Bintelli Electric Vehicles – 4pf (4 Passenger) Standard Golf Cart Product Review

Hey guys, Justin Jackrel from citEcar Electric
Vehicles. Today I want to do a demonstration on this 4PF non street legal golf cart. I
will show you the different features between our non street legal and our street legal
models, and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at the end
of this video, we will have all of our contact information on the screen. Okay so on our non street legal golf carts
you are going to have a standard black dashboard and steering wheel when in comparison the
street legal models will have the wood grain accessories. You still have your keys, your
forward and reverse switch, and your battery meter right here on he dashboard as well.
Over here you have a 12 Volt power outlet that can be used for charging your cell phone
or any other accessories that you have, and also you still have your hand brake here.
Now one of the differences is on the non street legal vehicle you don’t have the glass windshield
and windshield wiper. Instead you will have this folding windshield and right now I have
it up, and to fold it down you just release that side and that will give you some air
flow through the vehicle. Now I will show you batteries and the rear of the vehicle,
and I will do a side by side comparison for the non street legal and the street legal
models. Okay so underneath this rear seat is where
you will find all of your batteries. Once a month just pop the white tops off the batteries,
check your fluid levels and if you are getting low make sure you fill up with distilled water
not your standard tap water. Underneath this front row of seats is where you will find
your on board charger. It has a six foot cord that plugs into a standard wall outlet which
will go wherever you take the vehicle. On the roof line you have your grab handles for
all passengers. Even though some manufactures charge extra for it we include aluminum rims
standard even on our non street legal models. In the back you have a golf bag holder which
is large enough to hold two different golf bags. If you do no need golf bag holders we
can install a locking trunk for and additional charge on the back of the vehicle. What I
will do now is get a street legal model and put it next to this non street legal model
so you can see the difference between the two styles that we offer here. Alright so I want to show you the differences
between the street legal and non street legal golf carts. The one closest to me is one of
our street legal additions. Both of them are the 4PF configuration. First off on the street
legal model you get that beverage cooler tied into the system of the vehicle so it actually
uses the power of the golf cart to both cool or heat your beverages. This actually lifts
up and can be taken with you wherever you are going. That comes with the street legal
model. Additionally on this model we have a wood grain dashboard, steering wheel, and
seat backs where as on the non street legal you have just a black plastic in each setting.
You also have the digital dashboard on the street legal model, our windshield and windshield
wiper. On the non street legal you do not have a windshield wiper because you have that
flip down windshield which is not street legal. Additionally on the street legal model you
get the DOT approved seat belts and a VIN number so you can register it in your state
as a street legal vehicle. Overall you just have more accessories but for the most part
they have the same chassis and the same specifications just the street legal model has those safety
features like the seat belts, windshield and wiper which are required for it to be street
legal. So that is going to do it for me today. If
you want to see the rest of our models please visit We have vehicles that
range from 2-29 passengers both street legal and non street legal versions are available.
All of our vehicles are built here in our Gainesville, Florida facility. We use on board
chargers, Curtis controllers, and Trojan batteries that are made in the Unites States. We use
the American Labor Force to assemble each vehicle. If you have any questions please
feel free to give us a call. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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