”

  1. Cokeboy FWT says:

    Catch it….pull you forward….BANG!!!!

  2. Hugh Binet says:

    The robot moive with hugh Jackman was. Chappie

  3. Bush Master says:

    Jeff where u been boi, I cri all nite for u to be back

  4. steelyfanz675 says:

    Holy mother of god that ring girl…

  5. SUPER SAYIAN says:

    this is so funny

  6. Jeremy Lu says:

    12:25 the ref was stuck in the corner trying to hide

  7. shru1014 says:

    Why is the Indian flag upside down?

  8. shru1014 says:

    Next Mellisa McCarthy

  9. WEST COAST CA. says:

    9:02 who is she though?

  10. Buff_ boi says:

    If you don't know the pain of a plastic jump rope hitting your arm, you don't have a childhood.

  11. Trippie says:

    It just me or Joel sound like Conan O’Brien

  12. adrianna springer says:

    Lol only know him from spy kids 4😂

  13. WDGamer_8 says:

    11:07 Logan Paul vs KSI all over again

  14. Blaiyan says:

    I don't know what's worse. Those socks and them shoes or his duck and weave.

  15. hi itsme says:

    What year is it now lmao white people holding things for black people now damn 😂 I’m joking please don’t kill me americans

  16. Sacred Wahine says:

    I've been bingeing these episodes, I've never laughed so hard. How did I not realise Kevin was THISSS funny

  17. Miguel C says:

    The ring girl was the most interesting part 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Morea Coad says:

    4:49 This is so funny. Keep up the good work bro.

  19. Bhanu Bisht says:

    @kevinhart the indian flag displayed in this gym has been hanged in wrong manner. Its upside down. It would be really nice of you if you could tell the gym owner to hang it in the correct manner. Thanks.

  20. hellasow says:

    $58 ticket ok let start a gofundme for Hart….

  21. Food Lover 101 says:

    4:48 I FEEL U BROOOO

  22. Moses Namane says:

    Love me dad 😂😂😂😂

  23. Cricket XD says:

    I have a YouTube channel called cricket XD I do anime movies not good but if you want to check it out

  24. Brianna Sanchez says:

    I remember Joel McHale when he had a show on E! I think it was? He was always one of my favorites to watch, along with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately! Hope to see him on tv again some time soon (:

  25. Sharon Mcdougle says:

    So funny when u fell at the wittin

  26. Jaxson Campbell says:

    This ain’t boxing it’s comedy and playing tag at the same time it is like when Becky steals Jennifers perfume 😂😂😂

  27. bill withers says:

    Kevin can actually box they should have boxed other people and that white guy wont funny

  28. Queen of Spades says:

    This was by far the best episode of WTfit

  29. Sebastian A says:

    Joel ages like fine wine

  30. PunkMonkey81 says:

    I thought i was watching Mayweather and Mcgregor

  31. Evander Hagler says:

    In presence of greateness and show that level of disrespect just glad he got paid

  32. Alfonso Contreras says:

    Hot damn!!! That ring girl has a magnificent body. Jesus Christ

  33. abhinandan j says:

    Tf was that knock off Rocky tune. Really?

  34. Valarity says:

    Is that mike Tyson

  35. Mark Vincent says:

    Yeah boi theres a philippines flag

  36. M S says:

    Evander wanted to go in the ring and whop those bitches so badly! And I would love it if he did!!

  37. deech er says:

    did evander seriously say DISQ-WATER-FIED

  38. chris lewis says:

    Kevin,you got to do a movie with Chris Tucker

  39. Marc Cotter says:

    Is bill burr the referee lol

  40. Wakipenda says:

    no1 notices de USSR flag??

  41. El Bori says:

    Thats a sequel for the Thriller video… LMAO he got me killed

  42. Dylan Nelson says:

    Kevin ur like a viscous chihuahua tryin to mate with a punching bag. Were those "back hand punches", punches or were they pats on the back😂

  43. Daniel Mckissack says:

    This is the funniest one so far along with the medeval times one

  44. Vishal Singh says:

    Hi Kevin, I really like your videos and trust me I am a big fan of yours, just one thing I didn't like which was Indian flag which was up side down, it was incorrectly placed, would appreciate if you could correct that.

  45. Marisol Esparza says:

    you should do a boxing video with Frank grillo🔥🔥🔥

  46. Mitchell Sloane says:

    I love your videos there so funny 🤣

  47. ninaolivia _ says:

    I swear Kevin be " dieing" in every episode 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Luke Wilson says:

    Is it just me but evertime Kevin gets a white guy in he always acts aggervated

  49. Virgo says:

    8:20 lmaoooooo He was snapping on Kevin. Funny dude there.

