Birdie Buddy: Full Episode 6 (Official & HD with subtitles)
Birdie Buddy: Full Episode 6 (Official & HD with subtitles)

If you undent my car ceiling… i’ll straighten up Miss Steamed Bun’s back. I hear he’s a total player. He was supposedly like that in both the US and in Europe If he ends up coaching anyone that’s half decent looking they end up living together. Episode 6 Is someone here? Did you change your hairstyle again because you don’t like people recognizing you? Hello, I’m Park Eun Joo reporter for Sports Korea -Did the picture came out nicely? Pardon? I wasn’t trying to get a story. I just took it you know I’m real photogenic. But it seems your camera isn’t too good. I had a real hard time finding this place! This reminds me of an article I read about you. You said you started golf because it would be easier too find your parents if you were famous right? After winnning the PGA you found your parents… But they had already passed away. You learned to play golf from a french man named Fabian, right? His korean name is Yun Kwang Baek. I hear he used the character ”Baek”, meaning…bright, in his name because he shines a bright white. – And your name is? Park Eun Joo. Today I’m going to let it go that you’re trespassing. I understand. Please keep your eyes open. Compared to your swing the head weight is a bit light. Which is why things are leaning right. Let’s adjust head weight and try again. Yes.Subtitles brought to you by the Birdie Buddy Team @Viki The balance on all my clubs feels so unnified. That damn professional teaching certificate… Can’t even take my day of! It’s not like I’m getting any better! Seriously, Chief . I wanted to watch a movie seeing it was my day off, but what the hell is this?! Oh my, oh my , oh my. That’s John Lee, is’t it? And next to him is Min Hae Ryung? He’s not bad looking now that he cut his hair. He really is good looking. At least that face of his is really legendary. Oh my, oh my, hello, hello We also had a day off today. We’re practicing! Don’t worry about us and just keep doing what you’re doing! Yes continue… He is really handsome. give it a hit. Make sure your eyes are always on the ball. Good and then slowly watch your ball… Always keep your back straight… your spine down… and use your back as your pivot point. You’re here, Caddy Sung Mi Soo. Mi Soo. She’s a new caddy that just joined. Hey!
Sung Mi Soo! Where are you going? To Pro Wang. Watch out for that pervert. What the hell is up with you? You’re a caddy? What does that have anything to do with you? Did you quit golf? That has nothing to do with you either. Let go. You! You’ve got no time to be doing this. I’m not doing it because I want to, so let go! If you don’t want to do this then quit. Because I’ll help you. Are you my coach? I’m thinking about trying it out… From now on. I have no intention of hiring a coach like you. That’s just like Sung Mi Soo They’re just flying right out. Nice! Nice! I like it! The finish is good and the direction is good too! 300 yards will be a breeze. I’ve coached you this far and yet you have absolutely no luck! If it was pure talent based then you should already be at the LPGAs. Even if I want to see a bit of fortune because of you– A coach shouldn’t want to live off their player. Huh? Me? Coaches that try to live off their players are the ones that are the most incompetent and pitiful. Is that supposed to be aimed at me?! So what the hell if you’re John Lee. Do you know how long I’ve been playing?! I’m beyond your senior, you fool! The 2nd most incompetent coach is the one that tries to use his seniority when he’s in a jam. You jerk off. And the 3rd most incompetent coaches are the ones that are all the show and have no courage. A true coach must comprehend everything that is going on with the player. If your player’s body is injured… or if their heart is injured. And comforting that pain… is what a true coach and teacher is. Think carefully about who is the one that can sense all your pain. Hey jerk, where are you going? Where the hell are you going after being all cool and crap!Are you my coach?I want to give it a try.From now on.John Lee… Rag Hair You’re student has come back after 10 years… Isn’t this beyond cruelty? What do you expect for a fool that betrayed me and ran away to the States? Which is why I’m here to apologize. Yes! I’m so touched. Hey, Teacher… I found a kid from a family that are real loggers like yours. She’s a kid that can truly absorb all your techniques. Pilsoo gave up golf in the middle… and I ended up like this. You need at least one good student, don’t you think? She’ll be able to perfect your Fabian shot. I shouldn’t have taught you. So this time… teach her properly! I don’t want to mold another fool (idiot) Don’t come again, I don’t feel like seeing your face. I promise, the next time I come I will bring her with me for you to teach! Please enjoy. Thank you. Please enjoy. Yes, thank you. Ah, hot! Oh my! Oh my Aigoo! Master! Master to the front, This way, this way please – towards the front! Please take mine, I’m in no rush I can eat slowly. Aigoo, enjoy your meal. Thank you. Enjoy your meal. Yes, yes. Oh my! Oh my gosh Jung Ran! Kyung Sook! Unnie! It’s great to see you! Seriously Oh my, my, my! We didn’t even notice each other when we were at the same place! But didn’t you retire as a caddy? Sae Hwa asked me to return in order to retrain her caddies. She came two weeks ago. Who is Sae Hwa? She is President Min Sae Hwa. Oh! You know our boss? Sae Hwa’s father used to be a caddy. Ah, I see. It feels like just yesterday when I was working as a caddy with you.
