Bintelli Electric Vehicles 6pf Street Legal Golf Cart for Sale – Low Speed Vehicle
Bintelli Electric Vehicles 6pf Street Legal Golf Cart for Sale – Low Speed Vehicle

Hi everyone, Justin Jackrel here from citEcar
Electric Vehicles. Today I wanted to do a product demonstration on our 6PF Street Legal
Golf Cart only available from citEcar. I am going to show you some of the standard components
and features that come on this vehicle and let you know what citEcar Electric Vehicles
is all about. If you have any question please feel free to visit us online at
or call us toll free at (866)542-8677. Let’s get started. Alright, so starting at the front of the cart
you will see we have the three piece mirror set, just like you would find on your car.
We have an AS1 safety glass one piece windshield which is really important to have when you
are getting a street legal golf cart. We have the turn signals on the front, your headlight
switch will be on your steering column. The turn signals are on the left of your steering
column, and your windshield wiper is actually going to be on your dashboard. You will see
that we have aluminum rims on all four tires which come standard with all of our street
legal golf carts. Now, what I want to do is bring you inside and show you the dashboard
with all it’s different features. Alright, so here we are in the cab of the
electric cart. I want to first show you that we have a digital dashboard. On the dashboard
below it you will see that you have the ignition, forward and reverse switch, high/low speed
switch, and your windshield wiper. To the left of that you will see the battery meter
and fuse box. Notice that you have storage on both the right and left side. You will
see that we have a wood grain dashboard and wood grain steering wheel that matches. Coming
around to the side here you will notice that we have a separate hand brake for your emergency
brake which comes standard. I will give you a close up of our two piece DOT approved seat
belts. Now if you go to the third row you will notice that this is where your batteries
are located. Underneath the seat that flips up are eight Trojan batteries that are made
in the USA and are the highest quality that you can get. Now once a month what you are
going to want to do is pop off the white top of the batteries and fill them up with distilled
water. This will make sure that your batteries are staying nice and charged and rejuvenated.
Now if you are using the vehicle for commercial use and you are going a little bit farther
per day on the mileage side, you are going to want to check that a little bit more frequently.
It only takes about five minutes per month to do but if you wanted to save yourself a
little bit of time you can use a battery watering system which we can install that will allow
you to link all of the batteries together instead of having to use each specific top
to fill the batteries, you will just have one fill point with a funnel. All you have
to do now is lower the seat down to cover everything up. You will see that you have
seat belts in the back here, so all rows have the DOT seat belts. I’ll go ahead and zoom
in on those aluminum rims, which do come in additional styles for an extra charge. Along
the roof line we have grab handles. In the rear of the vehicle we have two golf bag holders.
We can do an additional two if you needed a total of four. If you did not want the golf
bag holders we can also add a rear locking trunk for an additional charge. Finally, over
here you will see our beverage cooler that is actually powered into the vehicle which
gives you the ability to set it on hot or cool in order to keep your beverages or food
warm or cold. This can also be removed from the golf cart which is great because if you
have a picnic you can actually bring it with you. Alright so just to tell you a little bit about
citEcar Electric Vehicles, all of our vehicles are built in the USA and we use USA made batteries,
chargers and controllers. We use on board smart chargers that are built into the vehicle
which means you don’t need to bring it back to the same location every time to charge
it up. It is built into the vehicle so if you are at a friends house you can plug it
into the garage and charge it. Not only do our vehicles go up to 50 miles per charge,
where as our competition usually goes about 25 to 30, but we also have 25 mph top speed
and it only costs about one cent per mile to operate. If you have any questions or would like any
customization, please feel free to give a call toll free at (866)542-8677 or visit us
online at You can use the website to view the pictures, specifications, videos,
and also live chat with a customer service representative. If you have any questions
please give us a call. Once again my name is Justin Jackrel from citEcar Electric Vehicles
and I look forward to working with you soon. Thanks for watching.

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