BALL PiT GAMES!! Daredevil Niko & Adley play in our new favorite indoor park (family night routine)
BALL PiT GAMES!! Daredevil Niko & Adley play in our new favorite indoor park (family night routine)

100 thoughts on “BALL PiT GAMES!! Daredevil Niko & Adley play in our new favorite indoor park (family night routine)”

  1. Hyland Weber says:

    So cute

  2. Metrogamer 268 says:

    THE BOX-Roddy rich


  3. caleb watts says:

    Love your family!!!

  4. Sean Holladay says:

    That place looks fun!

  5. Azucena Leon says:

    Love the vid ☺️ keep it up😊😊😊so cute!

  6. Maria Isabel Martinez says:


  7. Sophie Hashbrow says:

    The other guinea pig should be named Peanut Butter to go with Honey

  8. Alberto Touceda says:

    wweddddedddd. Bye

  9. Cathy Hannold says:

    Pooh and Honey cause pooh loves his honey

  10. Anxious Artist says:

    Baby 8 was a great name, you should use it for the other guinea pig

  11. Simon Maber says:

    Not everything is a “routine”. Please stop

  12. Sebastian Haynes the second says:

    Did you say crap

  13. Sebastian Haynes the second says:

    I know a name for the next one paris

  14. Gabb Stew says:

    How do we get the adley shirt?

  15. CherryHookah 2020 says:

    aww did anyone here niko when he came out of the building??? he said "thanks"!!! at 11:27

  16. kyuranger Rider says:

    Do a live stream of the horn tied a darts when the kids get up in and when the kids go to bed

  17. Jay Brown says:

    You've already got Honey. Why not go with Sugar for the next one? Mom's dog was called Sugar when I was growing up.

  18. FP_Toy Bonnie02 says:

    That looks sooooo fun!

  19. Ian Grimm says:

    💩luv ur vids

  20. Jacob Podolsky says:

    Niko looks like a low key chucky doll. Love the vids!

  21. daniel walen says:

    Orbent air is my fav evrey day i go there

  22. Ian Grimm says:

    💖Love your video

  23. Samantha Aubin says:

    That looks so fun you're whole family is just sooooo adorable
    Then Jenny randomly pulls a carrot out of her binnie😆

  24. Diamondfox says:

    That indoor park is in texas

  25. marcux02 says:


  26. Roni Cooper says:

    urban air is so close to my house I don't live in Utah

  27. Nancy Salgado says:


  28. chris Brandt says:

    Sheesh when ever me and my girl go that place is absolutely a zoo!

  29. test this says:

    These videos always puts a smile on my face 🙂

  30. Doogle GG says:

    Who misses old videos with space station squad? 😥😥
    Who else remembers when Jenny didn’t even like being in camera,
    Quick suggestion shonduras I would LOVE if you did another colab with what’s inside
    And can you go back to the first space station office Again and see what it is now

  31. Evan Pollack says:


  32. Silent says:

    Adley do be vibin tho

  33. Jayden Bateman says:

    Me when the aliens send me back because i'm complaining to them 7:07

  34. Subarno Subarno says:

    What country are they in ??? Please tell me !! Cause i wanna go there 😂😭

  35. Subarno Subarno says:

    Tell me

  36. ericca strauder says:

    Were do you live

  37. Garyson Campbell says:

    What kind of bean bag do y’all have?

  38. KOKULAN Akshana says:

    Adley I like your best day. Ever video.

  39. [email protected] Trientien says:

    I pook ur vid ever Day 😊😊😊 I love it

  40. [email protected] Trientien says:

    Niko and adley sooo cute

  41. Rosanna 00 says:

    Isn’t it cold there?! Why are the adults wearing 2 layers when the kids are only wearing shirts… 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lol think I’m getting old

  42. Danny Sanchez says:

    You can name the new guinea pig PIXIE 😁

  43. Kunda Malijani says:

    Your kids always put a smile on my face 🤩

  44. sisi nourlina says:

    Adley yuo sukyuot😋🥰😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😘😘😚♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💝🐰

  45. Jacqui Bicker says:

    You wish you
    Hi my name is hello my name is Jesse and I watch.

  46. rachelle bolaji says:

    I I love your the pop the bump it

  47. Familj Pasalicnilsebo says:


  48. Rachael Taylor says:

    Does adley have her own merch as my little girl is a big fan here in the uk and id love to buy some adley merch

  49. Mckenna Cavanagh says:

    Hunny and Lilly

  50. Vivienne Carabine says:

    Popcorn is a good name 😂

  51. Looby Brice says:

    Guinea pig number two incoming!!! Adley will explode 🎉

  52. brittany stevens says:

    They're opening an urban air by us so my kids are getting a sneak peek of what fun things we will be able to do there!