Time sure flies! You were my teacher! You said your daughter plays golf? Oh! Remember the 8 iron you gave me? When you said you’d quit golf to get married, I gave it to you to put on the child’s first birthday table.
*Tradition: Putting items (i.e. money, pencil etc) on table, and seeing which one the baby grabs. Each item means different things. I couldn’t do that. Anyways! That is what made my daughter start playing golf. As if it was her life line or whatever she said.. Anyways, she still carries it with her to this day! We’re back. We’re back.
– You’ve all done great work. You’ve all worked hard. Mom.Subtitles brought to you by the Birdie Buddy Team at Viki Tell me what is going on. I want to train and caddy – How can you train while being a caddy?! Why can’t I? Things have really changed since you were a caddy. We can use the field whenever we want, and – Do you think I suffered to see you caddy? Do you think father went away to work on a boat to see you caddy?! Quit now. If you dont’ want to play golf, just give up! I can’t give up. I’m not going to give up! I put on these caddy clothes so I don’t have to give up. Take off those clothes, or give up golf. Make your decision. I’m not going to give up golf, and will continue to caddy. I can do it. I’m doing it, and I will do it! So please, just leave me alone! Are you my coach? Don’t tell me what to do! Take that Sung Mi Soo!! Are- Are you okay? How refreshing. Just when I wanted to cry. Something happened, right? My mom found out. Caddying. What did she say? It’s obvious without hearing! See, what did I say? I told you that this wasn’t right from the beginning. Ah, what to do? I’m going to be in big trouble, for either not stopping you or telling her. What’s this? Since I don’t have the confidence to see you any longer… Get out. Mom! You said I was burdensome, right? I’ll let you go. So fly away. Since you’re as light as a feather now, just fly away however you’d like. I won’t act like a coach anymore,
so do whatever you want. But keep one thing in mind: As a parent who doesn’t have much, and being sorry for being a lacking coach, to you.. Leave. Even if we see one another at the resort, treat me as a stranger. Mi Soo. What happened? And what are with these bags? Your mom found out, didn’t she. Even so, this isn’t right. Can you just stay still? I can’t stay still, Mi Soo. Even Tae Gab is trying to help support you. If you leave like this, you’ll be hammering nails into the hearts of your family members. Hey, leaving just because you fought with your mom is so unlike you. Why are you like this? I didn’t pack my bags and leave, I got kicked out. Kicked out? Please take me to the caddy dorms. Aigoo. Why is itmyroom out of all the rooms? Heard your mom worked at the Kitchen. I thought you two looked alike. Oh my, you even brought your caddy bag in? You don’t have a lot of clothes, do you? Since your house is nearby, you can just commute to change,or even laundry them on rotation? I don’t really live nearby and since I’m a caddy that dorms here, I have a lot of personal belongings. This is originally a room I use by myself.. Hey. Can you turn off the lights?Do you think I suffered this much, just to see you caddy?Do you think your father left to work on a boat, just to see you caddy?!You quit golf?You…It’s not the time for you to be like this.I’m not doing this because I want to, so let me go.If you don’t want to, then quit. I’ll help you.When Mi Soo says she will do something,
she will do it.After all these years, I’m scared to death that we won’t be able to make up for that and loans.When she realizes she is on the wrong path,
