Birdie Buddy: Full Episode 13 (Official & HD with subtitles)
Birdie Buddy: Full Episode 13 (Official & HD with subtitles)

ReviewSubtitles brought to you by the Birdie Buddy Team at Viki Episode 13 It’s Min Soo! Father! Let me see her face! Father, here, juice. Oh, juice. Ah, tastes good! Dad doesn’t have any health issues, does he? And you, have you been eating well? And this face looks like it’s a bit scruffed up! Like someone who’s only eaten rice all along. I’ve also had some fish. That won’t do! When TaeGab comes, we’ll have some barbecued porkbelly. Our daughter’s been so hard at work, we will need to exert some effort. To the long awaited return of Misoo! To her! To her! Let’s drink up. Here, have some meat! Yea! This is great! Who! Adjussi, isn’t it hot? At this level, no. Wow, you eat that really well. Actually, the person who could eat this raw garlic so non-chalantly was none other than your dad. Long time ago, when he used to go to work, he’d pack a bunch of these raw garlic in his lunchbox. Remember that? This is like medicine to a man. Life at work was hard! And it’s not as though we could afford expensive herbal medicine. And that is why, your dad ate this raw garlic so faithfully. And so I eat it too. Dad! Why did you say that? You are killing the mood here. Well, I’m just saying how things were in the olden days. Hey, coach person! For a man, garlic is the best! I’m sorry, but for me, garlic is a bit… Oh, garlic, I like. yes!!! That’s right, you do like garlic. I’m telling you, he has some ability here! Hahaha! Good job eating that! Ow. Aigoo! You do it like that, and you’ll break all the dishes. His heart is somewhere else but you still try to be good to your mother, eh? Mom, it’ll be soon, and I’ll be done. Aigoo, look here! Just go already. If you go too late, there won’t even be any food left for you. Ah, really. It’s okay. Okay, I’ll be right back then, Omo! Omo! Aigoo! Look at that! Aigo. Look, look.. Okay, stop playing around already. Our coach will end up paying for it. There’s nothing to it. You might feel a little bit of pain when you poop tomorrow morning. That’s okay, as it’s just a little. Eh? Father, fighting! Fighting! Coach-nim! Fighting! Okay, get ready! Set…go! -One!
-One! -Two!
-Two! -Three!
-Three! Oh-hooo. It’s number three! -Four!
-Four! Haha! Look at him! Haha.. Look at him. You guys are too much. (A guy should…) Are you okay? Give me some water! Water please. (be able to eat this, at least!) He must be suffering! Haha. Oh, what is this? What is this? What? what? See, look at this! Kyung Wan wins! Dad, that’s enough! Let’s get up and go now. Just one more drink! One more! No, no. Mi Soo, I think it’s best if I take my dad and go. I think he drank too much. Hey TaeGab, you take them. I will. Wait! Wait! That’s just enough. Please go safely. Wait! Wait just a minute! We’ll be going. Rest well tonight! Bye! Bye! Good night! Goodbye, Mister. Goodnite Mister. Aigoo! You suffered some tonight because of Mi Soo’s dad! That’s no problem at all. Our Mi Soo went away for some time, and she must have improved, eh? Mom!! I’m not done with my training yet. When the dreamtour ends, the master wants me to come back to continue with the training. Dreamtour? You mean, where the semipros perform? Nowadays, just about anyone can participate in it. Even the amateurs have something to show for. But…do you think you’ll be okay? What? That dreamtour…isn’t there some five categories you have to perform in? If you mess up in one, don’t you become inelligible to become a pro? You don’t think I’ll be able to even come out as top ten? I’ll work hard and promise you to become a pro! Of course. I always have faith in my daughter. Starting tomorrow, I’ll get up early, and work hard. I’ll leave myself to your care! Good morning! Why does grandfather sleep so much? Okay, let’s start practicing! Grandfather! Come at me! Aigoo ya. You scared me! Why in the world would you bathe yourself with the water I worked my butt off fetching! You sure talk back! I’m saying this the second time, repeatedly , over and over again. I said I didn’t come here to be your caretaker! 