  53. Taylor 126 hess says:

    Today I eat cereal

  54. Orang 413 says:

    Please recognize this today my life changed drastically involving my dad I am truly sad I just need help my life is falling apart sorry if this looks like I just want to get likes or stuff like that but yeah

  55. Ian Grimm says:

    you guys rule and you keep doing what you're doing. My dad Ian only lets me watch certain channels and you are number one!

  56. limei lu says:


  57. Johnny Palm says:

    Can u com to Sweden with Adley and Niko so I Jan se u gays

  58. DaniMotifEs6 says:

    Kvgifa.Jeg café retter det er 100

  59. Lexi Arredondo says:

    Where is that place?? Leave a like if you want to know

  60. J Boogie says:

    The next hamsters name should be Summer or Bella

  61. Kiko Moreno says:


  62. Krystal Ramos says:

    i one there all you

  63. Krystal Ramos says:

    i going to your home.

  64. Krystal Ramos says:

    my name is ALANYS

  65. Toy Meets World says:

    How about you name the other one Mustard for Honey Mustard. Y'all are so funny!

  66. Farrah ODonnell says:

    Lufhmljglljgjlkyjkybjlohnkk lhfbgtgyt5555 5yfj iy

  67. Mendehije Latifi says:

    Hi I just wanted to say that I like the #bestdayever and #aforadley

  68. Lana Cameron says:

    Maybe the At her one penutt

  69. William J. Heinecke says:


  70. Brady McKinney says:

    Just curious, what kind of pc do you have?

  71. Cute Strawberry says:

    Maybe you could name your guinea pig Leila

  72. Deniseh Reyes says:

    Onfbebcseeeedxxsxsfhghn k

  73. Chevonne Reid says:

    You should name it toast because you can put honey on toast

  74. Osama Darweesh says:

    Far jhhvfoiiiklm

  75. Shaun Patino says:

    Name the second pig Syrup

  76. Wade fromthawell says:

    Super fun. Had a blast watching. Niko is so fearless and tough. I saw the bean bag facebook video. No high flying Koapa. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.

  77. myji olsen says:


  78. Sophia venice Delos Santos says:


  79. iTzNuts_ PvP says:


  80. Ruurd van Buiten says:

    Honey and Sonic!

  81. Jay Russ says:

    Why don’t the Guinea Pigs have an IG account yet?

  82. Erin Williams says:


  83. Alexandria Harnish says:

    highfive my 3 year old daughter loves your videos and she told me to say hi to you all. Thank you for sharing your loves with us

  84. James Stewart says:

    V976$5)73;!3. S. D. Water thigh ggghfcikuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkiopfvdxgxvrfrsfeyj nifty gift bfndjjdn CNsidnfjf. M

    hejdmdddkdsnsiddkmdmwmsjwkswaasdzx J j


  85. Ian Grimm says:

    A messa

  86. Cathy Burton says:

    Hi you guys!! My 3 year old son is obsessed with Adley. We live in Utah (Ogden) so Clearfield is so close. I dont know if you guys meet your fans, but if there is any possibility, I would love to have him meet Adley. Part of our nighttime routine is he can have 1 Adley video before he goes to sleep. Let me know. Your family is beautiful!

  87. Jessica Riley says:

    My three year old daughter thought of the name Sandy for the new bebe! She asked me if we could buy Adley her new guinea pig, when I told her you guys live too far away her solution was that we could mail it to her 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  88. Garrett Covington says:

    My daughter loves yalls show, if you guys are ever in Arkansas, my daughter would love to meet adley, she is oaks youtube hero, she loves watching you guys and watching yalls show, she is having surgery soon and if you guys would say hey or try to meet her, my daughter would love it, please consider, cuz you all would make one happy dad

  89. Samantha Ulep says:


  90. Justin Burton says:

    To the 663 dislikes you all need to get out more.

  91. Rachel Miracle says:

    🖐🏻 high five

    My daughter loves Adley videos so much! What would it take for a happy birthday video? She will be 5 in April. When Adley has something Lily has, she gets very excited! We even bought a little tripod she calls her vlog 🥰

  92. Erica Jönsson says:


  93. Mara::Sunshine says:

    ,. Hv

  94. Jose Melara says:

    W 4G 50

  95. Pinkyplays Gacha! says:

    I love your videos so much!

  96. Margaret Flanagan says:


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