Black Grandparents Play Never Have I Ever
Black Grandparents Play Never Have I Ever

88 thoughts on “Black Grandparents Play Never Have I Ever”

  1. Mikey Mike says:

    so why you gotta have black grandparents in the title , god forbid if we ever mix them up for Asians.

  2. feebeci says:

    “But did you really” sounds like a great show !

  3. Leth Safi says:

    Why black

  4. RitaMar says:

    Big Lou played on barbershop 2.. he appeared at the end

  5. YACIN AZ says:


  6. Anaïs says:

    Why does it say 'black' in the title? We have eyes?

  7. Martin Suarez says:

    When I heard this man talk, I instantly thought to myself he’s a Chicago OG

  8. Cyfr says:


    Big Lou: i’m from chicago

  9. Lady Hendriks says:

    Are these grandparents together or no? I probably missed it. They have a lot of chemistry though.

  10. Helpless XD says:

    i wanna see these two more 🤣👍

  11. Chi Fultz says:

    Their reaction to hitch hiking….. maybe that's why it say "black" grandparents🤷🏾‍♀️ 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  12. naynay2cute4u says:

    I love this

  13. Jessica Hughes says:

    Ok I love Big Lou😂😂❤ I'm from the Westside of Chicago so I feel like I connect with him lol 😂

  14. Nsa Sam says:

    Why cant they just be grandparents sheeeeesh…buzzfeed yall microaggressive

  15. Kaya Yhane' says:

    lol the amount of times he said "oh baby" and "i'm from chicago" lol 😂

  16. Kaya Yhane' says:

    i don't really watch buzzfeed videos but can someone tell me do they title every video based on the race that's in the video ? is there a "white grandparents….." ?

  17. Vera Nika says:

    The coolest grandparents

  18. Jassiepoohbear says:

    Mr. Big Lou is that dude man!!! He's voice and you just know by the way he act now that he something else in his youth!!! "oh baby" lol

  19. KJ Safale says:

    I could fall asleep to Big Lou's voice.

  20. tavares 1 says:


  21. Nichoals Nastari says:

    Wow buzzfeed black grandparents that’s racist why not just say grandparents

  22. Directing Turtle says:

    Theirs no need for white and black grandparents to have different videos it should just be grandparents play never have I even people want equality and everything to be the same for everyone but this video clearly goes against that creating a divide by adding in a race when it adds no real value to the video

  23. Sunflower says:

    He reminded me of Barry White when he said “oh baby” 😂😍❤️

  24. Rooted_ Kinkz says:

    I like them

  25. In pain says:


  26. HowardW21 Games says:


  27. SunamiDevil says:

    Why is this Black Grandparents and there’s no White grandparents? It’s just grandparents for them? It’s like saying Whites are the default people and everything else is wrong and deserves its own title. Just call them grandparents, and show black people on the thumbnail.

  28. Ntwa Dumela says:

    4:17 I mean… looool us!

  29. Jasmine Dawson says:

    Confused they aren’t married the grandkids aren’t there these aren’t black topic so WHAT WAS THE REASON!!

  30. Błue Whøle says:


  31. Pooh Lee says:

    Their soo precious 🥺

  32. deb1920 says:

    They provided about 5 clues that they are not married to each other. People really don't pay attention. Lol.

  33. Andrew Brummett says:

    Are these racist questions

  34. Arifah says:

    I adore them omg

  35. Mauricio Graham says:

    😂😂😂😂😂Lou is amazing and now I love OH BABY!

  36. A. Ngoc Anh Ha says:

    But did u really!!!!! So cute

  37. Pretty_. Maii says:

    “Cocoa butter✊🏾”

  38. jessica simms says:

    Who’s writing y’all titles??? That is just overly unnecessary. I have eyes I can see what race they are. Stop doing that

  39. YourPrettyKeenwah T says:

    Question: Have you ever shoplifted?

    Me:Thinking of when I was at the pick and mix.

