If you hit the ball really hard and it
goes deep and out of bounds, somebody might tell you to snap your
wrist and that the reason the ball went out was because you didn’t snap your wrist.
The ball would drop down into the court. In beach volleyball, snapping your
wrist really isn’t that important. What’s important is creating topspin on the
ball and creating good ball control. You want to use a technique that makes it
easier to control the ball. If you’re really tall, snapping your
wrist could be really effective because it can help you hit the ball
harder. On overpasses, it can really help to snap your wrist to hit the ball
down into the court, But most of the time you need to focus on controlling the
ball and placing it into the court. So what you need to learn how to do is claw
the ball. Clawing the ball is basically making your hand into a curved position
before contacting the ball. This is different than snapping the wrist. When
you claw the ball, you start in this claw like position and you stay in this
position during the entire movement. When you claw at the ball, focus on
contacting the ball with your entire hand. All your fingers should make
contact with the ball. Focus on wrapping your hand over the ball. You want to
always finish the movement with your fingers pointing down. If your fingers
finish pointed up you won’t create topspin. So the fingers finish pointed
down and the ball spins down into the court. Use this clawing technique for
placing the wall to different areas of the court. Now if you’re interested in proving your
hitting be sure to watch my video on how to line
up your approach. The link to watch it is in the description below and also in the
cards in this video. If you’ve been struggling with hitting and have a
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