Baker National Golf Course, Hole 1
Baker National Golf Course, Hole 1

My name is Jeff May, I’m the manager at Baker National Golf Course and I’m talking about hole number one. Number one is a long par four, downhill. If
you hit a good drive, it’s a downhill shot to a big green. My recommendation would be to go to the middle of the green or long. There are two big bunkers that protect the
front of the green-makes for a difficult shot. Over the green is not a bad spot and the signature barn on the right side of green. If you go long and right, you might actually get a bounce off the barn onto the green. If you hit a bad shot off the tee, I would recommend hitting a lay up shot that is about 60 yards short of the green, staying short of the bunkers, chipping on and one, putting for par or two, putting for bogey. A bogey five is not a bad score on this hole. It’s a very difficult golf hole.

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    Heaven to me

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    Music is too loud and totally unnecessary. Actually it is irritating.

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