Birdie Buddy: Full Episode 2 (Official & HD with subtitles)
Birdie Buddy: Full Episode 2 (Official & HD with subtitles)

Subtitles brought to you by the Birdie Buddy Team at Viki Who-who-who are you? I.. I ‘m THIEF! Mi Soo? What is it? What is it? What is it?! Who are you? Father! He’s a thief. He was in my room – trying to steal! Oh my! That’s not it.
– You little -! You little punk! Tae..! Tae..! Tae Gab! Tae Gab? Hey! Tae Gab! Dad, when I look at him, he’s a pervert. In my room, and in my chest~! You little punk! I tell you! I opened my eyes, father. Tae Gab! Tae Gab! Hey, Tae Gab. Is he a person you know? Who…? Hiya~! Ah, ah! A hyung I know. Hey. Are you sure? We were together yesterday. He was drunk so… Hey. Why were you in my room? Well, you see. That room… I.. Ayy fools like you guys. And that hair. Is it a rag? Wash it from time to time, you punk. What are you doing? Why bring an old rag like him into our home?! Go back inside! Hurry go back and lock your room before you sleep. Okay? Why would you go into her room? She doesn’t have anything to look at.. Did I go in, knowingly?? Are you Star Wars’ Jedi? What kind of clothes are those in front of a guy? Go look in the mirror. You little – Let’s go. Let’s go. Things that happen during sleep..! Why? Is it fascinating? That I live in this kind of house and play golf??? Is golf all that great? If you like it, you just play it Straighten your back Like this. That little bastard, where is he touching..
That little pervert! Yeah, Gong Sook? What? What did you say? Dad! Mi Soo! How… can you fire him for something he didn’t do? Mi Soo.., please tell him. It’s true that I let you play golf, but they say I received money for it I feel that is unfair. I’ll explain to them. This man didn’t do anything wrong. He was just helping me. I don’t know who you are, Miss.
But this has already been handled by the higher-ups. I’m not anyone who can do anything here Okay. If you can’t do anything about it, I just have to go somewhere that can. The media has more interest toward Hye Ryung than we had thought. She gave up thousands of dollars to come back to her home land, and the press wants to look more into her I made the right choice, right? Trust yourself, President I believe this decision was very good. For President, me, and everyone. Long time no see, Hye Ryung. Nice to see you Min Hae Ryung. What is up your sleeves?>You want me to try out for the LPGA? It was all for you. It’s probably all for you,
and for this company. We need to show the amateurs that a big person like you, Hae Ryung, respects the KLPGA tournament. You finished first for the pro selection, and won at least five times in KPLGA… This means I get off of Min Sae Hwangs chest, right? Winning the next KLPGA three times in a row,
and the title..of rookie king.
That will allow you to get off my chest. So many conditions… You know you haven’t fully met the deal you made with me either…? John Lee must be my coach and caddy. M’am! You cannot go in there!! President! You can’t do that! Let me go! I’m here in behalf of Mr. Lee Suk Dol. Go out! Ah, wait a minute! Lee Suk Dol? Who is it? He is someone who has served and worked at the golf course for 12 years. But he was fired today. It wasn’t important enough to give a report. His only crime was to help me play golf, the sport I really love. He let me practice at dawn on the golf course. He never received any money or bribes from me! I can promise you that. So? The crime is mine. But when I earn money, I will repay you President!
I promise you. You really don’t know the President. She’s not one to accept such promises. John! You’ve kept your promised meeting time. Nice to meet you John. I’m Min Sae Hwa. Nice to meet you as well, President.
You look wonderful. Do you have anything else to say? Eh? President. This is a problem with a whole family on the line. To be fired so unfairly – Because of you, Miss, it seems I will have to fire two secretaries who failed to do their job. Eh? What will you do with this Miss who intruded? Miss, leave. Please leave.
– President! Please, give me some time to explain! Let go of me! President! President! This is so unfair! This is unfair! Let me go! Mister, mister! Mister! You have to help me! I’ll investigate again! I’m grateful that you’re trying to help my dad, but- Aren’t you going too far? After today, what if something bad happens to my dad. Gong Sook. Don’t worry. I’m the best at this kind of stuff. That secretary or whatever person he is, says he will investigate it again. Really? Then my dad might be able to go back to work! Gong Sook.
