Bintelli Electric Vehicles – Golf Cart Accessories, Neon Lights
Bintelli Electric Vehicles – Golf Cart Accessories, Neon Lights

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel from citEcar
Electric Vehicles. Today I have you in our service space in Gainesville, Florida because
I wanted to show you one of the customizations that we can do on your vehicle. The thing
that set us and our dealerships apart from other manufacturers is that we actually want
to get you a vehicle that completely suits your needs so we do a lot of customizations.
We can put on solar panels, roof mounted lights, running boards for the side of the vehicle,
anything that you can dream up we can do for you. Today we had a customer that asked for
some LED light kits for their vehicle so I wanted to show that to you. They are going
to be using these vehicles in Florida as a shuttle service and wanted it to really stand
out at night. So just to give you a quick idea of some of the stuff we can do for you,
here are the LED kit that we did for this. They requested a ponk color, we can do any
different color you want, red, yellow, green, anything that suits your needs, we can get
these LED kits installed for you. If it is something that you are looking for that maybe
isn’t standard on our vehicles, just give us a call, 352-376-6275, we can meet all your
customization needs. Website is Thanks a lot, have a great day.

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