Best Ping Pong Shots 2019
Best Ping Pong Shots 2019

Roller! It actually broke! That was quite low! That was pretty good! I got it! What are you doing Emil? Nice! I feel like a kangaroo So there is still 72% of you guys who
haven’t subscribed to our channel So remember to do that now! And we have just updated
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100 thoughts on “Best Ping Pong Shots 2019”

  1. Pongfinity says:

    It´s been a crazy year full of crazy shots! Enjoy this compilation and also go download the free Pongfinity mobile game from the links below 😊


  2. Its*Vicho* says:

    0:53 sounds like reggeaton xD

  3. Torbolator says:

    Play with meat

  4. Piggy Sak says:


  5. Stefan Bayliev says:

    please make stereotypes !!];

  6. Dejan Butjer says:

    Do your intro in croatian

  7. Trent Ashburn says:

    That is cool and all, but can you play a game using wrist watches? 🤔

  8. Hasan Berkan says:

    Pls do your intro AND outro in Turkey

  9. x Soupergreen says:

    1:23 weird flex

  10. Leo Chen says:

    Do a intro in swedish pls

  11. XxPredatorHDxX BG says:

    tell your intro in Bulgarian

  12. Victor Morató says:

    Dudeperfect 2.0

  13. Sou Flofi says:

    Play Table Tennis but switch the use of table and racket

  14. inPhulXe says:

    Do and intro in danish

  15. γιωργος Π. says:

    Make the intro using greek

  16. Dead Pool says:

    Is it possible to see more match

  17. Husky Tuke says:

    Ok let's wcah only one video, it can't Be so good

    After The video

    Me:"instant subscribe"

  18. TazzeYT says:

    Play ping pong but with a bouncy ball.

  19. Teo Borovac says:

    This is the real Rewind 2019

  20. Philip Hedlund says:

    You should make a video with
    Truls Moregardh

  21. S L says:

    Challenge Pongfinity: I bet you to play with a CD, hi

  22. Yakuza says:

    Do your intro in croatian

  23. Der Salvi says:

    Make a game with the camera

  24. Henryeet 26 says:

    Great Video! Really enjoyed it and the old clips brought back memories

  25. Montreal dude says:


  26. DRIVE MASTER65 says:

    0:55 the sound was making me dance

  27. Was Ist Dustin says:

    0:55 just listen to the Beat

  28. Callum Parnaby says:

    Do an equipment check!

  29. WaterDesigns says:

    Challenge : play table tennis on a tennis court

  30. lLvna Dass says:

    This deserves way more views

  31. Alexander Kagan says:

    Best rewind ever. Take this youtube 😏

  32. alex wf9 says:

    Hagan un video de ustedes hacendo escenas "ping pong the animation

  33. Jorge daniel Calvo says:

    0:53 reggaetón

  34. Jorge daniel Calvo says:

    Que harás con tu botón de YouTube?

    Persona normal: lo colgaré

    Pongfinity: 1:26

  35. Tomas Chayle says:

    Please do squash trick shots

  36. 123 ABC says:

    0:55 that was a sick beat.

  37. Josue Ascencio says:

    So I’m guessing your like the dude perfect of ping pong

  38. It’s_Gila says:

    Challenge: play tennis but use a ping pong ball and racket!

  39. Tabetha Preiser says:

    Challenge:Play a match with your hands.

  40. Tabetha Preiser says:

    Challenge: Play with a spoon

  41. Nar Kalla says:

    Dip a ball in glue an get a rally of 10 challenge

  42. Cubzeyy Y says:

    0:55 fire beat

  43. Andiko Dwi says:

    Do Your Intro In INDONESIA Please !

  44. Mateo says:

    Greetings from Uruguay, nice video.

  45. Tiến Trí Nhân Nguyễn says:

    second dude perfect

  46. UluCu Duy says:

    I from vietnamese

  47. ON WO says:

    내가 뭘보고 있는거지..