1998 1999 2000!!!! He seems to live well. And who is this girl? We are looking into it. And John Lee and Min Hae Ryung’s relationship… Is he not even looking for her? Mom, but it’s your rest day. Where are you going? I’m taking your dad to the hospital. I’m not going to the hospital. Where is the hospital? Your dad is just being stubborn. Just because we’re taking the bus. Bus? What about the truck? We sold the truck. It’s not as though we need it since we aren’t selling vegetables now. What do you mean, “We no longer need it?” We need to give dad a ride! It’s even better when dad and I go hand in hand. You…aren’t you going to your training? I’m going. Why are we here? You don’t have a lot of clubs left now. Oh, how did you know about that? It’s rather light! I mangled them more than you ever did… when trying to hit underwater. Since it was given by your dad, it wouldn’t be nice to trade all for a new set. So we’ll just pick what you need. Fitting? But I hear that’s really expensive. But what is the use of a sponsor then? It’s to provide and facilitate so that the athlete can play well. Is that not it? Come on in. I’m here. Oh, John Lee. Oh! Mi Soo. Hello. You’ve been working hard, eh? Well… Of course, you have. I know about it a bit myself. Oh, that’s right. You were one of his students too. Well, I just got cut in the middle of it. Ok then. Shall we start with the fitting? Mi Soo. Your hits are exact… compared to your swing speed… Leave now. You’re out. From my games and from my life. Are we allowed to come here? Why? You were fired from here. So? So is it alright for us to practice here? Isn’t anyone allowed to play as long as they pay? We’re here as paying customers. Follow me. It’s my first time setting for Mi Soo. Yet you won’t even call me coach. Do you still dislike me? It’s not like that. You’re my player right? Sung Mi Soo Why are you being like this? Yes, Coach. Shall we start? What are doing? Oh God! Oh, were you surprised? Tae Gab, did you eat? I’ll eat after this. Oh good, I didn’t eat either. Let’s eat together. I’ll help you. You must be hungry. Why don’t you eat first? I guess I’ll help him. No, it’s fine. I can do it myself. Oh, there’s a long distance competition. Chief Caddy, you should enter. You have crazy forearm strength. HEY! Yes? Who do we have here! Manager. Oh, sit. Sit here. I heard you went to training. It looks like you’re back and doing well. It’s not completely over yet. I have to return once the Dream Tour is over. You’re going to join the Dream Tour? Yes. I’ve got to become a pro. If you become a world renowned golfer… …then it’s partly thanks to me. Oh, they’re holding a long disctance competition. Yeah, Joy Resort is holding an event before the opening match. To hold it at a location that isn’t a golf course. Sounds like fun right? Oh, if you win this, you’ll get a car? I hear they really went all out on the prizes this time. Isn’t that Min Hae Ryung? It looks like her. Min Hae Ryung, you’re a public figure… so I wanted somewhere we could meet privately… Which ended up bringing us all the way here. Why do you want to see me? Are you going to continue to play golf at your mother’s resort? Why are you curious? Please become my player. Your player? I’m asking you to let go of your mother’s hand… …and grab mine instead. Please become my player. Your player? I’m asking you to let go of your mother’s hand, and grab mine instead. I’ll help you become the best player. I will not hold back on the money I invest in you. Give a player that fooled around in the match a chance… will KLPGA approve it? I wouldn’t have brought it up, if there was no way. I refuse. The reason? I… quit golf. I lost my reason to play golf. I dropped Min Hae Ryung off. There’s no way she will go back to the resort. She got in a taxi once she was in the city. Keep an eye on her. Someone is following her right now. Do you really think she quit golf? It seemed like it. Where did you say Woo Joon Mo was? It’s a relief that your hometown hasn’t changed. She’s doing some traveling. I’m sure she’ll return soon. Oh, did I tell you? I’m really thankful that you’re Hae Ryung’s father. Yes. Then…Subtitles brought to you by the Birdie Buddy Team @ Viki. It looks like nothing is really biting. Working in this industry, I heard of Stephan Woo here and there. I also heard the name Jay Park quite often. How did you know I was here? I’m very interested in Min Hae Ryung. Which results in my interest in all things related to Min Hae Ryung. Please don’t be offended by it. Hae Ryung and I don’t have a relationship that you should be interested in. I don’t think Min Hae Ryung thinks that… Does that mean you know how Hae Ryung’s doing? Min Hae Ryung said she’s going to quit golf. I met her once she returned to Korea. She said she won’t be playing golf. There’s no way… To quit golf because of personal issue. It’s unfortunate. Does President Min Sae Hwa know about this? No. Hae Ryung is completely rejecting President Min. It seems that the only person that can bring Min Hae Ryung back… is her father. Am I wrong? It’s been days since she got back. Where is she? I’m checking all the hotels. Locate her handphone on GPS. If you go to that extent, she might get angrier. She’s not a child anymore. If the press finds out… she’ll become more of a joke. So are you saying we sit back and do nothing? Really… I really think it’s best if we