hey, guys, this is physica world here
today I’ll be talking about a mysterious and interesting topic about
space black holes are one of the most mysterious objects that we have ever encountered black holes are really mysterious , people
all read a lot about black holes but we all have many assumptions about them
that is wrong and I have to break those assumptions today So black holes
are not cosmic vacuum cleaners these will not just suck things inside them
they are not a rip in the space-time they just pull things from the
gravitational field Blackhole has an extraordinary high gravitational field so it can pull larger objects and way smaller objects like photons but it’s not a vacuum cleaner Any star
like Sun can form a black hole No Sun cannot be a black hole and
none star-like (in terms of mass) Sun can form a black hole some stars can form a black hole and
I’ll be talking about them in the next Slide black holes can never die. black
holes do die thanks to Stephen Hawking we know that through Hawking radiation it’s related to quantum fluctuations in space which leads to a particle as an outside observer coming out of a black hole these two things black holes are time machines and two black
holes form a wormhole people assume this as the generic
property of black holes it assumes as the basic property of black holes these are not the basic properties these are not just even proven yet For people who don’t know what wormholes are wormholes are to correct a connection between two
regions of space-time its a bridge between two regions in our
space-time consider this diagram in this diagram from going to a yellow region to
a blue region that will travel along space-time like light travels along the
space-time to reach to that region but if we have two high masses on both
regions it will form a bridge its gravitational field will form a bridge
like structure that like make us reach there instantly like in no time
literally, so we can reach there even before the light reaches there you can light
travels along the space-time and takes time because it also travels at a speed
limit it also travels at 3 into 10 to the power 8 meters per second so we are not
traveling faster than the speed of light we’re not breaking the cosmic speed
limit but we are reaching our destination before it. HOW COOL IS THAT. Chandrashekar limit that is what we use to tell how black holes are formed .black
holes are formed with the fusion process of star stops or it has iron in its
core and it still has three solar masses so now it can overcome a
neutron degeneracy pressure I know I will explain Neutron degeneracy pressure
for you to get that I need to tell you first that you are empty I am empty
space these markers are empty space this computer is an empty space this mouse is
an empty space everything is empty how see this atom as Aloha Stadium and this
golf ball as a proton put the golf ball in center of the Aloha Stadium
that’s what atom is the rest of the Aloha Stadium rather than the golf ball is
space, empty space so even if we have a lot of atoms the
atoms are mostly empty so we all are basically mostly empty like consider
this that a hydrogen atom is 99.9999999999996%
empty it .does not have anything in it it’s just empty space like when I heard this
I was also like WHAT I am empty so yeah already matter is mostly empty so we
apply a little pressure and we interact with each other so what about
electrons the electron degeneracy pressure so this pressure is required if
we reach that level of pressure the electrons are fused together and form a
neutron so see & understand this if these are two electrons they both are
like charges a negative charge and a negative charge so bringing them
together they will obviously repel each other and to compress them or to bring
them right together and fuse them we need to apply a pressure we do to apply
force and that must be one ton per centimeter square so that I can push these two together and form Neutron that is an electron
degeneracy pressure so what is Neutron degeneracy pressure like atoms are related to charges and electrons are related to charges but Neutron, Neutron doesn’t have any charge so how does Neutron fit into that picture see I told you an atom is
mostly empty but that’s not a case of neutrons, neutrons in neutron stars I am
talking about, there is no space between them like these three neutrons
there is just no space between them very little space so in order to bring
them together and fuse them together I need a lot of pressure like a hundred
million per centimeter square – that much pressure is required so that I can fuse
them together and then from a black hole and that amount of pressure is reached
if we have a gravitational field through mass of three suns/solar masses interesting isn’t it so yeah we need about three solar masses
to overcome the neutron degeneracy pressure and form a black hole now what
happens if a star overcomes the electron degeneracy pressure so to overcome the electron degeneracy pressure a star requires 1.4 to
2.8 solar masses so it will overcome the neutron degeneracy pressure so then what
happens the electrons fuse together and form neutrons and that from the neutron
stars which are very near to each other neutrons are very near to each other
that what forms a neutron star I will talk about all this in detail do you know at the center of blackhole the time according to us
will just stop like zero time this is called as time dilation I’ll talk about this in the upcoming videos by the way, thank you for watching

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