Bintelli Electric Vehicles – 4 Passenger Street Legal Golf Cart Demo
Bintelli Electric Vehicles – 4 Passenger Street Legal Golf Cart Demo

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel from citEcar
Electric Vehicles here. Today I am going to do a quick product demonstration on our 4PF
Street Legal Golf Cart. If you have any questions, all of our contact information will be at
the end of this video. I am going to take you on a quick run through of the vehicle,
take you from front to back and show you the different features that come standard on all
of our vehicles. Okay so here we are at the front of the vehicle.
You will see that all of our street legal golf carts come with the wood grain finish
which is included on the dashboard, steering wheel and also the setbacks as well. You will
see on your dashboard you have your key, your forward and reverse switch, and also your
windshield wiper. All of our street legal golf carts have the AS1 safety glass with
the windshield wiper. On your dashboard here you will have your speed, which tells you
if your headlights are on or off just like you would have on your car. You also have
your horn on your steering column and the battery meter in the speedometer. Some of
our vehicles also have the secondary battery meter here as well. All of the golf carts
will have three different pedals/brakes. You have your standard accelerator pedal, your
brake pedal, and over here you also have your emergency brake. So now I will take you to
the back of the vehicle and show you the different features and talk about the different batteries
and the charger as well. Okay so when you lift up the rear seat on
the 4PF model you will see all the batteries. We use the Trojan T105 batteries which are
one of the best batteries money can buy. Now on these batteries once a month you will want
to take off the white tops and fill them with distilled water and make sure you are using
distilled water and not your standard tap water. That is really the only maintenance
you have to do on your batteries. Additionally, you have a cooler right here which is great
for beverages because it is tied into the vehicle itself so it keeps your drinks cold
or warm depending on which setting you choose. It can also be removed and brought with you
as well. On the 4PF you get a golf bag holder on the back of the cart. If you wanted to
switch this out we can install a locking trunk which is great for groceries and different
items and that would go in place of the golf cart holders. You will see that we have DOT
approved seat belts for each passenger with the wood grain as I was talking about. So I just wanted to take you on a quick drive
to show you how quiet these vehicles are. It is one of the nicest things about this
vehicle. Not only are they environmentally friendly but they are quiet as well so you
do not have to worry about upsetting your neighbors driving a gas golf cart around the
neighborhood. So this is our street legal vehicle as I was saying so it reaches speeds
of up to 25 mph. Now your standard golf cart will go up to 11 mph so that gives you an
idea of how fast you are going to go. Another thing, these vehicles only take about one
to two cents per mile to operate so it is a lot cheaper than going gas, so there are
a lot of advantages with it. Now we are just driving around a local community complex that
is near our office, we will get back and I will wrap up this vehicle and if you have
any other questions feel free to give me a call and I will be here to help you out. So that is going to do it for me today. Just
remember all of our vehicles are built in our Gainesville Florida facility. We use on
board chargers that are made in the USA, Trojan batteries that are made in the USA, Curtis
controllers that are made n the USA and USA labor to assemble these vehicles to ship to
your door. We customize these vehicles to suit your needs and we have vehicles that
range from 2-29 passengers. if you have any other questions please feel free to visit
us at Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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