Bintelli Six Passenger Electric Vehicle For Sale – Bubble Buddy 6p Low Speed Vehicles

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel here from citEcar
electric vehicles. Today I have the pleasure of doing a product
demonstration on our Bubble Buddy six passenger vehicle. In addition to this six passenger
vehicle that has the rear facing seat kit we also have a six passenger
bubble buddy that has 3 forward facing rows. So what I am going to do is go from front
to back in this vehicle to show you different features and accessories this has. And if
you have any other questions please feel free to visit us online at OK so the first thing I want to point out
is the strobe light that’s on the roof does not come standard with this vehicle but it
can be added onto any other vehicles in our lineup. You’ll see in the front the vehicle
you have head lights and turn signals just like your car
and somewhere in your car you have now you’re also
going to have your turn signals and your headlights on your dashboard.
So on your steering wheel here you’ll be able to turn
on your headlights and apply your turn signals as well.
You get three mirrors, you get your two on the outside and
the one on the inside and then for your safety glass
your windshield is not a plastics actually AS1 certified DOT approved so
that’s actually gonna be required to actually
use this vehicle in a street legal setting. Now
going a little bit farther back you’ll see that we have 3-point seat belts.
That it comes included with every seat. Then you’ve got the armrest here, we do have
a wood grain steering wheel and then along the vehicle here you’re
gonna see this track. This is actually used to install a rain
enclosure so if you wanted to go ahead with that option, it’s one of our most popular
options each row of seating will have its own
soft enclosure, will have its own role down door.
When you aren’t using it can store along the roof line when you do need to use it
you just unfold it and each rows going to have its own zipper so it’s easy in and out
great for keeping your passengers warm and also dry in the case of
it’s raining. Now I’m going to take you a little bit farther back in the vehicle, show
you some of the other features and then we will
take in inside and show you the dashboard. Okay so
another thing I want to point out is that all of our bubbles
have these high back captains chairs. When you compare that to a golf cart
normally a golf cart will have the bench which is a little bit little lower back.
These are a lot more comfortable, you see in the rear here you do have a
net here so the passengers can actually store some papers or put some
drinks or anything like that there. You’re going to see that we do have four additional
seats in the back
in addition to the front row, tons of seating. You’ll see here I’m about six
foot tall and there’s tons of leg room here so
easily a 6-foot-2, 6-foot-3 has no issue sitting here, even a little bit taller not
any issues at all. Now going to the back of the vehicle I’ll show you here as well.
Now notice in the back of the vehicle we have a roof that extends over
there’s a lot of other brands out there that you don’t get that extension of the roof
and what happens if it’s raining these passengers are gonna get wet. So we
do have the roof extension you also have the track up here as well so
if you do get that rain enclosure like I was talking about
all this back section will be enclosed as well
and then you have this nice added area for a fifth and six passenger with
the grab handle here. Now we do have a six passenger LE
addition that has 3 forward facing rows if you
wanted to go that route, but it’s a little bit longer. This vehicle here is just over 12 foot long and then obviously 3 forward facing rows that will be about fourteen
fifteen feet so what I want to do is take you inside the
vehicle and show you some other features that
the dashboard in the batteries have. Okay so under this first row of seats is where
your batteries are located all you have to do is tilt this seat forward
and open up this door and that will reveal the battery pack. So we use 8 Trojan
batteries that are made here in the USA there really the best battery that money
can buy. You’re gonna see these white tops,
once a month you gonna wanna pop the top of and put some distilled water in the
batteries to make sure those batteries stay fully maintained.
We do have a battery watering systems available where if you wanted to connect all
the white tops into one central funnel you can do that instead of having to pour
into each battery individually but the way that it comes it only takes
about five to 10 minutes and you do that only once every month.
So what I’m going to do now is take you inside to the dashboard. Okay so first off when you’re
looking at the cab you’ll see the you have three different pedals.
The pedal all the way to the left is going to be
your emergency brake your parking brake the middle pedal will be your brake pedal
and then the right pedal will be your accelerator
pedal. You’ll see on both sides of the dashboard
you do have some storage here. We also have our digital dashboard which shows you
the battery level left, your amperage, your speed and then your odometer. You also have a CD
player and sound system. So that sound system comes standard
with this vehicle. You’re also gonna see on your steering column that you have your horn
over here. You’ll, your ignition has two keys,
that will come standard with the vehicle and then you’ve got obviously
lots of leg room here in the in the front of
the vehicle for the front two passengers. So what I want to do now, we get a lot of
customers that ask us to compare the different sizes from a six passenger
golf cart to a six passenger bubble buddy. So I want to bring a six passenger golf cart
alongside this vehicle and really show you what the differences in
size looks like when compare apples to apples. Okay so as I was saying a lot of my
customers are always asking me, can you please show me the differences
between our street legal golf carts and bubble buddy line.
So I have two of our six passenger rear facing vehicles behind me I’ve got our 6PR
street legal golf cart and then I’ve got our 6PR Bubble Buddy. The major differences between the two are gonna be just the ride comfort and the sound
system. So you’ll see here on our golf cart style we’ve
got bench seating where as on the bubble style we have
the high back captains chair. So it’s just a
little bit more comfortable. You’ll also see that the bubble buddy, the
seats are little bit raised up so you have a little bit higher feel then if you were
in a golf cart, additionally the bubble vehicle comes with a sound system,
a CD player standard. Obviously we can add one for the street
legal golf cart but is an additional fee. Roughly the same height, roughly the same
length. They’re both street legal under the federal low-speed vehicle law so all that
is the same. It’s really just the comfort and the
overall general look of the vehicle. Where as you’ve got the street legal golf cart
and then you’ve got more of a designed electric car. So that’s the major difference between
the two different styles of vehicles that we have.
So just as a reminder all of our vehicles are built here at our citEcar assembly
plant in the USA. We use Curtis controllers, Trojan batteries
and Eagle on board smart chargers which are all
made in the USA as well. Our vehicles all come with industry-leading
warranties and are filled with features that are
usually extra charges with other companies. If you have any questions please feel
free to visit us online at or call us toll-free at 866 542 8677 Please note
that we can customize the vehicles to meet your needs and we have a wide
variety of colors that are available. Once again my name is Justin Jackrel
and I look forward to working with you soon. Thanks
for watching.

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