Badminton Double Rotation – Part A Tunnel Attack (Badminton Doppeltaktik Laufwege im Tunnel Angriff)

Welcome to Double Rotation Video A My name ist Diemo Ruhnow (Head Coach Doubles German Badminton) Today I will talk about rotation in the “tunnel” system. The system is call tunnel because in the attack both players stand in one line. To play this system the back court player needs a strong attack compared to the defense. but he also needs good footwork to cover the cross court defense, We start with a game situation where the shuttle is the left backcourt corner with enough time. Both pairs will position in the following way: Player 2 will go to the shuttle Player 1 will go directly in inline (in the tunnel) The double in defense will move to the side. Player 2 can now attack with different options. he can smash in general to 4 different spots smash longline smash between both players smash in the middle smash cross In this system the cross smash makes no sense. because this will open up the whole court. the red spot markes the Achilles heel of this system. Aim of the attack is that the defense will play into the reach of the net player Now we start by the scenario of the (most clever) longline smash and have a look at the possible shots from the defending side. All longline defense shots are perfect for the attacking pair. A cross high defense is easily managed by the back court player. There is enough time for it. A cross drive counter defense is also for the backcourt player as the net player has to focus on the longline counter (and cannot reach bot) We are here not talking the bad cross defense inside the reach net player. Therefore the back court player has to move to the center after every single shot from the backcourt The cross block as mentioned before is the Achilles heel of this system. But when smashing longline this is the most difficult shot. A whole rally could look like this: The defining pair opens up with a high clear and move to the side as said before. Player 2 smashes longline. moves in the direction of the center. the shuttle will be played cross high clear by the defenders Both pairs have to move to new positions. Player 2 takes the high clear, Player 1 moves into the tunnel position. Player 2 smashes longline again which is the most clever attack when playing “tunnel” The defending pair plays a longline defense And player 1 kills the shuttle at the net. Again…. I hope you like the video if so, please rate “thumbs up” also feel free to leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. There are 2 more tactic board rotation videos and also a new live double rotation series has started see the new videos for it.

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