Baker Mayfield’s “Hulu Has Live Sports” Audible • Hulu • Commercial
Baker Mayfield’s “Hulu Has Live Sports” Audible • Hulu • Commercial

– [Team] Break! [Whistle blows] – [Baker] Hulu has live sports!
Hulu has live sports! – [Player 1] Bake! Saying that in the game
is going to get you fined. – [Baker] Trust me, it’ll be worth it. – [Player 2] Yeah, Hulu’s paying
you. What’s in it for us? – [Baker] Y’all go along with this and you’re all getting jet skis. (players exclaiming) – [Player 1] Oh snap, for real? What color? – [Baker] Any color you want. – [Player 1] Is camo a color? – [Baker] If you want it to be. – [Player 1] I’m in. Y’all in? – [Team] We getting
jet skis. We getting jetskis. (rap beats) – [Baker] Hulu has live sports. ♪ Money get that money ♪

100 thoughts on “Baker Mayfield’s “Hulu Has Live Sports” Audible • Hulu • Commercial”

  1. Evilsmilelol says:

    How can I watch live I have Hulu ?

  2. vivo Ponyo says:


  3. B dizzle says:


  4. Tyty Beeks says:

    Baker looked so chubby

  5. My Life Is A Lie says:

    At least they got their jet skis

  6. Cameron Burford says:

    i love it

  7. Captain Fragz808 says:

    throws three interceptions

  8. Chummy Punderson says:

    Trump 2020

  9. get out says:

    Hulu: “Hulu has live sports”

    Me: “ Hulu Has My Hero acedmia! My fave anime! “

  10. ComplexDob says:

    Who else accidentally clicked this

  11. Christina T says:

    renew andi mack my dudes

  12. Justin Erickson says:

    Maybe Baker should have practiced rather than make commercials.

  13. Crazy potter 18 says:

    I have Hulu but I can't find any live sports

  14. Joe Jack says:

    Does Hulu also throw 3 interceptions? One of which was a pick six? No? That's just you? Oh, okay

  15. KurtRussell Games says:


  16. Jamyl Hurtado says:

    "is camo a color?" "If you want it to be" 😂😂😂

  17. The Wrestler says:

    I don't think you should do commercials until you win a Super Bowl. After a 7-8-1 season & today's loss Baker should be practicing more & trying to better himself instead of doing hulu commercials & hanging out with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  18. XxChristmanXx04 says:

    1 td 3 int

  19. taylor skeezer says:

    patriots for the w tho👀👀👀

  20. Nariah says:

    let’s go patriotssss

  21. dea n says:

    Baker used the Hulu cadence against the titans 😂😂😂

  22. tientuan nau ty says:

    Cex p

  23. Irma Coronado says:

    Les veo desde tampa pir ahore gutan los videos. Pero lad recetas lad dicen demasiado rápido.

  24. Available Highway says:

    I didn't mind paying the $45, but what I have a problem with is that you can't stream anything out of your area, what's the point of getting an internet based subscription if you can't get anything outside of your area..

  25. ツTrippy says:

    Hulu slide me that speed flex y’all not gone use it 😂💀💀

  26. Mike Kano says:

    Nobody in Detroit to be watching football no more after these referees scammed us

  27. Mike Kano says:

    Every good play Detroit makes there's a flag or Booth review water Joe can't wait for the new Football League 2 come out Vince McMahon go go go

  28. The Haitian Way says:

    Live Football or Live Sports. What other sports?

  29. C Monster7D says:

    Hope Hulu is better than he was against the Titans.

  30. Fedz 13 says:

    Instead of jet ski's he got em an L, lol

  31. Carmen Cruz says:

    Hulu sucks 😆👎😒

  32. Jeffalina Mattingman says:

    H daw

  33. Hshshshshhshsh Sh says:


  34. Rachel Monroe says:

    Jesus loves you

  35. Paul Giacovelli says:

    ADAM GASE BAY-BAY!!!!!!!!

  36. Michael Miller says:

    My hulu live isn't working.

  37. Joanne Johnson-Cole says:

    I some coins that have 1881 and 1861 1850 1985 ten cents coin foreign

  38. Steve Hunt says:

    I literally bought Hulu because of this commercial

  39. A Person says:

    I legitimately want Hulu so bad and this is basically putting gas on the flame

  40. Puffin Flamingo says:


  41. sc29841 says:

    “HULU! HULU! Hulu can’t stop me from throwing three interceptions!”