she’ll turn back.That it will be too late when she realizes it..That something will go wrong..Don’t worry, and just trust her.I’ll watch over her.I’ll trust your words.Please help. Hey, pull up your zipper! Work hard! Caddy Sung, what’s the point of bringing a driver to work today? It’s my day off, so I am going to get some practice. Have you heard the saying, “stick to knitting?” Being a caddy is a technical job. Don’t think that practicing on your days off will make your skills any better? Don’t get Master Caddy angry and get to your senses already! Just look at that Ajumma, it looks like she is full of nagging. It’s written all over her face. Oh my goodness! What to do? It’s the caddy master! She didn’t hear, did she?! I think it’s a good idea to answer quickly. Yes, Master? Yes. Caddy Song Mi Soo? Yes. Yes, I understand. What is it? She tells me to do all kinds of things, really! Why dowehave to clean the training center? Training Center? Clean it? Yeah, but on rotation. That it’s just “cleaning” but also to learn something out of it while watching. Aish, really.. my tasks are increasing. But why me? She said you’re free this afternoon so start first. I have to practice though. Are you talking back at me? I just told you what I have to tell you! Nothing more. Work hard~.Subtitles brought to you by the Birdie Buddy Team @ Viki. Want to give it a try? Try it out once. I’ll also analyze your swing. Your swing balance isn’t stable, so your sweet spot isn’t matching the ball. Your hits should at least be around the same area. Seems putting will be hard for you. Have you given up golf? Don’t think it too easily. Do you think you could be my rival by doing this and that? I’ve never thought it was easy, and I’ve never considered you my rival. Saying “This and that”.. It bothers me. I also don’t want to caddy, and just focus on training. But unlike Hae Ryung, I don’t have money. Success bought with money, I envy it.Hae Ryung,I really hope that you could please help that child, for the sake of her mother.The incitement you give.. will move her for sure.This is a favor I ask of you. Ajumma. Aigoo, Tae Gab is here! Mom wanted me to bring this for you. Ah, yes. Here, for you. Why are you like this? You know I’ll get in trouble from my mom if I accept it. Just accept it! It’s not much! Aigoo, it’s okay! You always feed me. Aigoo, really! Anyways, how is your mom doing? Why mom? She’s probably very angry at how stubborn your sister is being. Noona? The whole family is suffering from her playing golf, she should do her best at training. You don’t even earn a lot as a caddy! Alright then, you can go. Yes. Hey. Song Mi Soo! Song Mi Soo, come out ! Hey! Song Mi Soo, where are you? Hey, Song Mi Soo! Come out quickly! I’m going to pull out all of the grass so come out quickly!! Hey! Song Mi Soo, where are you?! Hey! What’s going on? Are you the one? Who told Song Mi Soo to caddy? That’s not it – Who are you? This person – Nevermind that. Just quickly bring Song Mi Soo here. Hey, Song Mi Soo! Song Mi Soo, hurry come out! This person, really, really?! Song Mi Soo ! Hey!
– Hey, Song Tae Gab! Wow, he is very energetic and driven! Who is he? He’s mine, y’know?! Then what about Song Mi Soo? You two – are you two, fighting over a guy? Isn’t that too childish? What are you talking about?
He’s Mi Soo’s younger brother! You, did you just yell at me?
HEY ! What are you doing?! What areyoudoing? Earning money while practicing golf, it’s good. Don’t you see that mom is feeling bad? She’ll be okay when time passes.. So be by her side and take care of – The times you spend caddying, are they allyoursalone? Is that why you’re doing whatever you want? What? It seems you’re delusioned, but the day you become a pro player… The whole family has been hoping for you, and waiting for that day.. and this is what you do? Don’t look down on caddying. Am I saying this to look down on caddying?! You shouldn’t look down on family. – No. It doesn’t matter to me if you look down on me, but… Our mom and dad, don’t look down on them. Think it over carefully, Song Mi Soo.
