Basic Golf Equipment : Golf Club Grips
Basic Golf Equipment : Golf Club Grips

Alright, like I mentioned before, I want to
talk about the grip. The grip is a very important aspect of the golf club and one that often
gets overlooked. After all, this is the only connection that you hand has with a golf club.
The one thing you want to keep an eye out for when you go to buy new grips is the width
of the grip. There are a couple of different things you can do or you can ask your golf
professional to do, you can always tell them to add more wraps. Basically, when you add
more wraps to a grip, you are making it wider. And what it is is there is tape underneath
this grip and they use double-sided tape that they wrap. They can alway build up this grip
more or less, depending on what you like or what fits for you. For this standard grip
I have right here, I have one wrap underneath it, which is a pretty standard fit on most
grips. That’s really one thing that you can try different grips out. You can feel different
grips and grab different grips on a golf club to see what really fits and what’s really
comfortable. Obviously, with a bigger hand, you want to have a little bit wider grip.
And that’s just basic common knowledge with that. But, one thing I would recommend with
buying grips is to make sure you update your grips or re-grip your grips as least twice
a year. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at a set of clubs and you will see
the wear and tear on the heel right here or where your fingers are rubbing up against
it. You know, that’s a sign it’s probably a good time to get some new grips. We are
going to move from the grip to the shaft and the next we are going to talk about the different
types of shafts you can put in your iron.

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