BC gives green light to modified golf carts
BC gives green light to modified golf carts

In September we will be approving the
use of neighborhood golf carts allowing slow moving vehicles to use our roadways
these golf carts are able to go up to 30 kilometers an hour they need to have
seatbelts in them they need to be a little bit modified which costs
something between about five and seven hundred dollars but they are an
environmentally friendly form of transportation and for many senior
citizens they are a much more preferable form of transportation and easier,
makes it easier for them to maintain their independence. Today’s announcement
is something that will greatly benefit so many people in our community here in
Qualicum beach and something i’m personally excited about something that
is very innovative sometimes we need to think a little bit outside of the box to
grow with our aging community and our communities around the province. You know
when we started doing some more trail work in qualicum beach and trails are
important for many people for many aspects for walking biking scooters
skateboards. The Dollymount trail down from the Legion to basically a Chartwell
area i wanted that wide enough so that if you met another golf cart on the way
you could pass each other so we were planning ahead we’re very pleased that you have chosen
us as a pilot project which is entirely appropriate and we love to work with you
to help people not only be more mobile and engaging but also and protect the
environment from in by reducing greenhouse gas. So over the next two
years with the community of Qualicum and Minister Michelle Stilwell and also the
community of Chase which is the other community that’s participating will be
collecting all the information and the feedback to make sure that we can do
this safely and make sure that it’s meeting the needs of seniors and
communities without working together we wouldn’t be able to make these things

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