Behind the Scenes of a Jordan Spieth Commercial | AT&T
Behind the Scenes of a Jordan Spieth Commercial | AT&T

(music) We are very excited to have Jordan’s full team here today to shoot this commercial about how AT&T helps keep them connected. Especially in professional golf, with the craziness of the travel schedule and kind of trying to control the amount of time you spend here and there. It’s a complete team effort. Jordan and I met at the 2011 U.S. Junior Am. He’s pretty easy to get along with. Yeah, we hit it off. I think I gave him a bad number on the first hole – he forgave me. It takes a village of people to put all the pieces together to allow him to excel on the world stage. That’s who Jordan is. It’s a very inclusive relationship – not just with me but with his swing coach, trainer, that whole family friend group. I mean you can tell they’re having a good time together. It’s fun to see him behind-the-scenes when the cameras not rolling with Patty, his coach, and some other folks. I think in Jordan’s case you see his team, which he references a lot. He knows how important they are to him. And he also knows that he wouldn’t be as successful as he is without them. If he didn’t have his caddie, if he didn’t have his agent, if he didn’t have his coach, his parents to help get him that far, then it wouldn’t happen. He can’t do it alone. I’m sure in my early teenage years – is the last thing I wanted to do is hear my mom tell me something else I had to do. But it’s very helpful now, is very involved in my foundation and I’m very appreciative of it. People in your inner circle are invaluable that you see on a day-to-day, week to weekly level. They help create who you are and allow you to be at your best. Very easy to get along with and like I always said, makes all of us look better than we actually are just through his talents. He was the quarterback on the football team, he was the point guard on the basketball, and I think he learned then that you can’t take credit for a team event or a team sport. And this truly is a team sport. (sonic logo)

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  1. Vandy Vela says:

    TEAM Spieth makes it happen 🙂

  2. Raymond Verdugo says:

    Good luck Jordan.

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