  42. Rose Robertson says:

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  43. Austin Statin says:

    Baker mayfield is trash and so are the Browns

  44. Jsobass says:

    Yea except for regular ABC! I've missed multiple games this season already.

  45. KYLE LAHMEYER says:

    Should have subscribed to Netflix.

  46. ChitownSmokas says:

    Im In

  47. MurphDazzle says:

    Hahaha Baker throws 3 ints has a better ring to it 😂😂😂

  48. Hashtag Trucking says:


  49. Mace Windu says:

    Yea but it has to be local

  50. mute754 says:

    Oh browns. What a sad day today was.

  51. SuperLuigiPro says:

    Hulu Haslaps Sports

  52. Shirley Vaughan says:

    Gapefaith center church

  53. Miguel Garcia says:

    Yo hulu when are you gonna add the rest of Steven universe, I wanna see the 5th season

  54. Shaka Dakine says:

    He needs to do more practicing and less commercials

  55. Emmett Lynch says:

    Why I bad tho

  56. Yunis1016 Saenz says:


  57. Petrol Gaming says:


  58. Ta Chi says:


  59. Clappin Bass Cheeks TV says:

    People love to hate Cleveland haha practice more baker

  60. kensley lewis says:

    why is it when I type in live sports into the search page of Hulu, the only things that pop up are wrestling??? what a lie.

  61. Craten sides says:

    Bruh I’m 14 and have been trying to get my dad to get me a jet ski for 2 years

  62. Dog playing guitar hero says:

    43-13 sad to say I was at that game

  63. Dumb says:

    Browns finna be back on hard knocks soon after that game

  64. Cerberous Wildey says:

    That's a lie. There's no Sunday Night Football for me…

  65. Icy Dragoon says:

    But hulu doesnt have andi mack

  66. David Blair says:

    Hhyy que Mierda please no

  67. Dickson Oyeyemi-Kuteyi says:

    funny funny funny funny funny

  68. David x says:

    Does Hulu have live NFL games? If so, I don't care.

  69. Slit Productions says:

    Okay but how do I watch live sports on hulu?

  70. Inlandchamp83 says:

    More practice less TV homie.

  71. Carlos S says:

    Get Brady on here

  72. xXDeaginOpXx says:

    Like how it says sellout

  73. Contently Shane says:

    Side note Andrew Yang 2020


  74. Isabella Ramirez says:

    i like this vidits so funny

  75. Citris _ Mario says:

    This is my favorite commercial

  76. Matthew Alarcon says:

    3am is where I usually spend my nights, finding Endless light in the Dark.

  77. David Williams says:

    Hey Hulu, why did you remove the game!? Why pay if we can't watch them play!?

  78. Douglas Smith says:

    Hulu has live sports and ads, yayyyyyy!

  79. Wyatt Noack says:

    oh yeah baker!!

  80. Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs says:

    I feel like this is a fantasy football practice commercial.

  81. Gymnast 2385 says:

    How about the Patriots making sushi out of the dolphins the other day oof 46-0

  82. Michael F. says:

    I should have read up on this. Thought i could watch any game. Just local trash teams.

  83. La xXEsJhonnyMúsicaXx Estudios Español Latino says:


  84. FLYING COLORS says:

    What song is at the end

  85. SaintsGoated 32 says:

    Y’all don’t have love sports

  86. Devin McCallum says:

    But can Hulu protect him from Nick Bosa?

  87. MtgLion says:

    He needs to spend time practicing.

  88. Jake Statefarm says:

    Bet you they didn’t tell the people you had to pay for it tho😂

  89. Jibanyan 641 says:

    I guess they didn't get their jet skis. 😏

  90. Tyler Pope says:

    He got more commercials than wins

  91. Kalim says:

    He's too busy doing commercials to win a game

  92. Nobody's Nightmare says:

    Mr. Commercials

  93. D Me says:

    MVP Lamar Jackson has NO national commercials. Baker Mayfield has plenty. Hmmmm? I wonder why? And Lamar never ran from the police.

  94. TicTockTom says:

    Hulu has ads

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