  40. juanitajean70 says:


  41. Keria Luvwaka says:

    I love how he keep saying Baby 😂

  42. Emanee Wright says:

    I feel like I could confess my sins to Lou and his only response would be OooOoOo, OH BABY

  43. LourdanHazei says:

    I think my new celebrity crush is Big Lou. 😍

  44. iMPLODE the haxer says:

    This video is just sooooo good
    Grandpa Lou is awesome and she is hot as hell even now. I just can't imagine being lucky enough to be her neighbour


    Then u call it coco butter for black people im done with yal🤦🏾‍♂️

  46. fiji says:

    is it just me or does he kinda sound like captin holt from brooklyn-nine nine :0

  47. Kamiah Johnson says:

    Awww I love it 🥰😌

  48. sierra gaines says:

    He sound like the kool aid man

  49. Charlie Koebel says:

    CEO of oh baby

  50. HizboiElroy says:

    Grandad sound like Barry White

  51. Moody Jay says:

    “Have I or have I not hitch hiked?”
    “Hilll nahhh”

  52. Shamya Simone says:

    why they gotta say “black”

  53. Underscore zero says:

    Ohhh, Baby!!

  54. Shay R. says:

    I like their chemistry, but I feel like Big Lou would get along with anyone.

  55. Alvern Baby says:

    Yall being so racist when yall say black i do not like that at all because wouldnt say white i totally dislike the caption on this video👎

  56. Lifeisfun84 says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL classy grandma

  57. Lifeisfun84 says:

    I loveddddddddddd this !

  58. Joanna Golebiewska says:

    I feel weird when they wrote two BLACK grandparents

  59. Jacquetta Clarington says:

    That is the biggest lie when a parent or grandparent says "I love you all the same"

  60. Brianna Tomlin says:

    Oh baby 😂😂😂

  61. The Water Empress says:

    Lou is definitely from the chi 😂😂

  62. Keyhana Sayer says:

    To the 169 dislikes are you you even sure

  63. aj says:

    BuzzFeed playlist
    BLACK people videos

  64. GreD1Shon says:

    Could've have better questions if they were going to include them Black in the title

  65. Germany X says:

    These two are the cutest !

  66. ok. says:

    Why did u have to put 'black'? If they were white you would of just titled it 'Grandparents' not white grandparents lmao….

  67. Jayy Bee says:

    Smooooooth Jazz‼️😂 His voice is butter😂 “Ooh baby”

  68. Rockas360 says:

    Really buzzfeed first question is about getting arrested …. that’s low AF

  69. Bre AMRUX says:


  70. Daona Mc says:

    I feel odd about this segment 🥴

  71. Ivy Okeyo says:

    Barry White is that you?😅😅🤣🤣

  72. SpÜky says:

    That mans so proud of where he’s from and damnit if he ain’t Chicago through and through baby

  73. Max Park says:

    Baby equals the N word???????

  74. Laury Bastet says:

    420 comments, and now 421.

  75. jossyj1 says:

    They are adorable. I F’ing love old people! Especially pops realness 🥰

  76. Rebekah Spears says:

    They seem like cool grandparents to have.

  77. Elsa Aita says:

    This could be the start of a good friendship.

  78. Kaleb Louden says:

    I thought that was Barry White for a sec

  79. Kaleb Louden says:

    If Barry White had a twin😭

  80. BEASTAwesomeNess929 j says:

    never have I ever participated in a protest or group..


  81. shonte baby says:

    BuzzFeed Is Definitely Racist 👎🏽

  82. Rose Louis says:

    3:45 she said they are not married

  83. BadSynuses says:

    Big Lou to me; is the epitome of 1970's cool. I can picture him with an afro with the soul pick sticking out at a James Brown concert. Inmybiglouvoice Oh Baby

  84. Karen Morales says:

    Gotta love that Barry White baritone voice. It's like thunder

  85. Karen Morales says:

    I want to be like her when I grow up. ❤

  86. KD Smith says:

    Maybe their kids married or had kids with each other.

  87. Sisters&Brothes Forever says:

    Did u really 😂😂😂

  88. Cheyenne Harmon says:

    Y’all don’t understand, Big Lou is from Chicago.. ❤️ that’s how we talk baby!

  89. Pink Lady says:

    Can I get a single or a snippet of Big Lou's "Oh Baby"🥰😂

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