BEHIND-THE-SCENES: What it takes to keep a golf course in shape

for that and we want to get out there and show people that we really can live up to those expectations.” THE WEATHER WILL BE CHANGING SOON… BUT THERE’S STILL PLENTY OF GOLF TO BE PLAYED… TO THAT END… GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENTS ARE STILL WORKING TO KEEP THEIR COURSES IN THE BEST SHAPE POSSIBLE… PHOTO JOURNALIST JOSH WITZEL PAID A VISIT TO GLENDALE G.C. TO SHOOT THE CREW ACTION… :22-:28 1:08-1:14 Mower sounds … Bryan Witzel: “On a normal day we’ll usually mow greens, mow fairways, mow tees, cut cups, we call it setup, moving tee markers, we rake bunkers, mow rough.” Mower sounds Dave Carter: “We do a lot of rounds here and that is largely due to the condition of the golf course.” Bryan Witzel: “We try to be as courteous as we can some people expect us to shut the mowers off while we’re near them we just stay as far back as we can it’s a good problem to have cause we want people to play.” Mower sound Dave Carter: “What brings people to glendale are the greens they’re known for some of the best in the state.” Bryan Witzel “The greens are really a totally different grass we get diseases we have to top dress verticut.” Mower sound Bryan Witzel” It’s got a lot more maintenance goes towards the green than your lawn.” cutting cup sound … Bryan Witzel: “I’m always tweaking the greens trying to make them better, faster, you know, it is very important in my opinion. Without the greens here we wouldn’t do as well.” Dave Carter: “Bryan and his crew they do all the little things they work really hard and the golf course shows it.” Bryan Witzel: “Me and my crew enjoy what we do and we take a lot of pride in the golf course.” Flag clanking sound ITS TOUGH NOW BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO START WINTERIZING THE COURSES…BUT PEOPLE STILL WANT TO KEEP PLAYING… THANKS WES/DANA. WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK

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