Best Ping Pong Shots 2018
Best Ping Pong Shots 2018

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100 thoughts on “Best Ping Pong Shots 2018”

  1. Mitali Pandit says:

    #Challenge Everyone don't forget to subscribe if you haven't. The 200K mark has to be achieved before the year ends!


    Настольный теннис это хорошо!Особенно когда нет проблем с компьютером! Добро пожаловать!

  3. John Remondino says:

    I’m gonna say this is how karate kid would train if it was ping pong

  4. Maria Vilaneide Tiburcio says:

    Vai prala ma

  5. The DarkSide says:

    Omg 😱😱🤪

  6. Ucuun says:

    Я один после Марио пинг понга?

  7. сергей аткин says:

    Красиво !

  8. IVAN says:

    doing that in first try

  9. dbc7772011 says:

    New subscriber, I love the impossible curving spin shots which go outside of the net. Are those legal? The accuracy of hitting the cups also. All amazing

  10. 五脊六兽 says:


  11. Su6ty Green says:

    1:36 How Mohammed Ali trains

  12. Andrew fronzer says:

    The last shot is amazing)

  13. じゃすてぃす says:

    0:37 どーゆう回転?w

  14. klikitz smith says:

    very entertaining

  15. X Y says:

    Amk amerikalini bir seyin bokunu cikarmasa olmaz

  16. Ali Amjad says:

    Play full game with spin

  17. Lukas Aralias says:

    It's table tennis!! Not bloody ping pong! I guess when you play it that well you get to call it what you like..

  18. Гаврил Сивцев says:

    This is insane…

  19. blondcoul 62 says:

    Trop fort

  20. Alokkumar Chaturvedi says:

    #challenge :do 40 times forehand loop in 90seconds

  21. 101 Legitness says:

    I think that first serve is fake 1 because it is Blury

  22. Tham Thắm says:

    Can you playing twenty one point


    I cant believe one year later it pongfinity already has 1 million sub

  24. QazGamer Gt says:

    Can you do a tutorial how to do the thing when you hit the ball it go like curved

  25. L A chanell says:

    Keren keren keren

  26. Shadow darkness23 says:

    That smack though

  27. No1wierdguy says:


  28. Guilherme Franco says:

    Melhor canal da vida

  29. julio sanchez says:

    these guys seem so happy doing this but not many ppl know how many fails happened before the win

  30. Craig Hatchell says:

    I bet you do the crossword puzzle in ink.

  31. nyrn_0 says:

    Wieso ist der Titel deutsch ?

  32. Red Wings Fan says:

    the moment you realize they play better with a clothes hanger than you do with a real paddle

  33. otso mäkinen says:

    Kuka suomest pistä like jos ootte

  34. Igorro WwAaRrIiAaTt says:


  35. Chynna Strauss says:


  36. Caleb Chambers says:

    The people on the other side of the curtain: Everybody duck there's a gun fight!

  37. Benjamin Martin says:

    How can i learn such beginning Balls with Backspin and how long does it take to learn the smash behind the Body

  38. xu ren says:


  39. Victor Empy-a says:


  40. Sweven Concepts says:

    1:00 is that Felix ka Jailbird?

  41. Sweven Concepts says:

    1:00 is that Felix ka Jailbird?

  42. Beniamin Liss says:

    32 milions views congratulation good job

  43. Дархан Жанузаков says:

    Can repeat the trick of Bruce Lee with the nunchucks?

  44. Ndng Style says:

    Miika: huuuuhuhu

  45. Sergey Sergeev says:


  46. Paweł Karcz says:

    Best movie ever seen.

  47. Srikrishna Gautam says:

    Can't u put some tips for spin services

  48. Dawid Michalski says:

    Bravo !!! You are the best ping pong player…!!

  49. Budokaido says:

    Wow Amazing Talent

  50. Muhammad Naufal Ardabili says:

    Kata akmal saputra by1

  51. Muhammad Naufal Ardabili says:

    Kata akmal saputra mah kalian nub

  52. Epic Fortnite says:


  53. Jan Albrecht says:

    0:28 how does that work, he just spin the ball slightly.

  54. Nathan So says:

    I wish I had Mikka's footwork

  55. Александр Санин says:


  56. Andrei Mirlescu says:

    Hei, pongfinity…you can play pingpong with nunchaku?

  57. Nicholas 188 says:

    #Challange Do A BackTurn,Spin 90* Degree Shot

  58. Md. Al-Amin says:

    From which planet they are?

  59. キャラメル. says:


  60. Brian Rollins says:

    Dont show dude perfect

  61. P4P KING says:

    I am waaay better than absolutely none of these guys….forever

  62. No Internet says:

    What is the cheatcode he used?

  63. su soc con says:

    Địt me daukiwibox

  64. Катя Патракова says:


  65. Ganerdene Enhtur says:

    wtf this is even possible?

  66. Пит Брэд says:

    Детски сад

  67. whoa says:

    the ball is a paid actor

  68. Fifa Nathan says:

    1:06 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  69. a2katt says:

    Вы блять кто такие?

  70. yiota says:

    They have sharingan not possible with normal eyes 😂

  71. Veton Zeqiri says:

    You guys are the best.I want to challenge you to a match

  72. Karol Koziel says:


  73. Yousif Shamandour says:


    literally nobody

    CR7: 3:23

  74. Lance Mathew Jimenez says:

    I love pongfinity

  75. Lance Mathew Jimenez says:

    Best shots chap

  76. oswoq okedwwew says:

    If you're so good, why don't we see you playing with Ma long?

  77. King Craig says:

    Is it just me or did Miikka sound like Goofy 0:55

  78. Anubha Bagaria says:

    Play with your underwear

  79. 헤헷 says:

    한국어 갬동이다

  80. Fill *** says:

    Это круто! Парни подарите мне хорошую ракетку!

  81. Cr4zy BaT says:

    0:50 that shoot omg!

  82. 5 Dots says:

    😔 ➕ Table tennis = 😆

  83. オペラオー says:


  84. Scraatch says:

    Флл лсмь варолш юсукэап??

  85. ほか says:


  86. Gloria Ayala says:


  87. David Matei says:

    Lo de vamos a la cama sonó un poco mal 😂😂

  88. HamiltonSurrey says:

    As a boy I played ping pong, as a man I played table tennis. I will have to be in Valhalla to play like this.

  89. ZiggyZagga says:

    You should start doing tutorials!

  90. Kenuel Chavis says:

    I wanna play one of these guys

  91. 滝沢朗 says:


  92. MeMoRy Beats says:

    Can't trust my eyes !! If this is real, it's the most amazing thing !!

  93. Claudenice Cabral says:

    Mentiraaa, você arrasaram!

  94. Magma YT says:

    1:08 it’s like that video with the guy hitting baseballs

  95. kan says:


  96. Michael Lee says:

    내가 알기로는 첫번째 영상은 노카운트임… 실점입니다.

  97. ストーリー says:


  98. ーコッペパン教祖 如月 says:


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