  48. KodeX says:

    Uuh.. Did you hear that rhytm at 0:55

  49. romdon ромдон says:

    try to play ping pong while wearing a heavy backpack

  50. JustAboutYourLife says:

    I have one simple question: Can you do some „home trickshots”?

  51. ぶれいんagar says:


  52. pururava desai says:

    Challenge pongfinity: Do a separate video of trick shots and match with penhold grip, v grip, pistrol grip and other unique grips.

  53. Christiano Davyn says:

    Do you intro in indonesian

  54. Luis Mario Miranda says:

    You guys are amazing.
    Greetings for your succes.

  55. Done Account says:

    Play table tennis using only home made materials. (e.g home made table, rackets, balls etc.)

  56. jerry chen says:

    I would like to see either H, N or E format of table tennis, cheers

  57. GW_ Ramu says:


  58. rupinder kaur says:

    Play it on trampoline ,pls

  59. M16HAMMER says:

    Dam these people are goated

  60. amit raina says:

    Play with golden play button

  61. laigy jimmy says:

    I really want to see pongfinity serve tutorial

  62. Sarab Singh says:

    Challenge Pongfinity:do the intro in the last

  63. Tertullian the Baptist says:

    I love ur vids

    Otto can u do 5 around the net shots with the blade of your racket?

  64. Pieter says:

    This is Wii Sports Ping Pong in real life

  65. Davide says:

    Oooh you've made an App!!!!!

  66. Juan Mendoza says:

    Tiembla dude perfect

  67. Live Cartoons for kids says:

    i cant even serve without failing like 5 time

  68. tll heuer says:

    Hey, could you please do a tutorial of the ball on fingernails spinning trick?

  69. Mokinukas IDK says:

    Play with football ball table tennis

  70. samrat Dahal says:

    do ping pong rally while eating fries

  71. GaPPreY says:

    0:53 sounds like music 😀

  72. gamimg and posting with bobo says:

    Do intro in romanian

  73. Бойцов Ингвар says:

    try playing with the clock

  74. плаза ù says:

    Do your intro in Russian

  75. Un Known says:

    Ping pong without grip for a clubs

  76. Orbit puke Lissop says:

    0:55 sounds like a beat

  77. Jari Tennisboy says:

    Do your intro in Dutch

  78. ピエールを吸うオラフ says:


  79. Peach_BRAnDy_ says:


  80. Vince Cabral says:

    Does anyone notice the beat in the tiny version
    Or I'm just addicted with beat

  81. Никита Евсеев says:

    Кто выиграл на соревнованиях Бриль или вы?

  82. Lauri Kyllönen says:

    Challenge ponfinity: play whitout hands!

  83. Nazneen Ansari says:

    Challenge: Play table tennis with a Pen cap.

  84. Martin Maguire says:

    Hi pongfinity play the biggest game of ping pong over the curtains

    Bet you cant😎😎

  85. Mister Bombastic says:

    0:56 How to Ping-Pong Remix:

  86. I dont care about what you feel and f you says:

    Hey,this is a good recommendation

  87. Bartas Bogdevic says:

    where do i get the mini net lol

  88. Ark Peñ says:

    Its like dude perfect, but pingpong edition. Lol.

  89. FA Galaxy says:

    Challenge : Play ping pong on a tennis court.

  90. Yerebi32 Yerebi32 says:

    0:54 this sound make a beat

    Sorry if my english isn't good l'm French

  91. Diego XD says:

    Play table tennis, but with phones, it is very satisfying. The phone is a good racket

  92. Casper Johansson says:

    Can you do A video were you are playing illegal

  93. S Baggili Harris says:

    Try and reach 2 million subscribers by 2021

  94. Kesequter Tregaster says:

    0:55 EEEEE

  95. Pedro Augusto gamer says:

    Make your intro in portuguese

  96. saw at saw at says:

    Proud to be one of the 300k Subscriber

    Smash like if you have subscribed to Pongfinity before 1million

  97. Diego LOS DE ABAJO says:

    Y yo me sentía bueno:(

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