Huh? Do you think my face looks like steamed bread too? What? Why was that jerk there? Finding this man that roams around the world like the wind… How did you find him? Looks like the promise was half-kept. However, the rest of the promise is for John to become my caddy and coach. This is a contract. To have an international coach and caddy like you… It’s an honor. President. Do you not like music? If it’s Jason Mraz, I’m sure it’s a sound that will match this place. I will select one and give it to you as a present. President, The mood is deepening John Lee is a lunatic who listens to no one. If he doesn’t like it, money or threats – nothing. Didn’t you underestimate this by writing up a contract, President? You have an abandoned school in one of your lands. abandoned school? Subtitles brought to you by the Birdie Buddy Team @ Viki To bring a camping car to an abandoned schoolyard It’s fitting. And I’m envious. You gave up the LPGA in US and you came here… There was alot of news about it. Those were just my mom’s plans. And what’s your plan? The coffee smells nice. The night air is nice. Here. Who is that? I was wondering who it was, but it was Miss Steamed Bread. Golf balls were falling from the sky… But I only thought it was the strange weather again… Are you training to enter the Pro contest? From last time, it looks like you aren’t good enough to. Show me your skills? Ahjushi. You’ve never been hit by this ball, have you. If you piss me off and get hit by this ball, there won’t even be any hospital bills. Miss Steamed Bread, you are quite rude. Looks like you won’t be able to practice here for a while. So you’re trying to live out here? Then who will get fired now, because of this? This is his land. So it’s his choice. You told me to hit it. Anywhere is fine, right. What a dream-like put. Now I see you have the skills worthy, Miss Steamed Bread. How is it? With that speed and accuracy, don’t you think she’d fly through 300 yards? Well. Don’t we have to see it? Golf is a sport where anyone can be selfish.. But golf is a lifestyle.
May I? If hittingfaris your goal, shouldn’t you be playing baseball instead of golf? You know her, right? The famous golfer, Min Hae Ryung? Just who exactly are you? I’ll be back so retrieve that ball. You’ll have to compensate. You wrecked someone elses car… Then formally report me, why don’t you. If you hit the roof, I’ll straighten~ Miss Steamed Bread’s back. Hey! How many times have you met me, to speak to me rudely informally?! You little perverted punk. Mi Soo! Mi Soo! Mi Soo, thank you! My dad was reinstated! It’s all thanks to you! Really? That’s great! That is really great! There really is, nothing Mi Soo can’t do! You always say something when Mi Soo comes up in conversation. If strangers saw, anyone would think you’re her boyfriend. Well – I am her boy friend; would I be her girl friend? How are you her boy friend? You’re just a friend, friend! Ah, why are you giving him a hard time? Eat. Oh! Have you heard? Min Hae Ryung will be in the Pro Competition. What’s that have to do with me? Huh? Why doesn’t it? You’re going to have to play with her during the competition!
I’m just saying that’s bad luck. Will your skills really show? Aigoo~ Gong Soo is here too! Yes, hello! Wow! It’s Kim Chi! Yeah, eat a lot and at the next competition, you must win! Mom! What are you seeing her as? She plays golf really well! I just feel bad for Mi Soon’s mother Aish, really.. Aigoo, I got it! You. Really need toshowher this competition. Show, show. I just hope you don’t get eliminated. Are you really her friend? What do you know about golf? I know more than you – I’m a caddy! Enough! What do you know? What do you know? Tell me!
You don’t even know anything. You haven’t really rested up. Aren’t you pushing yourself too far today? I’ve never skipped a day’s pratice. Play comfortably. I like the darkness because all senses are open. The senses I feel and the picture I draw in my head.. And also the sound of the ball falling to my senses. I’m most comfortable when alone. But… If mom is watching me, I can’t do anything.
Nothing… When playing golf, I don’t want to see you. Subtitles brought to you by the Birdie Buddy Team @Viki What will you do now, that you can’t practice on the field? Is there not another way? Just where exactly are you hanging out every night? I’ll be back. Where are you going?! Just you come back past midnight! You’ll be in big trouble! Here. Let’s just hit 5 more boxes, then rest. I want to rest today.. Mo… Mom… Aiyoo, I’m having a nosebleed again. Hey, Mi Soo. Hurry up and go practice. Exercise is important in a sensitive sport like golf. You must prepare physically and mentally. Min Hae Ryung player will succeed. You have to run and practice more than others. Start practice early and end late in the night. That’s the lifestyle you must live. Do you understand Sung Mi Soo? Aren’t you Sung Nyang Gab (match box: word play)? It’s you! Sung Nyang Gab. Im not Sung Nyang Gab. I’m Sung Tae Gab! But what is a graduate like you doing here? I was just stopping by to see if my juniors were doing well. Go to the army already! You have to go anyways, so going early is helping your parents! Ay, you… and the way you’re dressed… Sung Mi Soo, its your 3rd/4th try.. Please pass this time. If you have a golf club, you should be able to succeed! Aja! Heehee, you.. Theres not much left. Ayy, the weather has calmed down… but when will the economy get better? But we at least have money for Mi Soo’s fees. Ay, when is she going to stop? Haven’t you looked at Mi Soo? She’s been doing so well, they even sent us 10 kg of rice! She has been a rising star for 12 years