What you should be doing right now. I’m going. I wonder if Tae Gab is angry at me too. Why would he? He was accusing me of convincing you, earlier. Tae Gab has a big heart so he knows. That I’m being stubborn. Song Mi Soo? Caddy Master said To Caddy Song Mi Soo, dig over all the green fields find all the lost balls You know what that means, right? Why only Mi Soo? Why do you think? I understand. I’ll find the lost balls. It looks larger than usual today. You’ve found quite a bit. There were a lot more than I expected. Isn’t the expression of someone being punished too bright? That’s making fun of the one who gave you the punishment.. What do you do with these balls? We normally donate these to the handicap school. And occasionally, those who need it take them. I heard your mom trained you with lost balls. Yes. Lost balls are found like this, but.. I wonder how lost dreams are found? You’re lucky to be young. Finish up and leave. Let’s go.
– Yes.Making mom suffer…Having sent father away to a boat…I really hate it.It’s too burdensome.What’s burdensome?The mom that is clinging onto me,Mom is very burdensome. Mom. You. Why are you here, instead of sleeping? Why aren’t you sleeping, mom? It’s past 12 A.M. I should sleep. Let’s go sleep.Mom, do you know how to play golf? You do, don’t you?! Of course!Me! Teach me how to play. Teach me!Your right hand, on top of your leftas if to guard it. That’s it. Softly. Lastly you just want to slightly cover it with your pinky. Next thing is to hit it… like this,No, no.Not like that. Look carefully..You have to turn your entire shoulders with it.And let down steadily, and hit it. Hello. No one’s looking down on you because you’re a caddy, right? No one’s like that these days Even if the coach hits their players Who? Pro Wang?! No, mom! Go easy… Going around 4 fields playing games and going around 4 fields caddying, is totally different. How is training? I train whenever I have time. Mom. You kicked me out to the dorms on purpose to get me to train a lot, didn’t you. What? Your swing isn’t that great these days, right. And your mind is clouded. But fortunately, it doesn’t look like your body hurts. How do you know that? How can I not know? I can tell where on your body or heart you’re hurting, just by looking at you. also.. this..,. Practice or not, use these. It’s been a long time since they were used. Here And with this, practice putting inside your dorm room. Eat your lunch.Subtitles brought to you by the Birdie Buddy Team at Viki2003, May, 18th… Once again Mi Soo showed signs of struggle with putting.There was more directional and stroking imbalance than usual.I know it wasn’t much different from others her age, but she shook more than she normally does.What kind of training exercise would be good?2003, May 19th.
Today I should make something Mi Soo can practice putting on.
I really hope it will help Mi Soo’s skills..I’ll make it anyways. Even if it fails, I can’t give up not knowing if it will or not. I think she will do great!2003, May 21st.
I finally finished the putting machine in three days.Why is there nothing I can’t do? Hee hee.It will help Mi Soo for sure!Mi Soo, fighting!A true, genuine coach needs to know about the player.The state of the player’s body. Whether the body is hurting, or the heart is hurting.And the one who is able to heal that hurt, is a true, genuine coach.Think carefully who the coach is, that can heal your hurt. Excuse me. Sorry for what I said yesterday at the training center. Did I interfere with your training? Please continue with putting. No, I was about to stop anyways. It’s late, but it looks like you aren’t off of work yet? Do you always practice putting every night? I couldn’t sleep. Golf… when did you start learning golf? Four years old. Ohh.. four years… Who did you learn it from? There were so many that I can’t name anyone specifically… I think I’ve met each famous coach at least once. In America also, and now as well. It seems like success bought with money, right. She even holds grudges. MOM! Mi Soo is home! Did you make it to give it to her? Why are you so interested in her? I have resentment here, and I need to solve it. Did you hope your dad would find you like this? Someday your father will walk to the green to find you. I am Min Hae Ryung’s fan. Did you really become a casanova? I am talking about a girl I’m planning to take to the master. Father. Why are you like this, father?! You can read the flow of the grass. A sponsor? I was keeping an eye on her during the pro selection. What are the terms? You’re bothering me right now. What’s with you appearing in my life?

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