Bintelli Electric Vehicles – Air Conditioning Option
Bintelli Electric Vehicles – Air Conditioning Option

Hi everyone, Justin Jackrel here from citEcar
Electric Vehicles. We are in front of our new headquarters here in Charleston, South
Carolina. I want to do a product demonstration on the air conditioning system that is available
on all of our enclosed vehicles. We have a couple different styles, this is the one that
we are using most often at this current time. If you have any questions please feel free
to visit us online at or give us a call at (866)542-8677. Let’s get to it. Alright, so as I had mentioned there is a
couple different styles of AC units that we are using. This is the most popular style
right now. They usually have white tops, but this customer ordered an all black vehicle
so we went ahead and custom made it so it could be all black as well. We also have a
USA made solar panel on the roof here. I always recommend to my customers that if you are
going to get the air conditioner, go ahead and get a solar panel as well. As these are
electric vehicles, the more you are using the air conditioner the more battery you are
going to use. By having a solar panel you are going to counter act that by putting some
charge back into the batteries, especially when it is a nice sunny day. The AC unit is
currently running and is very quiet. It is a system that is built for these vehicles
so it is not going to take as much draw off of the battery like what would happen with
some other brands out there. As I had mentioned you will have some draw, so we recommend to
use that AC every 40 minutes or so and to turn it off for about 15 minutes and use the
interior fans to give the system a chance to recharge. Especially if you have a solar
panel which will give your batteries a chance to recharge as well. So I am going to bring
you in to show you the interior and how the system works from inside the vehicle. Alright, so here we are inside the vehicle.
We have the control panel above us. On this you will have a low, medium, and high speed
to adjust the AC or to use it as a fan as well. Also, in this vehicle we have three
interior fans which is really good to use in conjunction with the AC unit. When you
let that AC rest throughout the day you can go ahead and leave those fans on to keep some
of that cool air circulating through the vehicle. Now, one thing that I want to mention is if
you are in a southern state like Georgia, South Carolina, Florida or even Texas for
example, I do personally recommend that you go with an open air vehicle with some air
coolers or fans installed rather than going with an enclosed shuttle with air conditioning.
If you feel like you do need an enclosed vehicle for those areas, obviously the AC is a great
option for you especially when coupled with the solar panel or some upgraded batteries
to help with the battery discharge. If you are interested in this air conditioning system
or any of our other options to meet your vehicle needs, please discuss it with your sales person
to get a quote drafted up. Please feel free to visit us online at
or give us a call at (866)542-8677. Once again my name is Justin Jackrel and I look forward
to speaking with you soon. Thanks for watching.

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