Best Par 3 On Course Golf Strategy – How To Break 100 or 90 For That Matter
Best Par 3 On Course Golf Strategy – How To Break 100 or 90 For That Matter

I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I am going to show you a little
bit about a strategy. And this strategy is aimed at helping you
break 100. It can also help you to break 90.But I am
particularly looking today at breaking 100. If you are interested in that. Stay tuned. [MUSIC] Alright. So here we are having a Par 3. I thought we would get out on the golf course
an really work on lowering our score.And we have a 120 meter Par 3. Which is 132 yards. The thing about this hole is we have got 2
bunkers. One on the left and one on the right. The one on the left is about 20 yards or so
short of the green.The one on the right is level with the green. Now if your strategy is to try and break 100. There is really only 2 places that you don’t
want to go when you play this hole. I could say there was 3 but I will focus on
2. You don’t want to be in the bunker on the
left. And you certainly don’t want to be in the
bunker on the right. The third one is you don’t really want to
be over the back. But we are not really going to worry about
that today. I am going to show you a strategy that will
not get you over the back. So if you are having trouble with bunkers
you could always go to my bunker playlist. And there is plenty of bunker videos that
will help you. But let’s say we are not interested in improving
bunkers. We just don’t want to get them in the bunker
in the first place. So then you say. OK that’s 20 yards short of the green that
bunker on the left. It’s 132 so what club can I hit around about
90 yards.So it could be a variety. You could hit a pitching wedge 90 yards. You could hit a 5 iron low and running. It really doesn’t matter. And the thing about golf is you just have
to remember what it’s about. You look it up on Wikipedia and it says something
like. Golf is a game. It uses clubs and balls. You hit the ball with the club until it gets
in the hole. Lowest score wins. It doesn’t say anything about having to hit
beautiful pretty shots. It’s simply lowest score wins. So it doesn’t matter how you do it. Make it low. So if I said to you you were trying to break
100 or even 90 is 4 a bad score on this hole. And you would have to say no it is not. Even though it is a shorter hole. Four is a good score. In fact if you bogey every hole you would
shoot 90. The best way to bogey every hole is to get
on the Par 3’s for 2. Get on the Par 4’s for 3. Get on the Par 5’s for 4 and 2 putt every
hole and you just shot 90. So you are certainly breaking 100. If somewhere along the line you chip it a
bit closer and you actually have a 1 putt. You have just broken 90. So you don’t have to hit amazing shots to
break 100 or 90. You just have to play conservative. So what I am going to do here is I am just
going to play an 8 iron. And of course I am not going to hit this full. I am not even attempting to hit the ball on
the green. But what I am going to do is I am going to
aim it at that bunker on the right. Because I am just going to effectively hit
a half pitch shot with my 8 iron. This should go around the 80 meter mark. Which shouldn’t get me in the bunker on the
left. Even if I pull it a little bit. But it is going to get me down close enough
that I have got a simple pitch or chip to get on the green and we go from there. Now today the pin is right up the back. And that is a sucker pin. If you try and get close to that green the
further we hit it on this green the less room there is up there. It sort of goes to a bit of a point. Past there. So you don’t want a bar of hitting the green. If you hit the green you have accidentally
hit the green. We want to miss it front right. And well and truly front right. So I am going to take my aim over at this
bunker on the right hand side. Knowing I can’t get into that bunker. And I am just going to hit a little half shot. So I just pulled that a little bit. But it’s down there. Just short of the green. It’s almost run on to the edge of the green. So I could be saying yeah I am really not
happy with that I pulled that.It really wasn’t the best swing of the lot. But what it’s done is set me up nicely to
play the hole. So we will go and see what happens next. OK so here we have I have arrived at where
my ball finished. You can see I am only about 3 paces off the
edge of the green. I actually caught the down slope so I landed
it at the right distance but the ball kicked a little bit too far off the down slope. So if I did pull it left I would have been
further left and that would have put me in the bunker. But I am no where near that bunker on the
right. So I aimed it far enough right to getaway
with it. So I would probably consider putting from
here. Because the grass is fairly low. We certainly don’t want to hit this in the
air and that shot you know the Phil Mickleson type shot. It looks exciting but it’s a fairly low percentage.Let’s
say we are going to be conservative here. Instead of using a putter. I am going to use my hybrid. So we just take our set up with it. And I have a couple of practice swings. You can use all sorts of techniques with a
hybrid. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But I am using the hybrid because there is
not much loft on that club face. So that is going to help me to make the ball
run. So I am here not trying to be a golf pro. I am here thinking I am trying to be the average
guy trying to shoot less than 100 and hopefully less than 90. So I can see here that the ball is going to
roll a little bit to the right. I have got to aim a fraction left of the flag. And I just want to get it up there. Now the pin is up the back. So remember the goal here is to get it on
and 2 putt. We don’t want to get too tight. And it go too much at that flag. So if I can get this ball half way to three
quarters of the way. That is going to give me a fairly simple 2
putt and get my bogey.So we will see how we go. So I have hit that it is running along. It’s just up there and it seems to be about
a flag stick short of the hole. Very simple. Not a lot of technique involved. I basically just pretended I was putting. So from there I have got my putter. So this is what I am faced with. It’s a little bit more than a flag stick from
the hole. But it sets me up nicely to have my bogey. But it gives me a chance that I can actually
get a 3. So I will stand here. It’s going to break a little bit right to
left. I just get my set up. Have a little practice swing. It didn’t break. It stayed there. Damn I missed the 3. But that’s ok. I
have just made the easiest 4 you could possibly have. Very little stress. Nothing too exciting.But I have made 4 and
as I said 4 is a pretty good score. So start thinking a little more strategically
about how you are going to play the hole. Don’t just get up there and say this is a
Par 3 and I have to get on the green. There are many different ways of playing it. So I hope you have enjoyed that. Thank you for letting me help you with your
golf. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And if you like my videos you can click on
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8 thoughts on “Best Par 3 On Course Golf Strategy – How To Break 100 or 90 For That Matter”

  1. Curt Alford says:

    Great advice on the mental aspect of the game!

  2. stonewallre7 says:

    How about breaking 120?

  3. stonewallre7 says:

    Thank you for your kind words and course strategy. I appreciate the help. Some of the advice I use and does help and some of it I will definitely incorporate. My biggest issues are some times it takes me longer to get on the green than the short game. I like the practice idea of the putts and will use them and use the course strategy you gave me. Again thanks for your advice I will use it and let you know how I do the next time I play. I practice almost every day.

  4. Robert Phillips says:

    A 4 on a Par3 is basically a birdie to a guy trying to break 100.

  5. S As says:

    Good video Brian, I am going to try your technique, I am new to golf and haven't broken a 100 yet. It's just so tempting when I'm about 90 yards off the green to try to land on the green, it rarely pays off and I usually need another shot to get on the green then 3 putt. Steve, UK

  6. david cooper says:

    Hi Brian really enjoying your videos, I have been using this strategy which has taken lots of pressure off my game this has seen me hitting the ball better even getting on some greens in regulations and shooting a few pars, really enjoying my golf.Thanks David

  7. Michael Wright says:

    Advising people to lay up on a par 3 makes no sense. Especially if you are trying to break 90.

  8. On Par With James And Steven says:

    Hey Brian your videos have helped me break 100 twice 93 and 91, and I do play with wedges some of the time I prefer your bump and run style of play. I find you one of the best YouTubers if im looking to improve my game. Thank you very much for all of this free and sound advice wish you all the best from Scotland.

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