Blue Film : Latest Telugu Short Film : Standby TV (with English Subtitles)
Blue Film : Latest Telugu Short Film : Standby TV (with English Subtitles)

Hey Vamsi, look at this frame. Anything done in this room can be seen clearly. Let me see…
Don’t change the camera’s position Ok… What film are we doing?
What is the mood? Hey, put the blue filter first…
Listen to me and This is the mood we are going to shoot in Hey we aren’t going to shoot a normal film…
We will be shooting a Blue film. Hey, your sister and family went to Tirupathi, right?
When are they going to return? Day after tomorrow, why? No one’s at home. I saw a beautiful girl.
We will book her. Been so long since we’ve done it The girls you show will ask lots of money…
No need. Hey… There is no problem even if she asks.
Super figure.. We shouldn’t miss such a kind. We have to book her first. How much did she ask? Just Rs.10,000. Why waste that much money? If we call the person we regularly call,
he will adjust for Rs.2000 or Rs.3000. Hey… the girls he’ll bring will ask for the
extra payment even if we are one minute late. At last, we have to pay her the amount
we would pay this girl. How can i get Rs.5000 now? Hey, ask your brother. If he puts the money in the bank,
we can take from the ATM. So simple… What? Looks so cheap if he comes to know
I’ve asked money for such a thing. Hey… you and your brother are so close, right? Even if he is, how can I ask him
with a girl being the reason? Hey… your brother knows how
and where bachelors spend money. Please ask him Rs.5000. I can’t do it. We’ll cancel this program. Hey… don’t take such decisions. I’ll even give your share this time
but return by next month, okay? Okay. There’s a lot of gap. Hey…Hey…Hey…think once again..
Do we spend Rs.10,000 for 2 or 3 hours? Hmmm… You’ll feel Rs.10,000 is
very less if you see her maintenance. We give Rs.2000 every time.
But for Twinkle, we gave Rs.5000…. We never handled a costly figure like this one. What will you do if we get the chance to handle
a heroine by luck tomorrow? Will you miss the chance? I will take you too if we go to that stage Put heroine’s matter aside.
We will go with her for now. Wait… I’ll go call her. Go and get ready Okay. Carry on. Hey… where is she? What if anyone
sees her? My legs are shaking. Wait she’ll come. You said no first,
but now you are in such a hurry. Hi.
Hi.. I told you about my best friend chaitu, right ? hello.. Sravya… Whatever we do, we do it together you know? Shh…. I will go first. Both of you come behind me okay? okay Come on, Sravya. I thought you won’t come.
You are well committed. Shh…. Come quietly. What happened? Why is your friend so tensed? Hmm… They will peel his skin off if the apartment
neighbors or his sister comes to know about this. Hmmm… Why call me here when you fear so much?
You could’ve arranged it somewhere out. Do you know how much it costs in that case?
We had suffered a lot for giving you the money… But this flat is so comfortable you know. Okay. Let’s go Come quickly… Come. Look… I have given you two hours of time. Get whatever you want done in those two hours. I won’t stay even for one extra second.
I have to get ready. By the way, where is… Here… You get ready and come
to the bedroom. We are ready. What is this? She takes ten thousand
and puts time limit. Hey… Figures these days are going
only to the people they know. Anyway, is it the first time for us to get worried?
It won’t take long for us. It will be finished quickly. You go and get ready.
Okay. I was fully satisfied yesterday.
Me too. It was nice. Wasn’t it?
It was great. Hey… My sisters have come. Why have they stood in a crowd?
Don’t know. When have you come, sister?
How did it go brother-in-law? What happened sister? Do you have to make me tell that crap from my mouth? Don’t do stupid acting as if nothing happened. Do you think I don’t know you
two have bought a girl yesterday? I have recorded everything you spoke yesterday in this. Oh… You’ve come to know everything. I have to scold you first. Aren’t you the one who convinced himit’s okay
to even give her fifteen thousand instead of ten? That girl looks pretty.
She too will be having expenses right. Shut your mouth idiot. He is spoiled due to you. You have destroyed the entire house
when we weren’t home for two days. We didn’t do anything brother-in-law. We have done our work putting the
camera to a corner. Hey… Isn’t it all? Yeah. Hey idiots. Have you shot that crap on camera too? We need to shoot to put it on YouTube right. We shot with a 5D camera brother-in-law.
You know the print came out so well. You are giving us the details as
if what you’ve done isn’t enough. Hey… You are taking our prestige down when
I bought you home because you are a BROTHER. How did you get these manners? Why is he looking at me? No sister… Shut up. I don’t want him in front of my eyes even for a second.
Ask him to get out of the house immediately. Where will I go if you ask me to leave as I am? Don’t ask as if you ask your sister
and brother-in-law before doing everything. You won’t have that thought while doing idiotic things. Let’s go. Let’s go. This meeting
had ended now. Let’s go. I knew you wouldn’t leave my hand in
problems as well as my happiness. Hey… I didn’t know laying hand
on your shoulder means this much. My dad feels feeding me itself is more.
He will kick me out if I take you home. Leave all this and do one thing. Take this hundred and spend the day somehow. Okay? Okay? I will leave now. Hello dad… No. I am not all roaming like an idiot.
I am coming home. Bye. Hello… Chaithu… It’s me. Uncle from the house above yours… Tell me uncle. You said you uploaded something
on YouTube. What do I type for it? Type “Blue film in standby TV” in the
YouTube search bar uncle. Okay. Pose as if you’ve done something great. ?
cut the phone This water is the most precious
boon this nature had given us. When a drop of water falls into the throat when
we are thirsty, life comes alive all over again. Isn’t it? This YouTube guy doesn’t even
know which advertisement to put. How many of us are using this water
responsibly instead of wasting it? Many of us stock up properties for
our children’ future and give them. Why? Because they will be happy with
the wealth even if we aren’t around. How will they be happy if you send them
into future with no water to drink? We still see states fighting for water. Shall we send our children into the same
future when people kill each other for water? This is still talking nonsense.
Where is the matter? If there is anything in this world having
no alternative, it is water only. Man had prepared everything from cycle to
rocket with his intelligence according to the needs. But the man with such intelligence wasn’t able
to find an alternative for the daily necessity water because there is no alternative for water. Preserving every drop of water; let us all put
our hands together to this pure revolution of water. We hope you will fully shower your
blessings for our BLUE revolution. Tell me uncle. What do I say? I thought this girl will show some bits like a sex worker
but is giving speeches like a social worker. Why uncle? Were you disappointed? Will you bother if we make message oriented films
on growing plants and eliminating plastic uncle? I am not faulting you uncle. You watch
for entertainment in the busy life of yours. We tried this short film to provide you that
and also pass the message uncle. We are young ones. Forgive us if we made a mistake. Share it if it’s faultless. Uncle.. Uncle.. We shouldn’t see if a young one or
an elderly had told a word to follow. We have to see if that word is good or isn’t. You kids look like naughty one’s but the result
is entirely different if you take responsibility. Thank you uncle. No. I have to thank you for letting me
begin this pure water revolution of yours. Uncle… Uncle… Tell me. Don’t forget to share uncle. It is my responsibility dear. A good thought arises in every one….
But it becomes
a good thought only when implemented.

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