wait a little longer. Aigo, there are so many better places… what brought you to this middle of nowhere village? Ahh… My parents went on a cruise. What’s that? It was on TV. They said that there’s all kind of things on that boat. There are restaurants, tons of rooms, and even a huge swimming pool. That’s right. Oh my, the world has gotten nice. Why didn’t you go with them? It’s their wedding anniversary, I can’t intrude. Your parents must have a great relationship. Yes. Your village is so peaceful and beautiful. I’m glad I got off here. I even got to meet you, Grandma and Grandpa. Eh, we’re just old folks. Oh, it’s hot. Ma’am, can we get some more cubed kimchi? Here they are. Wah, you’re lightning fast! Oh, this is nothing. Eat up. Aigo, Mi Soo’s dad, you’re so good at serving. Hello. Aigo, did you get off early? Yes… Mi Soo’s dad. I’m going home. Oh. Here! You’re leaving right on the dot. I don’t know if he’s giving you a hard time. Aigo, I’m going to give him his salary. He picks out the bad beans, and is wonderful at serving. I’m not as busy, thanks to him. Is that so? I’m leaving. Goodbye! Ah ye! Eat up. Were you bored all day? (nod strongly) I’ll hurry up and make dinner. You have to eat alot and eat your medicine too. Hurry and get better. Ah. -Oh
-Oh, what is it?. What in the world? Picking me flowers? Mi Soo’s dad! Big one! Gosh, there are even good things about you being sick. You never given me anything like this before. Thank you, Mi Soo’s dad. Oh…I’m hungry. Alright, let’s go home and eat. Eat? Let’s go. Let’s eat! Yeah, flowers. Pretty flowers.Subtitles brought to you by Birdie Buddy Team @ Viki Oh, good shot! Hey, I think you’ll have a breeze sending it past 300 yards. This isn’t good enough. What are you talking about? For a female player that can hit 300 yards, that’s wonderful. Is this the result of your training? It must be John?! Then again… Mi Soo’s basics were always quite strong. You didn’t have to go to training. I wonder who your teacher was. The training must have been useful… Seeing how she’s able to send a ball like this so far. Don’t you think you’ve used this ball for too long? What?! What’s wrong with my balls? Let’s go! Where to? Do you know the boss here too? Yes… …we were close when I was in the States Then was he a golf player too? He wasn’t a player… but he’s very interested in golf. Especially in golf balls. He’s done alot of research in order to invent a ball made in Korea. Wow. Shall we? Hello, Mr Jung. Oh welcome! Hello. Wow! Is this what you use to test the balls? It’s harder to analyze data when a person hits a ball. It’s a small thing but he’s really amazing. It reads the distance the ball had gone, the distance it rolled… and even the numerical value of the spin. It’s totally smart. Mr. Jung, Do you have any balls that’s good for long distance? All ball good for long distances? She’s got a long distance competition to go to. Wow, it’s pretty. The inside of the ball is really pretty. A golf ball may be the smallest ball, but it’s got the best internal stabilty. I heard a 2-piece ball is hard to control but can go for a longer distances. That’s from ages ago… There are easy control balls such as 3 and 4-piece balls… Is there a reason to use a 2-piece ball? It all the depends on the course’s green. This competition is held on a landing strip. A landing strip? Then it’s asphalt right? Asphalt is it… I think it’s best to use a low trajectory ball. Doesn’t a low trajectory ball go shorter than the high trajectory one? But it’s about the distance it’s gone… as well as how far it rolls. And on asphalt the distance of the ball hit the ground… and bounces will be alot too. The ball that can go further on asphalt… is definitely the low trajectory ball. With your hits, I think a low trajectory one will be better. And no one can touch you when it comes to distances. If we’re able to include the rolling distance… You may be able to go up against the male players. What do you think? Alright. You’re here anyway… Why don’t you see how the balls are made? Can we? Of course you can! From now on don’t practice with balls… other people used… lost balls or even damaged balls. Here are Mi Soo’s balls.Subtitles brought to you by Birdie Buddy @ Viki I’m… looking for a guest staying here. Miss! Come out! Okay. This is unexpected. Were you surprised… because I can’t leave it alone? Why? Because I’m sorry. You don’t have to feel sorry. I’m the one who should feel sorry for burdening you. You shouldn’t feel sorry about anything. It’s all the adults’ fault. I thought you would wait for me. I told you… that it was a present for you. Hae Ryung. I… I must have misunderstood. I…thought you would be happy. I never thought about it. That someone with my blood would be living