now… You know we have to pay back our debt by this month.. So thats why I put our house for rent. Ah, this woman really… Oh my… Honey, honey, honey! That young man! Isnt he from when you were younger? Mr Park? Oh my! He’s become so much brighter! A great, smart man like you… and you’ve become a farmer?! Ive become so old, I dont even have any strength.. Everyone in Kangwondo knows that you are the strongest person here! What are you talking about? Do you know how many holes you dug with your pickaxe?? You also still bluf so much as you used to. Is that so? How are your kids? Wait, is your eldest childs name Mi Soo? She played golf, right? Yes… And she’s still playing… If you want your family to collapse at once, let them be a politician But if you dont want to become broke so quickly, you’re suppose to invest in golf. Since she still plays, it seems like you still have some kind of money., Money? No, we’ve just been selling everything. All that is left are mine and my wives organs. Ay, this fool! Here, here. You… Don’t you want to get on a ship? Come to our club! Blehhhhh~~ Mi mi mi Bleh, *singing* Aish…! I’m sorry. You! You! Tae Gab! What are you doing here? Your clothes! Do you work in the night club?! Father… OH MY!!! WHY? You fool! Hey! Tae Gab! You fool! Tae Gab! You! Come here! You better get off of there! Have you ever cared what I do? Tae Gab… Tae Gab! What happened?! Why are you prosecuted of theft and injuring another person? What happened!! And whats with this sparkly clothes? I am loosing my mind because of you. Mom… Where are you going? We have to get him out of here,no matter what. Mom… You go too. I heard you didnt get too hurt. They’re not going to release you? His mouth got hit by the handle so his front teeth are broken… So why did you run away!? Was dad going to really kill you? Don’t worry. I’ll even sell my golf clubs and get you out of there. Don’t do that!! Mom worked so hard and didnt sleep to buy you those. Right now, is golf the problem? Just stop butting in! Even if they buy you a $300 golf club, they wont do anything for a useless son like me. It’s okay. I’ll just live as it is right now. If i’m lucky I’ll get released at some point.. or… I might just stay here… Hey…! Hey! Sung Tae Gab!Subtitles brought to you by the Birdie Buddy Team at Viki Father. Tae Gab didnt work as a gigolo! You know Tae Gab… how he played clarinet when he was in highschool. He was working temporarily to buy one, Dad.. she went to victim. Mi Soo. Do you have to continue golf? Let’s stop now. Father… As you can see, our family isnt in the best shape. Your mom talk in her sleep about our money problems. What kind of woman works that hard? Everyday, her hands ache. Mi Soo. For the sake of our family.. I ask you… Take a taxi and get home. I’ll take your mom. I tell you, LEAVE! Do you think we’re made of money? I’m so sorry! Please forgive us. What would’ve happened if we didnt catch him? I beg for your forgiveness, I’ve taught him wrong! Taught him wrong? Of course you taught him wrong!! You better pay up! He wasnt trying to run away!.. This lady! Please, just this one time! Ah, really. Hurry up and go! PLEASE!!!!
– Why are you like this? Stop!Why don’t you try riding a ship?You earn way better there than working your ass off hereI’ll pay you in advance if I have to! It’s still cold out. Why are you out so early? So what happened? Aigoo. I think she’ll let us go this time. But the release fee won’t be easy to make. We’ll have to sell out a lot and sit out. There’s no other way. We’ve been putting too much money into Mi Soo. Bringing us so much debt. We can just earn more money and pay them! Do you think we cant even raise 2 of our own kids? They said that they would give me some money if i get on the ship with Mr Park. Maybe I should I told Mi Soo to quit golf. Honey. Honey. Yeah~ I understand. Playing golf in your family.. It isnt easy. I was wondering when you’d quit! Playing golf, with the money you dont even have… How much will you give me? Golf clubs aren’t even worth much nowadays.. Don’t say that! These clubs are the only thing I’ve got.. Ok, well lets see.. Hmm, well I’d say $600 for all. They’re very worn out. Give me $200 more! Tae Gab is in a difficult situation, and just think of it as me helping you.. Fine then, I’ll go somewhere else. Welcome! Ahjussi. Please give me $100 extra. I’ll take a look once again because of the situation you’re in. Take them out again. If you come back to retrieve them, it’s 10% interest. That won’t happen. Ahjussi. I’ll keep this one. Because this one isn’t mine, it’s my mom’s. This… This.. This is what made me play golf, Ahjussi. Without this.. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Ahjussi. Hey. Mi Soo!This made me play golf, Ahjushi.Without this..I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Ahjussi. Hey, Steamed Bread. Tae Gab isn’t here. I came back to receive payment. My broken window… You told me to report it. I’m not in the mood to play around. What is this? You can pay off your debt with one game. I quit golf. Quitting is quitting and a debt is debt. I said I quit golf! Is the opponent too hard? A baseball game and a golf tournament… I’m a little dissapointed at the weak opponent. I don’t know what situation you’re in, but are you going to make a T shot?You really don’t know the President.She’s not one to accept such promise.Did you hear that in the next pro test, you’re in it with Min Hae?If hitting far is your goal, shouldn’t you be playing baseball instead of golf? You know her, right? The winner of a world championship, Min Hae Ryung. Game… where’s it at?

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