  50. - thaaCANADIANkidd says:

    Evander is like wtf am I doing here

  51. vishkiller23 says:

    Well this guy is famous, didn't knew .

  52. vishkiller23 says:

    Indian flag 💓

  53. M J says:


  54. Jaime Garcia says:

    He gets wipped with the rope and says it brought back flash back lmaooo

  55. Jaya krishna P says:

    Song/Music name at 11:10???

  56. Husna Aykac says:

    I feel sad for the man who had to fly there for this😂

  57. Carlito Brigante says:

    that ring girl tho😮😮😮

  58. Bryant Santana says:

    What’s the Insta of the girl in the ring

  59. Jagath Guru says:

    I didn't know what coaching club stage it is,but one thing I know is that our "Indian Flag" is hanging down incorrectly. How many have noticed it ? Saffron has to be in top and Green in the bottom. Not everything is fun !!?

  60. MahdiAli Moosa says:

    Best episode ever!!

  61. Ferno says:

    A Sri lankan flag

  62. Isaac Lam says:

    is this ksi vs logan paul fight leaked?

  63. Alstein E says:

    The flashbacks got me dead… hahaha

  64. vineet kumar says:

    About that wearing the helmet in the car thing they started with ..
    M watching this video for the time and kevin is hospitalized due to a car accident ..hope he wears a helment next time…we cant afford to lose this gem
    Get well soon ..'THE' kevin hart

  65. K Kr says:

    Should’ve have listened to him and wore a helmet Kevin 🙏🏼

  66. Tsayin says:

    Kevin’s like a goooodaamn chuaua

  67. STIOPIC! says:

    Had me dead when kevin yelled "adrian!" And then hugged the bag.

  68. Water sheep says:

    So evander holyfield went all the way there for nothing? 😂

  69. Kalvin Koolaid19 says:

    May weather and mcgregor

  70. WisePosterior says:

    Yo.. the Indian flag is upside down…

  71. 4yBaKPanic says:

    Omg, what a mockery of the sweet science. These guys had the GOAT , the one and only 4 time heavyweight champ of the world Evander Holyfield in the gym and all they done was goof around and made him cringe. Waste of time for such a legend .

  72. banana swirl says:

    I wanted ride along 2

  73. Joachim Schramm says:

    I hate it that the german flag is upside down

  74. Allison Chains says:

    Lol is Joel McHale really 6'4?

  75. Arnishka S. Miller says:


  76. Devilz Roger says:

    10:00 Sound track name ?

  77. yo yo rajpal says:

    The INDIA'S flag in the background is upside down green comes in the bottom so if someone reading goes to that place please tell them to fix it will ya 🙂

  78. Arch X says:

    Best is rocky bell bough

  79. Trippie says:

    4:24 lelol

  80. George Burton says:

    A wild Sylvester Stallone appears

  81. Krayon says:

    Holyfield looked so pissed when y’all weren’t boxing right

  82. Anonymous Anonymou says:


  83. naveen gadad says:

    9:48 indian flag is upside down

  84. f off says:

    Kevin is trying way to hard to be funny

  85. Amir Ridzuan says:

    is this even a fitness show , lol

  86. Daniel Pryde says:

    Why does he always host people who are over 6ft?

  87. Rishika Gupta says:

    Still better boxing than Logan Paul

  88. Monstar says:

    I still remember how those jump ropes felt, Kevin

  89. cing the king says:

    This show is just Kevin being a spaz and calling it comedy

  90. Rubi Vazquez says:

    I fight better than them and I'm still a child and I'm a girl 😑😶🙍‍♀️

  91. Rubi Vazquez says:

    I'm 10😑

  92. Bobby Cook says:

    Kevin hart is actually a good boxer if you watch his Instagram videos

  93. Adam Nasri says:

    What track at 11.02 ? Can anybody tell

  94. A. Nonny Mouse says:

    "those robots they used in that Hugh Jackman movie?"
    Me, a real steel fan: 😀

  95. Luke Griffith says:

    Is it bad I was actually expecting just a little more

  96. steve silverman says:

    who else saw the hart vs mcale sign before they brought it out for the "press confrence"

  97. Jamal Brown says:

    I need to know that woman insta

  98. Marc Martin says:

    Joel is funny

  99. Gabriel Beta says:

    "no me quieres porque soy comediante??" JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAAJAJAJA

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