somewhere. It wasn’t a burden. I was just angry at myself. And I couldn’t forgive myself either. I also felt apologetic to Sae Hwa for raising you on her own. And to you who had grown up alone… I couldn’t even forgive myself… how could I expect you to do so? Do you still not understand? What I hate, isn’t all the time you lived not knowing I was your daughter. I hate the moment I held up my hand to my father… and he just ran off like he didn’t know me. This isn’t how I dreamt of it… Once I found my father and met him… I didn’t think I would be abandoned so suddenly. I didn’t abandon you, Hae Ryung ah. Then? You were overwhelmed when I came running and disappeared. If that’s not abandonment, then what is it? At first I thought the only thing I could do… for you and your mom was…disappearing. But on the way to the airport,… I realized I wasn’t right. And I’ve been waiting for you this whole time. I’m sorry. Thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t come to know you while you were growing up. And thank you for calling me Dad. Feel free to leave because I won’t be calling you that anymore. Hae Ryung… Good bye. Golf. You cannot quit. You shouldn’t do that Hae Ryung. Is that something that burdens you Woo Joon Mo?! You played golf your whole life. You can’t quit like this.. Just tell me what I can do to help you. What are we to do? I no longer have a reason… to play golf anymore. Please leave.The number you’re trying to reach is temporary unavailablePlease try again laterIt’s me… Hae Ryung is where? Thankfully, she is doing just fine. She may be comfortable with the villagers whom might not recognize her. Get the car. You’re going to go this late? I need to bring her back now. She’s gone crazy! Now that you know where she is, please appraoch her slowly. If you rush into it, you’ll just chase her away further. Please calm down. Yes! And the next player is someone that will dropkick you if you mess around. A player that may just give you a cobra twist! He’s getting ready now. Let me introduce Pro Wrestling Legend… Lee Wang Pyo!! Wang Pyo! OW! OW! Wang Pyo! Like everyone else, you will receive a total of 5 tries. We will take the best score out of 5. And because it’s on asphalt and not on the greens the rolling distance will also be counted. Wow!!!!! He’s last year’s Long Distance Champion! A perfectly firm butt, backside… Ponytail… And hands that can kill… I’m sorry. Sorry. Ow! I’m sorry. Sorry. So Lee Wang Pyo is in position. Oh! It’s going, going, going!! 470 metres!! Wow!! Champion! Wow! It’s flying!!! 494 metres! The best record so far is Lee Wang Pyo! Just expected from Lee Wang Pyo! You are really going to be surprised by the next contestant. She holds 2nd place for total wins for a Korean female player… 2010’s 2nd place for winnings… Give a hand for, Yang Soo Jin! Miss Yang is in postion. Oh, it’s flying! How many meters is it?!! 475 meters!! Wow! It’s going! Looks like they’re measuring it… It’s going straight! Straight! 475 meters!! I love you Miss Yang! You’re the best Miss Yang! You’ll have to wash them gently or they’ll get mad. Lettuce gets mad? Of course! They’ve got bad temper. Yeah. Want to see? Who? So pathetic! Good Job! Come out right now! Mr. Hong, lift it up!! Yes, this contestant is a female player. She’s our second female player today. Sung Mi Soo… Please give her a round of applause! Wow! Your outfit is great! Red! It’s the colour choice by the older ladies. The longest drive in histrory was hit in 1962… Mawson Base, Antarctica. It’s held by Australian meteorologist Nills Lied with distance of 2640 yards. I believe the cold weather and ice may have helped. (shocked) Wait a minute…It’s flying out there!!! How many meters?! Wait a minute! Wait! 500… 502 meters!!! Who are you?! Who?!! Oh!! Sung Mi Soo!! This is unbelievable!! Is this real life? Many new records are being made at today’s competition. Right now, Joo Dong Wook is 1st and Sung Mi Soo 2nd! She’s in 2nd place with 10 meters difference. Will she be able to break a new record… with her final try? She will now begin her 5th and last try.Subtitles brought to you by the Birdie Buddy Team @ Viki. Did Woo Jun Mo start his moves? I think he met Min Hae Ryung. It’s now time to make our plan. What is it to fight oneself? How can everyone do this to me? Great! This is just fit for me! Now you only need to play to surprise everyone. You need to read the direction and the speed of the wind. and align it with the direction of your ball. What is the reason for letting her be by your side? She is a great player. You don’t see her as a woman? I have taken a penalty point as your coach. I have made a woman wait alone. That’s not a good man. Don’t meet those kind of men.

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